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  3. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi everyone. I haven't yet got any hint for solving the above problem posted on page 47. Any assistance from this forum is welcome.
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  5. Universal Steering Wheel Control

    Meaning?........ If I try the SWI-RC It won't hurt anything? I'm just wondering if the display will show up under the AV Band to program the buttons.
  6. Universal Steering Wheel Control

    Most of the Asian SW controls are resistor base.
  7. Universal Steering Wheel Control

    ScratchyPDX It's a Chinesse Manufacturer and all the instructions are in Chinesse. Bonee That sounds like the safe way to go Thank You. Wiring sounds right, But how did you pick version 8? This video ( not my video) might help some in the set up and interface. I thank both of you for the help.
  8. AVH-2550 NEX brake bypass

    It never looks for a power. Only Ground. Radio needs to see double pulse Grd to bypass. I've done thousand of pioneer radio. Never had a problem. I always found a work around... I'd you can't do it. Take it to a professional.
  9. AVH-2550 NEX brake bypass

    I have that installed - doesn't work on this model. The PAC provides ground in the triggered sequence. This Pioneer is looking for power & then ground for the disable, which is ridiculous.
  10. AVH-2550 NEX brake bypass

    PAC TR1 Video Lockout Bypass Trigger Module
  11. How to Update Maps on 7200NEX?

    I have a new 7200NEX and want to take advantage of the free one-time map update. My model is not supported by the Naviextras Toolbox, so I tried to use the AVICSYNC app on my iPhone. I was able to download the updated map to the phone via WiFi, but can't get it to transfer to the head unit. I am using a USB connection. The app has trouble 'associating the phone', and when it does often loses the connection. I finally got the app to begin the transfer to the head unit and said it would take 1 1/2 hours. The app kept losing connection and quitting on me. Any ideas? I will probably just use CarPlay anyway but wanted to at least get what I paid for!
  12. AVH-2550 NEX brake bypass

    I am fighting the same issue on the same unit. Can I ask how you did it, or point me in a direction please.
  13. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Скажите, почему в магнитоле AVIC-MRZ09 переводится на английском НЕ ВСЁ МЕНЮ? Остаётся текст на японском. Почему? Какой файл необходимо редактировать?
  14. Looking for f700bt europe maps

    NaviTotal dot com
  15. I have a "My Flash Disk" that I downloaded in 2017. Not exactly sure what it is, but I have a F700BT so I must've used it for something. I also have the "hybrid-4.001" files if you think that will help. I have a video that may help with this process. Can you suggest somewhere I can upload the files to.
  16. Universal Steering Wheel Control

    I don't think it will work with just the 1/8 plug... get an aftermarket steering wheel control like SWI-RC. And wire it up. Red to red black to black. White to white and green to white/black. Program the Pac Module to version 8. And see if that works
  17. Universal Steering Wheel Control

    Interesting. Can you provide more information about the manufacturer, installation instructions, etc?
  18. Running 3.1 software with usa map, need europe maps.
  19. US Avic F700BT SDMLC files needed

    I have full working flash disk, inbox me on facebook Dominykas Oficerovas if you are intersted.
  20. Does anyone have the US SDMLC file for the Avic F700BT?? I have tried different SDMLC's with no success and my unit shows a black screen after the pioneer logo. Many thanks in advance.
  21. NEX CARPLAY Problems

    I have a customer with a AVH 1500NEX that is having carplay issues. When she is plugged in using carplay for music and receives a call, she answers the call and when she hangs up the radio no longer has any rear speaker or subwoofer output. There is no problem if she is using bluetooth for music only carplay. We made sure the radio and phone are up to date with software. We used another iPhone and it did the same thing. Both phones are updated, a iPhone 10 and 8. Called Apple and they said it was a Pioneer issue. Tried another radio, same problem. I went to my display and had the same issue with a MVH-1400 and a AVH-2500. I have a AVH-4100 in my own car and it works fine on it. Talked to technical and they are aware of an issue but had no solution at this time. Just wanted to see if anyone else had any similar issues. Thanks in advance.
  22. 4500NEX harness VS Z150bh

    That’s perfect. RCA is much easier! Thanks
  23. 4500NEX harness VS Z150bh

    Power harness I believe is same but RCA is not.
  24. 4500NEX harness VS Z150bh

    Upgrading to the 4500NEX this weekend from a Z150bh. Does anyone know if the power harness is the same? Would more or less make the install plug and play if it was! Haven’t taken the car apart yet, just thinking ahead!
  25. hi guys , can u help me i have a pioner avic f900bt , but work very slowly , corrupt the usb port , but i dont know what to do with it and sorry for my english thanks
  26. VSS wiring

    Hello Could anyone please help me finding these car models ' VSS wiring positions pin number/wire color or tell me where can i find those kinds of informations. Thank you in advance VOLKSWAGEN-POLO SEDAN PEUGEOT-301 CITROEN-C-ELYSÉE RENAULT-SYMBOL TOYOTA-COROLLA KIA-RIO CHEVROLET-AVEO SEAT-IBIZA DACIA-LOGAN VOLKSWAGEN-POLO7 PEUGEOT-207 CITROEN-C4 PEUGEOT-208 PEUGEOT-206 RENAULT-CLIO CITROEN-C3 VOLKSWAGEN-PASSAT VOLKSWAGEN-POLO6 VOLKSWAGEN-GOLF4
  27. I have tested on AVIC-F980DAB it works fine, thanks!
  28. So I bought this Universal Steering Wheel Control. I Have an AVIC-8200NEX. My Question is, Do I Need An Interface Or Can I Wire A 1/8 AV Plug To The Steering Wheel Control And Plug It Into The Remote Port? I'm Perplexed But Hoping It Can Be Added To The Headunit. Thanks For Looking At This Tread!
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