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  1. Thanks once again for updating my Z3 hard drive. Very professional, with great communications toward all support issues. I also enjoyed the quick turn-around on sending the HD back, while professionally packaging the HD with even a new protective sleeve. I'll recommend your service to anyone interested in upgrading their units. Regards, Tom
  2. $906.50 for the Z120 at amazon with an almost $400 savings with that coupon code. Anyone interested in buying a Z-1 that has been updated to a Z-3 with a 30 gig drive through garretttuney? I'm wondering if the old sirus and ipod cables from the Z-1 will work on the new Z120??
  3. Garret, I purchased your Z3 hard drive probably over a year ago with no problems or complaints. I've been busy since, selling my house and moving. Just wondering if there are new map updates in the last year that are available. I've noticed on this site the introduction of four new pioneer units. That's the reason I ask on the new maps. Regards, Tom
  4. I'd like to see the screen auto dimming as well, too bright at night. Also with all the technology out there...Pioneer, how about an add-on for the weather with weather maps to integrate with the traffic. How about better maps, like Google with the capability to see the buildings, etc. How about red light cameras and photo camera locations, speed traps.
  5. For those with the Escort 9500i GPS radar detector, there is a new edition, the 9500ix. The 9500ix now has the capability to store red light and speed camera POI locations that are preloaded at the factory. If you own the first edition 9500i, you can send the unit into Escort to have it updated and POIs loaded. Comes with the 3-year subscription for uploading new POI locations onto the unit. I'm waiting for my updated unit to return this week from the factory with the new updates.
  6. How about a few VW TDI backgrounds with the green "DI" for biodiesel. Preferably for a white/tan 06 TDI Jetta. Also the inscriptions...YES, IT'S A DIESEL...GOT 55 MPG?....stamped on it somewhere.
  7. The Z3 drive arrived in todays mail (Monday) after ordering on Friday. Great turn around time on the shipping and very professional packaging as well. The screwdriver is a definite keeper in the toolbox. Mark another one up for a stripped screw and dremel-tool quick fix. I know where to get replacement screws, how about a new replacement panel that the harddrive screws too ? Scratched it up with the dremel, though eventually replacing it would be nice for warranty work if need be. The 2-wire bypass and flash removal was easy enough. The iphone with the latest software is working great as long
  8. http://www.avic411.com/forum/files/vwagen3_copy_697.jpg Would someone make this, except the writing would state off to the right TDI (with the green "DI") and then, centered underneath YES, IT'S A DIESEL The car is solid white so I'd like the lettering in about the same color as your original. The HU is the Z1 updated to Z3. Thanks.
  9. I suppose it's an individual choice where the antennas go. I know the nav antenna is stronger than the satellite antenna. I've mounted the nav antenna under the dash near the surface and got great reception on another vehicle. I have both antennas next to each other in my present vehicle, sitting on the dash forward of the air vent in kind of a pocket. You can see them from outside if you look, though not as much inside. Do a test in the drive way before putting the HU back in. If you have a metal base tint on your glass this will effect the reception in the back window as well with the siriu
  10. openendstraight, I've been having the same problem with my iphone as well. While talking on the iphone, the person on the other end of the conversation will not be able to hear me. I'll have to hang up and restart the iphone. All this after updating to 2.0.1. I noticed the iphone no longer is recognized on the Z1 either. My new Z3 drive is in the mail. I may have to go back to version 1.0.0 on the iphone. BT integration works fine now with the Z1.
  11. For any future intallers, I just installed the Z1 with the components and the install went really smooth. All three components plugged into each other rather nicely. The reverse, brake, illum, and speed sensors all working, as well as the steering controls. My next step will be to replace the flash unit and order a new Z3 drive from garrettoomey.
  12. I'm getting ready to reinstall my Z1 in my 06 Jetta after ordering the PAC C2R, SWI-CAN, and SWI-PS. Has anyone experienced any problems with the install or use of the steering wheel controls with these products?. The C2R has all the necessary outputs to hook up the speed sensor, reverse, illumination, brake wires, etc.
  13. I'm getting the same type of static out of my left front speaker on a Z1 that's been installed for over a year. With the vehicle (04 Cadillac SRX) on and the unit powered completely off, the sound is like engine noise that increases and decreases on it's own. The noise comes for awhile and then goes away. I thought it was interference from my iphone or bluetooth. I've turned everything off in the car (heat/lights/seats) and still the sound continues. No recent mods or wiring had occurred prior to the start of the speaker noise.
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