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  1. This businessman is trying to sell free air You can also click on the "Report item" link on eBay page.
  2. LOL This businessman is trying to sell free air You can also click on the "Report item" link on eBay page.
  3. Guys, this is a topic in English. Do not be pigs and respect others. РебÑта, Ñто топик на английÑком Ñзыке. Ðе будьте ÑвиньÑми и уважайте других.
  4. Users in our chat already created solution to close OK screen for x100 units, but not as elegant as @r007 solution. For x100 head units their patch just produces click event on OK button area.
  5. TL;DR Did you read this topic? http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/page-10&do=findComment&comment=337784 http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81468-the-avic-development-mod/page-14&do=findComment&comment=338105
  6. You can restore your device yourself for free.
  7. Yes, we have a lot of backup images for different devices. Also it's possible to write backup image from another model and then restore your original firmware if device is able to boot properly with different firmware.
  8. US 5200NEX backup image size is 8 GB. You can buy any decent SD card. Max theoretical SD card read speed used by device is about 25 megabytes per second. No need to format it to fat32 because restoring backup image restores also partitions and filesystems. We have exactly your (5200NEX) backup image.
  9. You can buy 3.3 volt compatible USB-UART adapter ($2-$3 for Chinese clones from Aliexpress). Just connect three wires (GND, TX, RX) from adapter to your head unit and you will get access to bootloader console where you can change BSP settings to restore boot process.
  10. In other words you can restore your device in three minutes (including unit boot time).
  11. You can restore BSP area using serial (UART) connection via yellow connector on back side of your unit.
  12. Database files are located in extdata partition, you can use file manager from testmode to delete them. Other methods (resetting settings for example) are also available from testmode. Information about entering testmode is freely available in development topic on this forum (marked with green PINNED word on first page). You can also join our groupchat to get help with password reset.
  13. This topic is almost completely abandoned as I know, but some people in our groupchat have good progress in upgrading (both hardware and software). Some Gods of soldering and reverse engineering even upgraded RAM and other chips.
  14. There are several ways to do this - delete database files containing password, reset settings to defaults, use special scripts (some "businessmans" selling this) and so on. You can even rewrite extdata partition or whole sd card to reset password
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