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  3. Password AVH Reset

    i managed to get the file, now how do i make my 8gb flash a thumb drive?
  4. Password AVH Reset

    hi, am clicking on the dropbox address and its not loading, it says the site cant be reached and the server ip address could not be found. please advice
  5. How do go into service mode?
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  7. x930bt

    I took my battery out of my car and now my x930bt is stuck on and password screen but I never set a password up for the radio can any help
  8. after run the Hackmode v2.1 ill see this screen: what to do know? thanks
  9. Hi all, I recently installed an 8200NEX (with Maestro) into a friend’s 2016 Jeep Patriot. The radio install went great, and that’s working all fine. The issue is the backup camera. We used this camera: NOAUKA Waterproof IP68 Night Vision 170 Degree Car Rear view/Reversing/Reverse Camera Universal Color CMOS Imaging Chip Backup Parking HD Front View Camera https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XNM7GNS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_hw5CBb9ZNZNXV I have the camera power wired to the reverse lights, and have tested the camera to a portable TV, using the supplied video cable. The camera works fine, and activated properly when in reverse. The issue is that I get absolutely ZERO video on the camera when connected to the 8200NEX. I am using the brown port on the deck, not the yellow input. See below for images of the camera testing: https://imgur.com/a/PuL4u1e The real head scratcher here is that I can plug a portable DVD player to the deck, and that video shows just fine when connected, using the same video cable as the camera. Also, between Sunday when the unit wa installed, and today, when we were doing more testing, the unit stopped switching to the camera automatically when in reverse. I’m not sure what’s causing this, but I think the no video issue is a touch more important right now. If anyone has any ideas, I’d love to get this camera working! Thanks in advance!
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  11. Working ok now. Just reformat again SDCARD, unzip again map update and continue from 8% ok
  12. Hi Guys, Tried to update F30BT step by step: 1 - using formated fat32 SDcard 4GB and unzip all shortfusescript files to sd root 2 - go to unit, start, insert sdcard, ask to updated by pressing any key, Done without errors. turn off unity after (I have a backup off all files inside SDcard afterrun this script) 3 - Format again the same SDCARD 4GB fat32 4 - unzip 2017 update with pass 'Dracarys' and copy firmware/update/cardinfo to sdcard root (I did not edit nothing, just copy/paste) 5 - insert sdcard into unit (detects update), insert PASSWORDPASSWORD ok and the unit informs, the unit need to restart in oder to install the update 6 - unit restart, update starts ok, but at 8%, got stucked on SD card error message Now do I need to run unit in testmode to continue or can I use another SDCARD or format the same one, unzip again the map, copy and try to continue from 8% because unit cannot move after 8% message
  13. Initial Setting menu

    Hey, Does someone know how to enter the " Initial Setting" menu? After years I want to enter again in this menu but it doesn't work like indicated in the manual... Maunal: Press SRC/OFF and hold until the audio Press the center of MULTI-CONTROL and hold until the initial setting screen appears in the display. Thx!
  14. hi i have problem 1. i use SD(32GB) with update files instalation starts and i had to give password - "passwordpassword" didnt work 2. i use ShortFuseScript and run it in my RADIO 3. i put SD with updae files and nothing hapening my radio just turning on no instalation starts i change cardinfo file on SD, i remove file from :USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log i change SD from 32gb to 8gb nothing helps instalation dont want to start. any ideas ???
  15. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi DZO If you are still here. I would like to know on how to set the date and time on mrz77 please. Thx
  16. NEX Connected Services problem (AVICSYNC)

    HERE rep passed me off to NNG. Awaiting NNG’s reply
  17. Hi, Any trick for the new french reglementation (80 Km/h instead of 90)?
  18. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    What do you mean? What pin? And what would grounding it do?
  19. This also happened to me. I purchased a used vehicle, drove it for over a year. Got in a car accident. While it was being fixed the batter was unhooked and when I got it back it asked for a password. This worked great. Only problem I had was finding the necessary SD card in the house and an adapter to format it on my laptop. Thanks so much!!
  20. [X930BT] - Password Recovery (obsolete)

    Can anyone help with a F970DAB?
  21. Kartenupdate/Mapupdate 2017 AVIC F930BT

    Hi, does anyone know where I can download the latest map update and software update for Pioneer Avic F-910BT ?? I have been searching the web for weeks with no result..
  22. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Can someone suggest this is a problem in software or something with power? It seems to me that the matter is in the food, since the rear view camera worked with this. And after disconnecting the radio from the power supply settings reset and the camera stopped working.
  23. 8200 Intermittent Backup Camera Not Working

    Make sure you are using the correct reverse wire. I know its similar to the amp wire. That was my issue. Also check your cam settings.
  24. SD Video Question - x940bt

    Doesn't work (never has). From the manual section regarding rear display settings:
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  26. El post ESPANOL del Avic

    Hola. Tengo un AVIC HD1BT que me ha dejado de funcionar el bluetooth. Alguna sugerencia?. Como se activa? Tambien quiero enviar la señal de música de un teléfono movil al AVIC. He probado la entrada de audio con los rc pero no funciona. Existe posibilidad? Gracias por adelantado.
  27. SD Video Question - x940bt

    me too
  28. 8200 Intermittent Backup Camera Not Working

    I have an 8100 NEX and have the same exact issue. In fact, sometimes the camera comes on and never shuts off and I have to turn the car off and back on to reboot the unit and fix it.
  29. Using the USB whenever i use my steering wheel controls up and down the head unit is skipping to the next album folder rather than skipping to the next song. I'm hoping this is head unit where i just have to check a option. I cant figure it out, please help.
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