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  3. iGO NextGen on AVIC F310BT, F320BT U310BT

    Hi. If you have the AppLauncher installed onto your device, then jusd download the content under the link "download and copy to your new SD card" because there is all the files what you need and everything is configurated for the reason of easy2use.
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  5. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hello, I've tried this.. but i cant seem to locate the translation files. or they're different format. Help Please
  6. Hi all, New member here. Glad to have found this forum, been lurking for about a month and have learned alot. I managed to update the firmware to 4.0 on my F700BT but haven't been able to find any recent North American maps. Does anyone have any recent maps or know where I can find them? I see there seems to be a 2018 release out there. Anybody got these they can make available?
  7. In this post, we discuss the purchase of maps in 2019, i.e., folding,read carefully the post,no method yet!
  8. Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

    See I had to replace some stuff under the hood ya know, and when I got back in my truck it said password: and had a password hint, I don’t think I ever even put in a password, I bought my pioneer 4100nex brand new too. So I don’t even know what the hint of the hint is lol. Can anyone please tell me in any form what the hell im even doing at all? Because I ain’t even trying to rip it out and send it in and get it back 3 weeks later. PLEASE ANY ADVICE IS GOOD ADVICE AT THE POINT YALL!!! Thanks me
  9. Pioneer 4100Nex Password Screen

    Why is no one replying when they say they know how?
  10. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    Tried this file multiple times and Im still getting the same error
  11. My AVH-X4800BS will not auto connect to my Samsung Galaxy S8. It will every once in a while.. but 98% I have to go into bluetooth setting in the phone and reconnect to the pair device. I have done all firmware updates on both devices.. Anyone else have this issue? On a side note this was also the same way on my Samsiung Note 4 device as well.
  12. I have been using Pioneer avic-rl09 model in my Honda Vezel but after last car wash while i was cleaning my player some how i have disabled the front panel buttons and now i am not sure how to go about this issue. Most importantly the eject button on face plate is inoperative so i am stuck with same music forever. Is there any unlock solution the player otherwise alongwith touch panel is working perfectly fine. I have also factory reset it twice but no help for the issue.
  13. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Good Day. Have a classic problem with an error "NO PROGRAMM 7" on AVIC-MRZ07. Already found out there are no files in USER/. Please help with backup files. Thanks!
  14. Backups and Images

    can for AVH 8750BT ?

    can u guys help me, for image file 5100NEX.
  16. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    i was able to fix this error thanks alot.
  17. NEX4200 Bluetooth NOISY (solution)

    I found the culprit - the initial voltage available to the car UPON startup impacts the level of BT noise of this headunit for the entire time the car is on. My battery (Duramax Gold) is 3 years old and only retains 12.09v. Swapping to a new battery which retains 12.65v and the bluetooth noise is immediately gone Swapping to the 3 year old battery and it immediately returns Refreshed the 3 year old battery - it now retains 12.59v and the bluethooth noise is immediately gone How i refreshed the battery: removed plastic cell covers slowly poured baking soda into each cell to neutralize the acid, left overnight, poured out mixed 1 part epsom salt to 3 parts distilled water poured into cells to correct height, capped, shook took to mechanic and had them toss it on a 3phase charger overnight ($10)
  18. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    try this file 5200NEX_1.01_FW-Update.zip
  19. Hi, theres my first topic on this site. I'm a owner of Pioneer Avic F9220BT (the same f920BT but for Ford), from the start i can't get to the Bluetooth connection. In the section of options (BT) everything is grey, can't do anything. When I tried to install new one firmware for BT there's no chance,I chose version 3.32, put it on the SD Card, then install but after like 15 minutes it just gave error - " error during installation. Please reboot." Nothing more, secondary time - the same result. I've maps 2015 and park wire attach to case of radio. Did someone got the same problem ? Thanks for help, Lukas !
  20. Hi Dears, I hope someone can help me ! My Unit is an Pioneer Avic f860bt European with Firmware 1.07. My Problem is, that testmode dont boot, so i can not past a new Map. The Maps are from 2015. At this Time i could with Testmode Maps copy and paste. Now I have from this kindly Forum new Maps and I would like to use them, but no chance because Testmode dont boot. I have took Testmode Files on my USB 1... then only Message.. "unreadable Format or so. I downloaded the "ShortfuseScript" from the Member "RonS" to the USB Stick, but nothing else. "Unreadable" Can someone help me, what I do wrong. Since a few days ago i updated the firmware from 1.11 to 1.21. And then my Germany Map is away, the Map is only grayed out. Oh shit. Therefore I downgraded to Firmware 1.07 in hope to get back my Map. Without success . I read so much, but found no solution . Perhaps somebody would be so kind, to explain me, what I have to do in the right order, if possibel "Step by Step" because I am a Newbi . Sorry for my bad English, I come from Germany. Many Greetings and thank you very much for your Help Ponala
  21. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    This post shows you how to change the splash screen, I've done it on mrz99 and it works fine but you have to know what you are doing and experiment a bit.
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  23. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    Model Number on the top says 5200, see attached pictures.
  24. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    .send me picture of the radio model number and files used to update
  25. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    are you sure you have 5200 and not 5201??
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