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  2. Password AVH Reset

    Yes your keys wont work.. you need the golden key...
  3. Yesterday
  4. Password AVH Reset

    Not realy sure, but I remember I updated the firmeware... could that be the problem?
  5. Hello do you still have the image file avic f960bt good to you
  6. Password AVH Reset

    what firmware are you on???
  7. Password AVH Reset

    Hi! It didn't work for me, I used a 2gb drive, copy the files one by one to de root directory, it didn't do anything :/ any ideas?
  8. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi,I have this error on AVIC-MRZ0247ZM (C9P5 V6 650) after mistakenly running mrz99 auto converter. I had not taken a backup,can some one assist me get back to the normal screen setup?
  9. Last week
  10. I've got a problem with my head unit, when i start the car, the radio comes on normally, but after 10 seconds or so, the screen goes on black. The touch still works but you can't see anything anymore, and the sound keeps playing. sometimes when i restart the radio it will work for the remainder of the trip, sometimes it will stop working again after a few seconds. The buttons below the screen also remain working, and stay lit. I hope someone can help me, it's becoming a bit annoying, and this problem doesn't help when i want to install my rear view camera.
  11. Hi Jack, I don't know, if your problem is still existing, but you may clean your lightning connector on the iPhone. It use to collecting dust inside. This dust is compressed by plugging in the lightning cable. That results into connection failures, to be noticed in charging "sometimes" but not everytime.
  12. I think that will do it. I don't remember when they switched support for traffic tuners. I think it was in the first update after 2010.
  13. I've done the update and had no problems
  14. FW 1.01 for x400 NEEX (W8400NEX\W6400NEX\W4000NEX)

    Did this firmware update break idatalink for anyone else? After updating I now receive a NOK error on my W4400NEX. I have an open inquiry with Pioneer.
  15. Thanks Ron, your links now work. I think the site must have been having an issue. I know I installed the paid update that pioneer had I think 2011 maps? Do you think I would be ok then since I have already made 1 update? I don’t see anything in the manual about what iPhones would be supported now but I guess it’s worth a shot
  16. The links I provided work. But those on Navigation.com are broken. Each release includes maps and firmware. I suggest you check the manual for specifics on support for iPhone and iTouch devices. If you are still running on the original Z110 firmware (IIRC it was v 1.xxx), you might have serious issues installing the 2017 update version posted in this thread (for Z130 & Z140). Some people with original Z110 firmware had odd problems related to the tuner. I suspect it is caused by drivers for a different traffic tuner that is no longer supported. I suggest that you install firmware specifically released for the Z110/Z120 to ensure you get the updated traffic tuner drivers (even if you don't use the new traffic tuner).
  17. Sorry to revive an old thread, but the links to the manuals aren’t working. Will this $120 update from navigation.com not just do maps but also firmware and BT? Will this latest BT update allow my iPhone X to work I am trying to update my Z110bt which I have neglected for a few years

    Can't find any useful information, pls can someone help out
  19. Avic mrz99

    Hello I dont know if anyone can help.. I have an avicmrz099 i ve tried to use an ex topic posted about changin jap to english. I ve tried to download the zipfile given. But when i try to put it on the sd card it says that thre isnt any space on the card although the file is 13000kb. Can anyone hep? Thanks
  20. software error screen

    May I please get the US version for DA120 Img too? I have been out of radio for weeks until I found this form. Thank you!
  21. software error screen

    what version US or EU???
  22. Firmware update headache

    format USB as Fat32 and insert into USB1
  23. Same.. If someone could re-upload the mod. Thank You
  24. I am currently trying to upgrade my F900bt with 2018 Maps and Firmware 

  25. Undo Condi's Hack Mode

    Hello, I too lost my original Av.exe because of Hackmode v. 2.21 from Condi. I have a F930BT avic. which is frozen on the first screen (Navgate) @Lyverbe can I use your AV.exe file for my avi F930BT, If so please send it to me. Best regard
  26. Has anyone had issues with there stereo either hanging on the pioneer screen, rebooting, showing carplay but sound coming through the phone not the stereo? Pioneer have said its hardware and to pay to service it for an estimate. I think its software as there firmware is quite outdated when looking at the current carplay specs etc anyone got any suggestions?
  27. Hello. I want to change the orizinal (begining) icon on a F900 with gurjon skin with my own icon (my car) . How can i make this?
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