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  3. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I upgraded to fw1.15 and it didn’t fix anything
  4. Maps Not Displaying

    looks like its missing lic. files
  5. I never used App Mode - didn't even know it worked with a nano. I can only suggest doing a hard reset by disconnecting the car battery for a couple minutes. This often cures odd behavior after a firmware update.
  6. Last week
  7. I was in a hurry. Ipod nano connected with the usb/av cable. In the first pic only the settings and eq buttons work.
  8. Now when starts it shows "There is no applicable program". I didn't make backup By mistake I have deleted PRG0 and PRG1. I found in WEB backup files but after copying PRG0 PRG1 to USER folder, changing PRGx.FLG to PRG.FLG it's the same resault. So I have downloaded UPDATE "avicf20bt_apl2.00300" from PIONEER website and I have replayced content of PRG0 and PRG1 to content from update - no resault. ANY IDEAS WHY IT DOESN't WORK? Content of my USER folder: - PRG0 - PRG1 - RW - SETUP - SYSTEM - PRG.FLG - VOLUME.DAT
  9. Password AVH Reset

    Hello. I have a similar problem. I also use the AVH-4000NEX. After I select the Factory Reset option, after a couple seconds mine turns red. Waiting several minutes and nothing else happens. Cycle the power off and on and the unit still asks for a password. Is this because I'm on the newest firmware, or am I doing something wrong with the reset procedure?
  10. What do you mean? how is your iPod connected? Did you try AV System Settings/App Connection?
  11. RonS, I used the "Easy" method, everything went smooth. But now Ipod wont work. The menu changed, I switch the CARDINFO with Z110Z120X920CARDINFO I have the 120BT. What did I do wrong? I'm going outside right now. It worked fine, cable is good. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx
  12. The AVIC Development Mod

    Hey everyone, really sorry in advance if I'm asking a repetitive question. I have a AVIC-8100NEX and I would like to run Android OS on it. I am very comfortable getting my hands dirty and I am tech savy but for some reason I find instructions to accomplish this a bit too hard to understand exactly what's going on. I've done many complex things from setting up a damn AWS server (hate those things), to rooting PS3 and Android devices, and even messing around with a Raspberry Pi. Can anyone push me in the right direction as to how I can run Android OS on my NEX? Thanks in advance. I learned from a Slack conversation that my Pioneer unit already runs Android, you ADB to access Android OS. Pioneer stripped it down to just radio functionality for performance reasons and to deter hax0rs. It's very stripped down so no sound in 3rd party apks, no networking, etc. Really no point functionality wise to do this unless if it's just for fun and to kill my curiosity.
  13. I'm in the same boat man, I'm pretty tech savy and I'm comfortable getting my hands dirty, but the instructions that we see in the AVIC development mod thread throws me off for some reason. I thought rooting my PS3 and Android devices were tough but this makes me scratch my head. I just want to run Android OS on my AVIC-8100NEX, if anyone can help us out, I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. SPH-DA120 - APPRADIO4 - SD Image File

    So do you just click and drag the image file onto the sd card? or there more to this? ive been fighting my da 120 for a few days now trying to get it to work
  15. I was on 4.o wanted to go to 5. 0 phone bricked on reboot css error
  16. It worked fine for me and allows access to the Nav settings while driving.
  17. No, i could not do the software bypass by holding my finger 1"from lower left corner of the screen in source off mode. Nothing happens when i do that. Am i missing something?
  18. Maps Not Displaying

    I was reading here on how to do it. I was always updating my x910bt but this is a whole different beast. Don’t know if I want to try it. I’ll toy with it some. Thanx
  19. CarPlay doesn't work on AVIC-8000NEX?

    So the update did the trick, nice.
  20. AVIC8000 Bluetooth call volume bug

    I have a Nex 8000 fw 1.15 with a Samsung S8+ with no probs. Does your 7 have the latest fw? I realize they are diff phones, but the common dom is the unit and fw..np probs here.
  21. Maps Not Displaying

    I would update your maps to begin with.
  22. Maps Not Displaying

    Hi y’all I just got my 8200 back from wonderful Pioneer service center ($230.00 later) for an unresponsive touch screen. I hooked it up and everything is hunky Dory now except I get not maps whatsoever. Needless to say I’m a bit pissed! I had maps before I sent it out and now there is nothing. I was also having issue with the time adjustment as I had to up the GMT by 7 hours so that it would jive with my time zone (Central) but it seems to have corrected itself now. I had the setting in Automatic at first and it was way off even though I had great reception to most all of the satellites. hrs. I waited a while and tried the Automatic setting once again and it seems to be fine now. SMH. But, the maps are not present. In the info. they are all saying “inactive content” but the licenses are there. I cannot navigate anywhere nor poly a course because it doesn’t know where lm at! WTF? Before I Box this thing back up and ram it up their keisters, is there possibly a debug setting that possibly got disabled that you folks can help me with? I have reloaded the FW 1.07 a couple of times to see if that was an issue but to know avail. Thanx for the help!
  23. Source menu

    They are not grayed out they are just not there. I did a reset but no change. I was wondering if bypass made them dissapear. I also tried applying parking brake, but no change.
  24. Source menu

    All inputs show up except HDMI and USB.
  25. Hallo! Ich habe das Avic-F930BT und würde mich freuen, wenn mir mal jemand helfen könnte! Ich habe anfangs die 3 Dateien auf der SD Karte. Stecke Sie ins Radio und muß dann mit beliebiger Taste bestätigen. Radio führt diesen Test durch und danch hole ich die SD Karte wieder raus.Nach dem Skript muß ich die Zündung ausmachen. Ist das richtig? Das Radio reagiert sonst auf keinen Tastendruck. Dann stecke ich die SD Karte in meinen PC und spiele das Kartenmaterial drauf. Immer wie in allen Foren beschriben aber ohne HEX da ich da nicht durchblicke. Habe aber schon ganz viele Cardinfo Dateien probiert. Stecke die SD Karte wieder ins Radio (Zündung ein und boot) oder Radio ist schon an aber nichts passiert, egal welche Dateien auf der SD sind. Es ist immer das gleiche. Er erkennt nicht mal eine SD Karte. Auch schon verschiedene probiert! Von 4 bis 32GB. Was kann ich noch tun? Wäre schön wenn jemand aus Mitte Hessen oder so kommen würde und mir persönlich helfen könnte.(Frankfurt,Gießen,Siegen) Besten Dank schon mal für eine Hilfestellung. Besten Dank Hello! I have the Avic-F930BT and I would be happy if someone could help me! I initially have the 3 files on the SD card. Plug it into the radio and confirm with any key. Radio does this test and then I get the SD card out again. After the script I have to turn off the ignition. Is that correct? Otherwise, the radio will not respond to a keystroke. Then I insert the SD card into my PC and play the map material on it. Always like in all forums but without HEX because I do not see through it. I have already tried a lot of Cardinfo files. Put the SD card back into the radio (plug it in and boot) or radio is already on but nothing happened, no matter what files are on the SD. It's always the same. It doesn't even recognize an SD card. Already tried different ones! From 4 to 32GB. What else can I do? Would be nice if someone from the middle of Hessen or something would come and help me personally. (Frankfurt,Gießen,Siegen) Many thanks for your help. Many thanks
  26. Hello, I have Pioneer_T1000-25818.zip but can't find the proper password. And it isn't "PASSWORDPASSWORD" . Could I please have the right one? Thank you. I do have ShortFuseScript.zip and would be good to go. Found what I was looking for, thank you. I was missing the other password. Updating as I type with 18 minutes to go. Thank you RonS
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