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  3. A friend of mine has a AVIC-8200NEX receiver that he was changing out the cd in. He opened the unit and changed the cd ok but failed to get his hand out of the unit when the screen automatically started to close. It caught his finger and stopped closing, leaving the screen in a partially open state. The controls to open or close the screen no longer worked at this point so he pushed the screen closed. Now the screen will not open or close or tilt, and these buttons are not lit like they have been in the past. This means there is no longer any access to the cd or sd card behind the screen and no way to tilt the screen for viewing angles. I have tried the reset button on the lower right hand side of the screen as described in the manual, which reset the unit but did not change the problem with the screen open/close or tilt. Any suggestions to this problem would be great as the unit is out of warranty. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello guys, The link to the 2017 map is not working. Does anyone have a backup link? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5KpUvEq0nCnb29SZFVlNTZrZUk Thanks.
  5. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi Sadhri, Easiest way to do it, just install FM converter device between AV and antenna. It moves FQ range and you will be able to tune radio stations in your region.

    Tried it found nothing google/search button failed.

    Its 2019 I bought this AVH-P5000DVD for my moms car for 2005 Hyundai Elantra GT. Yes I bought used in working condition..or so I thought. I needed a new harness the bypass usb extension aux cables and the remote. I even bought a IP BUS Bluetooth adapter. I ran into this problem right now. I've installed a bunch Pioneer head units in the passed in my 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX has my AVH-X7700BT amazing piece of tech!!!, with backup cam and navigation for a 1997 shes very modern. Anyways with the AVH-P5000DVD I've tried everything at 1st I thought i installed improperly too so cut and removed everything and reinstalled it same problem. I tired with relay...same prob!!! I grounded the light green cable...no change. I even tried to hook it up to the ebrake same Effin thing.I'm literally out of ideas. I messaged Pioneer about this of there was service manual and there was I downloaded it read to see if I can find service menus and nothing. Just the screen recalibration which is hard to get too...no I'm just pissed off I wish I knew this problem before I spent 120 off ebay after they said it worked fine. No i cant return it. It's been over 90 days for ebay to do anything. PayPal has it at 180 days...same thing only reason it toke this long was all the stuff I needed to get the AVH-P5000DVD up and running 100% Radio FM/AM works IP bus bluetooth adapter, CDs work, usb music works, videos on the memory card DVDs AV VIDEO TV it all shows up with audio but no Video. Imma try a toggle I think it isnt gonna work. If anyone has any ideas please I'm open to anything I hate giving up. https://youtu.be/FMhnM7F_K6Q
  8. avh-p5000dvd background changes?

    For the background pics it's just the ones they are preinstalled with, no way to put new ones As for the amp thing...what??? Just install a regular amp for the subwoofer from the remote blue wire in the harness...
  9. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Can we change frequency range in avic-mrz05 ? AVIC-MRZ05 have Bluetooth. Anyone please reply me.
  10. Pioneer AVIC-7200NEX new $450 or USED with 1 year warranty AVIC-w8400NEX for $500
  11. setting audio on NEX1500

    I went thru the settings and also read the manual and was wondering which settings in the audio menu are good to use and which should I avoid? I noticed when I shut off “listening position” I get a louder noise but don’t know what to do with the rest. There is a picture attached I am trying to get the most clarity and loud as possible without distortion. Have factory bose in my 2003 hummer h2 Thank you!! Here is the link for what my head unit has for audio options https://imgur.com/a/DWAXVEW
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  13. avh-x4700bs

    I have a customer with this radio and he's having a problem that ive never run into before and was wondering if anyone else has expierenced this. When the radio is cold it wont turn on but as soon as the vehicle heats up it will work ?????
  14. Carplay / Waze/ Gmaps Resolutions

    I'm sure someone has the easy answer The stock navi on the Nex I've never used.....community mapping on Waze is so much more accurate... Is it just resolution native or ~what~, but why does the stock navi mapping displays look so much better than the maps when Looking at either Waze or even Apple Maps when using Carplay ? No android phone in the family so I have no clue how that looks with AA on the Nex series
  15. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I tried it on my 8400 and snipped the pink - no such luck
  16. Backups and Images

    Why are you asking two different images. Which do you need??
  17. Backups and Images

    The same thing happens to me, I have a 15 gbs file
  18. Backups and Images

    Anyone got a AVH - X8650BT image please. Thks
  19. Backups and Images

    Hello, what is the password for .rar file?
  20. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I made an account on here JUST to ask this question, since I'm not having much luck asking people or searching online. I recently purchased a car and I guess the previous owner had installed a "Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS DVD RDS AV RECIEVER RADIO AV RDS CON DVD". I love the fact that I can use bluetooth to play music from my phone, but I am going to officially lose it the next time I hear that little man yelling at me about the speed limit. My car did not come with a manual or a remote control for it, and even when I downloaded the manual online, it said nothing about the speed limit alert- just installation, the music and bluetooth help, etc. I mean, it's so annoying that I find myself actually cussing out loud at him. Yes, like a wacko. Lol! I swear I will give $20 to the person who can help me. Thanks so much.
  21. Backups and Images

    Where can I get the image file for my 4000 then?
  22. CNSD-210FM European SD Card download (2011)

    Hello, is someone could provide a link for the EUROPEAN version of CNSD-110fm please ? I have newly buy a car with a F10BT, successfully passed the step from 1 to 6, but I'm blocked for next step because i'm not able to find a valid link for this firmware. Thanks in advance for your help !
  23. 8200 to 8500 - GPS Antenna/Wireless Carplay

    Nice. So the wiring is pure PNP, just short or 2 RCA's.....onto the new harness. BTW, I ended up calling Pioneer support on the wireless carplay-gps inquiry. Threads in this forum seem to infer than with wireless carplay, it uses the OE Navi GPS and not the phone/device GPS. Pioneer says that is incorrect and wireless carplay with *working gps* works just fine, even with no gps antenna on the HU. As a example, on their other non navi units with wireless carplay, they state that navi works via Wireless Carplay and those units don't even have GPS
  24. 8200 to 8500 - GPS Antenna/Wireless Carplay

    Gps antenna is all the same only different is rca harness
  25. w8500 compatible with samsung

    Thank you. I saw that, but also saw reviews on Amazon that their Samsung note wouldn’t connect. Probably user error then.
  26. Currently on a Z8200. Unit's been crashing a bit so I've decided to just swap out the unit to the 8500. In dong some light reading - is the harness exactly the same - straight PNP - Re the PNP questions. Is the GPS antenna the same or different on the 8500. In reading recent threads, it looks like if one was to use wireless carplay, it uses the GPS antenna on the nav ? Is there anything (extra/different) on the Z8500 GPS antenna than as of former years. Granted I've never used the factory nav at all, as waze is far superior. This might end up not being a straight PNP swap then, as my GPS antenna is currently routed externally
  27. avic-mrz05 change Language and Map

    Hi I have try to change language in avic-mrz05 but after restarting player restart again and again I have switch off and on but player not working what to do please help me
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