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  2. Hope to see an answer on this as I will be purchasing a cam soon.
  3. New nex eq gray out

    Hello, im an installer and I have now noticed a couple problems here recently with the new nex models with v8.26 ( I believe this is correct) and actually a 8201 with current v1.07 tonight not being able to access the control of the eq UNLESS I’m on the had radio. EVERY other source it is grayed out. I have talked to other stereo shops and they too are having intermittent issues. Also, being able to go back from CarPlay to iPod mode. Gives some kind of error. I did talk to pioneer and the guy was surprised and didn’t hear of such a thing. He also while I was on the phone plugged his phone up to their 8200 and had no issues. He said he would log it and pass it along. Basically all of my display units are doing the same thing. I did open up a new box and I looked at the firmware and it had 8.28 BUT when I went to pioneers site it wasn’t listen. Maybe it’s coming out???? Is this the firmware of the phone that people are talking about making it “broken”? Anyone heard of this or know of a fix. Using apple cables and usb that comes with radio. Tried different cables and processes of plugging phone in and doesn’t seem to help. Thoughts? thanks David
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  5. software error screen

    Hi Guys I have a problem with my bluetooth in my avic F70DAB. When I enter the bluetooth menu the is only the error msg 'ERROR-2' Ive tried already to upgrade the whole software to 1.10 but nothing changed. Then I tried to use the testmode to restore all data to factory , but the 1.10 software doesnt allowed me to get acces. Then I downgraded the software to 1.05 , I was able to get into the testmode and made a readout of the error logs. I deleted all logs and restoed the device to factory setttings. The error is still there . Please help out . NX289.7z
  6. hi , i'm siufoo my pioneer avic mrz09 PLE VER.3000100 . i cant paste the file into it ... so got any suggestions to upgrade the ver. ..... thx

  7. Help needed for Avic MRZ05

    When you copy the files does the "+" sign appears left to the file name? You can also make a small video of what you do so that others can help you.
  8. Hello, I have seen your posts in the forum, I have a MRZ05 also and am having problems to set it up. Please can you help me ? 

    I copy the file from the SD but when I go to the folder to paste it does not allow paste. I tried so many times. 

    Also I made a mistake that i did not back up when I deleted the original PF090JPJPN.LNG

    I would so much appreciate any help ... I have done this to my Mothers car as way to surprise her but now she is mad at me becuase it is not working !

    Thank you so much


  9. Help needed for Avic MRZ05

    I have followed it so many times but it still does not paste. Really not sure what I am doing wrong. Please Please can anybody help me with this
  10. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    you can always try the testkeys
  11. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

  12. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    found no way to get into that chat without a invite to workspace.
  13. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    bonee, shifting to reverse changes nothing.
  14. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    if you arein the chats i can help you faster but here is once a day. tried shifting to reverse and see if the screen goes away. if it does go to setting and change the setting to battery.
  15. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    Battery pull did nothing. Now I am thinking that the purple reverse wire may do something. Wonder if disconnecting it will change anything. have dash apart now. Gonna cut the wire and say a little prayer to the Pioneer gods..... seems no one is paying attention, so at least this is serving as a notepad for things I have tried.
  16. AVIC NEX8100 Stuck - what to do!

    Still looking for some ideas,,, Going outside now to disconnect my battery for an hour. Looking at this screen every day is so dag gone depressing! vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv "Caution: The video may appear reversed"
  17. So I run into issues where I drill down to the album I want to listen to on my Ipod via the 8100NEX. I go to the artist I want to listen to, then i select the album (correct artwork displayed) but the songs listed under that album are those from another album from that artist that I have as well. Sometimes all the albums from that artist all display the exact same tracklist from 1 album. Not sure what to make of it. If i search by song, I can find every song from the album I want and they play fine but when i navigate back to the album they will not show properly. Anyone ever have this happen?
  18. Last week
  19. Unit that supports newer bluetooth codecs?

    There's always that. However, the more I search and don't find it listed, the more convinced I am that it's just the standard SBC. Kinda disappointing. Has anyone found anything else?
  20. software error screen

    Thanks to this forum I know how to fix the issue. Thank you! Could someone please share the image for a 4000NEX?

    Did you use a new SD card or reload the image onto your OEM one? I have the same dreaded software error in my 4000. Would you be able to share the image?
  22. If you are using the files provided by godzilla, yes. you must install the shortfuse hack. Then enter PASSWORDPASSWORD when asked for the Pioneer code.
  23. Thanks for replay,so i have to do normal procedure to update or shortfuse method? f840 bt
  24. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hello Sir, my MRZ09 is stuck on a bootloop, I don't know how and why, suddenly it froze and when restart, I find bootloop, almost 6 months ago, every time device is on I get the start screen, then after 2 seconds it restarts. What can be done in your opinion? I posted about this issue but so far no one has been able to help, only 2-3 people replied, but no help as such. Can you help me please? Quote First of all, remove sd card, dvd and usb from your mrz then try to start normally. If it does not work, then enter the test mode and see if any files are missing, if yes copy the missing file and try to start normally
  25. Question?

    I'm looking for someone who can tell me how I can check my backup camera. I own a 2014 Kia Forte LX. I was told by my dealer that my camera has gone bad. They proceeded to tell me it would cost just over $600 to replace it. I did a search on Kia parts and discovered I could buy one for $290. My thoughts are buy it. Then I thought maybe the technician who checked my camera could have misdiagnosed it. So can someone tell me how I can make sure it's bad?
  26. iOS 11.2.5 breaks CarPlay on NEX4000

    I have the iPhone 7 plus with 11.2.5 installed and it's unreliable when plugging in my phone. It seems I have to really force it onto the 8-pin connector in order for it to make a good connection and CarPlay starts up. I never had to do this before. I've never updated the firmware on the Pioneer 8100NEX. Current is v1.03
  27. 4200NEX AUX Input Only Mono

    Im having an issue where I plug in my phone jack barrel connector to the AUX input on the back of the 4200NEX, and I only get mono output out the left speakers. If I pull the barrel connector halfway out, it plays stereo. Is there a specific headphone cable I need to use to alleviate this issue?
  28. Unit that supports newer bluetooth codecs?

    Take you phone down to a Pioneer Dealer and pair up and check it out.
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