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  4. Reset

    How can I reset my password on my avh 5100nex pioneer?
  5. Carplay using Google maps CRASH!!!

    My 8100NEX started taking longer to boot up and occasionally crashing and rebooting several months ago. Updated to the latest NEX firmware and updated my iPhone to iOS 12 and when I use Waze it would crash very frequently. I called Pioneer and they suggested doing a full system reset on my 8100NEX. That helped tremendously, but it will still reboot once in a great while when using Waze, so I suspect it's an issue with Waze and CarPlay.
  6. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi guys new guy here, Exactly the topic I was looking for the past 4 months lol. Mr. DZO I want to buy a beer for helping us out like this So I was wondering what program can I use to translate the LNG file? I am planning on trying this myself hopefully by tomorrow. Cheers Zoloo
  7. Last week
  8. I mistakenly installed the firmware for a AVIC-5200NEX on to my AVIC-5201NEX unit which wiped out my navigation as well as a few other features. I want to revert to previous firmware; the proper one for the 5201, but understand that Pioneer makes this very difficult. As I cant afford to send the unit in for "repair" (or the cost there of) and seeing as I am certain there is a way to achieve this with the proper information, I am hoping that someone on the forum might have the work-around? Please respond and let me know ASAP. Cheers all. Warmly, m
  9. Доброго времени суток. Помогите найти testmode на avic-evz05. Или это настолько редкая балалайка? Заранее ОГРОМНОЕ СПС....
  10. Backups and Images

    i got a 4000nex image if anyone needs it pm me
  11. AVICSYNC App HD Traffic Not Working

    You’re welcome! I emailed them again yesterday and they stated that their engineering team was unable to reproduce the issue until recently. Frankly, I’m surprised they’ve let it go on for this long. Thanks! I’ve been using google maps in the meantime. It’s a bit of a pain without multitouch available.
  12. This is the service manual for the AVIC-Z150BH & AVIC-F50BT units. Request for Help If you're interested in helping, please let me know. Also, if you've already done the modifications listed below, and can share insight, that would also be appreciated. This should work for the 1) AVIC-Z150BH, 2) AVIC-X950BH, 3) AVIC-X850BT, and 4) AVIC-X8510BT units -- and the respective European equivalents. Modification Goals I want to do the following two items: 1) Remove the caution screens (a.k.a. nag screens); and, 2) Remove the message on the backup camera. I plan on updating this post as progress is made screen.. To do: Add files
  13. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hi there, I have read this entire thread, and I have not been able to do anything with my MRZ-099, I can get into test mode, by key pressing, holding the japanese button on the right, and then av, menu, av, menu, av, menu. once in test mode, i can navigate thru the menus (half in japanese) but there is no option to select, copy or paste. None of the testmode keys work, the device comes up with an error, TESTMODE FAILED TO START, and small number 1 in the corner. I have done something in the test mode and have bricked the unit slightly, it no longer boots as normal, there is a japanese error and a number 10 in the corner. I can still go into testmode using the button press, but I cant seem to do anything once im in there. I believe I need a testmode key that works, so far none have worked, they all return the same error (TESTMODE FAILED TO START, and small number 1 in the corner.) Also, the file structure is different to what is explained at the beginning of this thread, there is no user directory, it is as follows NAND>NX154>PRG0/PRG1>APL>Resource>LANG etc, sorry I dont have the unit with me to accurately type the Directorty structure. Once Im in there, there is a file Guide.JPN I can select the file, and I am given the option to text dump or Binary dump. I am not a coder or a programmer so this function does not make sense to me. Please help, I would love to hack this unit and make it a functional media device for my old car.
  14. 2018 Maps are out for AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-X850BT, and AVIC-X8510BT units. https://hereshop.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Pioneer_AVIC-Z150BH/Pioneer-MY13-North-America-2018-T1000-26752/sku/T1000-26752/en_US/HERENA/USD
  15. 2018 European Map Update for Pioneer AVIC-F50BT, F950DAB, F950BT and F850BT https://hereshop.navigation.com/sku/T1000-26751/en_GB/HEREEMEA/GBP
  16. The installation took about 45 minutes and reboots to Platform Version 4.00, Application Version 4.00, Map Data 4.000000, Search Data 4.000000, Mecha Version The attachment has the manual (T1000-26752): 2018 Pioneer MY13 High Manual.pdf
  17. CD/DVD not ejecting AVH-4200NEX

    I'm having some trouble getting the CD's and DVD's to eject. They will take the discs, and play fine, but once they are in, I have to manually remove them. I've tried pushing the reset button. I've tried the eject lock procedure, pressing eject and track up. I've read that testmode_a.key has a factory reset option, and will ask about removing eject lock at this point, but I have firmware 1.06 and this file does not work on my device. Using goldenapple, I did not see any options to test the dvd functions or reset to factory defaults. Anyone have any other ideas, or a file that will get me into the head unit that will test the dvd drive functions, or a file that will allow me to do a factory reset removing the eject lock?
  18. Backups and Images

    Anyone know how to backup the SD? I have a friend who let me borrow his 4000nex and I want to get the backup
  19. The big difference between the two is you don't have a fade option in network. You get high, mid, low. Meaning tweeters, mids, subwoofer. In standard it operates like a normal stereo with front, rear, sub. As for the front being louder in standard, its probably because in network mode the rear is only receiving the low-mid signal, meaning no high notes.
  20. AVH-271BT?

    Is there anyway to replace the OS on the AVH-271BT?
  21. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Hello Fanourio I see you are from Cyprus and I live in Cyprus Can you help me change my tongue to my avic?
  22. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    Does anyone do me to understand why nothing changes in my avic even if I have replaced the two files? If the original ones are wiped off why is everything in Japanese? How to change the language from the navigation menu if there are only two "DESTINATION" and "LITE" items available there, and the Japanese do not know. Please help a little if you can. Thank you.
  23. USB disconnects after a few minutes

    Check the manual to be sure, but there are limits on the MB size of the memory stick and also there is a limit on the number of songs/folders in the root of the drive. There may not to be a limit on songs in sub-directories, but you should adjust the folders/files to reflect the root song/folder limit.
  24. Hi everyone, I’ve been on here a while but not posted much and need help. Iv just bought another f900bt When I’m playing music from my usb memory stick, after about a minute or 2, it stops working and the stereo turns its self off, then I remove the usb and the stereo turns back on and starts playing again for another couple of minutes then it happens again. Does anyone know a reason why it could be doing this please? And a way to stop it from doing it? Thanks in advance karl
  25. AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

    So, people is it possible to install IGO on any MRZ model? I heard some stories, but id anybody actually ,managed that or any other method to change the map of Japan into any European map?
  26. Hello everyone, My friend bought an used AVIC-F88DAB unit and he asked me for help as he wasn't able to run navigation application. It always crash during/after "Loading iGO..." screen: https://ibb.co/g9c1GL Unfortunately the person who sold him the unit does not know if anything was modified. We've reset the unit to factory settings but nothing changed, I assume some files are missing or corrupt? I run Testmode using USB stick to check iGO folder and it looks like this: https://ibb.co/h7cqRL In "Content" folder there are subfolders with files for maps, language, poi etc. I have some experience with iGO on Android but I have no idea what it should look like on this device, does it look alright? Are there any other files for navigation beside iGO folder? I am wondering if copying iGO folder from other working device will fix the issue or do I have to restore whole pioneer system? Guess you know I don't have any working backup system image for this device. Can somebody share it for me? Pioneer software version is 1.04 and it's European version. Anyone can help?
  27. 8201NEX Reverse cameras

    Maybe you have your radio set to trigger on the wrong input logic? The radio has an option to enable the camera on either 12v or 0v. Maybe you should change to the other option or check your wiring.
  28. 8200 nex will not boot up

    I've been having this problem. For me it seems like it has something to do with CarPlay. The screen goes black, but the unit is on and the buttons are backlit still. I can even control the volume, but I can't get the radio back without a reboot. I stopped plugging in my phone until after the radio is finished booting. Still waiting to see if it keeps happening.
  29. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    I applied the software bypass to my 8200 NEX unit and grounded the parking brake and it appears to have worked, but there is some weird behavior. Before I get started. I'm a computer hardware/software engineer and I work in the enterprise storage/server space on linux kernel modules and embedded systems so my background in this field is strong. I intermittently get the "Parking brake misconfigured" message and I suspect I know the reason. It seems like I get this message whenever the car starts moving before the head unit has fully booted. My explanation of this has to do with the NEX boot loader on the radio and non-volatile configuration settings. I believe that the software bypass feature is read from non-volatile storage somewhere during the boot procedure of the radio. This means that by default the radio starts to boot with the bypass disabled, and at some point during the boot procedure the unit reads the software setting out of their non-volatile storage. This would explain the behavior I have seen with the "Parking brake misconfigured" message appearing whenever I start driving the car before the radio is finished booting. I'll keep paying attention to the behavior and if something changes I'll update my hypothesis.
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