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  1. Harness differences between 930 and 940?

    yes it will, i did what your looking to do.
  2. D 3 to x930bt

    I have the avic d3 now and will be getting the x930bt or the x940bt, with the d3 i have the xm tuner, mic for hands free calling, my question is what can I keep from my d3 hook up for the new units?
  3. Avic x940bt

    Just spoke with pioneer and they say the x940bt will be available in the first part of April.
  4. I have the avic d 3 i want to replace the the nain ROUND knob on the front of the unit, where can i get a new nob, is it easy to replace, if so please explain. mines is all worn now
  5. Rearview Cam Question

    MOD EDIT... Banned do to vulgarity!!!
  6. Rearview Cam Question

  7. Rearview Cam Question

    yep thats what i did and i was good to go, tapping into the reverse light wire gives the cam its power.
  8. Rearview Cam Question

    yes just tap into the reverse light wire witch will tell the unit that your backing up and turn ur cam on. and also ground the black wire.
  9. A bigger knob

    yea but i have no idea how to get the knob off of the d 3 and i do not want to break anything.
  10. A bigger knob

    Cool do you have knobs for the d3 and if so how easy or hard is it to change? my d3`s knob is raggady now but the rest of the unit looks great.
  11. D3 wire harness pictures.

    google it
  12. I have the avic d 3 i want to replace the the nain ROUND nob on the front of the unit, where can i get a new nob, is it easy to replace, if so please explain. mines is all worn now
  13. D1 help PLEASE!!!!

    How do i get a new nob for the d-3? and can i change it myself?
  14. Dimmer - 04 Sierra

    I have a 04 yukon so it should be similar, i had my illumination wire ( in the d-3 harnes) hooked into the manual head light switch and it works great, now the d 3 dims when the auto head lights come on or when i turn them on manualy.
  15. AVIC D2 speaker pops when you hit bumps

    in my experience, it may be a lose wire some where, and when u hit a bump it shakes the lose connection, check all off your connections and make sure there tight.
  16. Back up Camera help!

    yea i may go ahead and oder it, if it does not work or i cant hook it up to my d-3, then you can always just get ur money back, from walmart.
  17. Back up Camera help!

    hey i googled that camera and some great reviews came back on it, and for $ 29 bucks that sounds like a great deal compared to the much more expensive cams out there, i want to hook this up to a avic d-3 in a 04 gmc yukon any body got any pics to share?
  18. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    hey swdw, what type of blank media do u use? in detail please
  19. People if u have a bad disk or want to down grade, just go into the language settings and change it to spanish or french and once it reboots put the disk in that u want to run the d3 with and when it reboots change ur language back to english or what ever laguage u speak, it worked for me.
  20. Cant fit it back in the hole

  21. I have mines hooked up and my location on the map is dead on.
  22. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Hey SWDW what kind of midia are u using, with light scribe on it??
  23. CNDV-90MT Improvements and Flaws

    I would be mad ifi had paid for the 90 mt so called update, there are many roads that are like 3 years old that are still not on the 90 mt.
  24. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    Hey i just want to thank the folks on here who put forth great effort in getting the CNDV 90 MT UPDATE DISK, on here, i just burned a WORKING DVD and now im making a back up copy, THANKS SOOOOO MUCH YALL!!!
  25. CNDV-90MT are NOW POSTED

    how will i know when i have made an iso file fom a winrar file?