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  1. AVH-4100 Back up camera picture quality at start up

    i don't have the 4100 firmware installed just recently updated to 1.11 firmware for the 4000 thinking it may fix the problem but it didn't. Think this may be an issue with video out going bad on the unit have replaced camera and wires and all of my video out ports show same issue with camera however camera will show clear picture before uni boots and starts playing sound with leads me to believe there some kind of short in the unit itself
  2. AVH-4100 Back up camera picture quality at start up

    I also have same problem and have been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure it out, thgt camera was bad had a brand new camera that i had as a backup and that would come on clear as day as soon as music/amp would kick in picture would be so grainy can't see anything i thgt i might have issues with led lights and restores so i bought new LEDS with cans error built in SMH
  3. Wireless CarPlay

    maybe will get some kind of pioneer wifi dongle that can be hooked up to USB2 that would enable this feature.
  4. CarPlay Maps Night Mode???

    I fixed my problem with nightmode8 allows me to enable nightmare on maps so i'll use that until apple fixes the issue then remove it b/c using maps at night in my car on my nex-4000 is distracting.
  5. CarPlay Maps Night Mode???

    yes I'm jailbroken on iPhone 6Plus
  6. HDMI Possibilities!

    its both its mirror and touchscreen functionality pretty sure android phones need to be rooted for those apps and still need correct Hdmi cable for your nexus also
  7. HDMI Possibilities!

    ARliberator or ARunchained can do it
  8. HDMI Possibilities!

    No Mirabox creates its own wifi gateway/hotspot and uses airplay to mirror the iPhone screen doesn't use bluetooth at all it hooked up to the hdmi in port on the next unit so image on next unit is HD there is an older Mirabox that uses rca cables and picture comes from RCA instead of an hdmi output. Yes you would set NEX to Hdmi but Mirabox will only mirror video/audio via airplay you need the other device I posted link to for touch functionality that also mirrors as well (MimicsX2) I'm gonna hold off on MimicsX2 and just get Mirabox b/c i think in a few months when Carplay becomes more accessible in factory cars someone will eventually start making tweaks for Carplay and figure out a away to mirror through that noticed a few days ago when i changed my theme on my jailbroken 6Plus that it also changed Carplay icons as well so i take that as a good sign something can be done with it.
  9. HDMI Possibilities!

    Im planing on getting a Mirabox with hdmi to mirror my iPhone 6Plus. http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Airplay-Miracast-Mirror-Link-Box-Connects-Samrtphone-to-the-Car-TFT-for-All-Audio-Video-and-App-Wireless---Silvery-336715.html Saw a video on youtube where a guy had took a kivic one (same as Mirabox) and MimicsX2 device and was able to get full mirroring with touch functionality not sure if i'll spend money for mimics though. (179.99) http://customgadz.com/3-mimicsx2
  10. NEX Cold Weather issues

    I first had this issue happen to me last night even after it was warm in the car and head unit had warmed up still was un responsive thought I was gonna have to send it in to be repaired got frustrated because I realized if touch screen was unresponsive I'd have no way to detach face plate (NEX-4000) ended up figuring out that if you press and hold eject button for 3 seconds or so you will hear a beep and face plate will fold down without having to use touchscreen buttons, that allowed me to detach face and reattach and everything was fine so i would suggest that before you chalk it up as being unresponsive screen.
  11. Pioneer 2015 second generation NEX

  12. CarPlay Maps Night Mode???

    Carplay Maps doesn't dim for me used it to night and it was very bright and as far as NEX dimming there is an illumination wire (Orange) but unless its wired to harness adapters illumination wires you can't dim from your cars dimmer. I did notice the other day that when I updated the theme on my iPhone 6Plus that icons are also updated in Carplay on the NEX.
  13. NEX 4000

    Carplay Icons
  14. Vblue42 your definitely right about that i guess i'll hold off and wait maybe someone will develop Carplay Extensions and figure out a way to mirror iPhone thru that, but in the mean time i think I am going to purchase a mirabox with hdmi output i won't have touch functionality but will be able to mirror my iPhone on my Nex-4000 and have it done through hdmi input on Pioneer unit. However Im still willing to donate to get something for IOS 8.
  15. Ok so any suggestions on what maybe we could do next or should i just give up ? Carplay isn't enough for me i need something not so restricted, would have made more since for Pioneer to atleast make Appradio app to run within Carplay with one cable and have all the apps compatible. You just can't win with Pioneer every year its something.