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  1. AVIC x100 backup camera

    What you describe is the view I get when the selecting "camera view" input on my 4100, which requires me to push a button to activate. Not sure if that gives you any clues to sorting this out. Perhaps make sure that "camera view" is not turned on (but if it was, it would be there before you shift into reverse, so this probably isn't the answer).
  2. Apple ios10 allows you to rearrange the icons on Carplay. On your phone, go to Settings | General | Carplay, select the desire vehicle and it will show a screenshot which you can drag unwanted icons to the second page.
  3. Ghost in the machine - AVH-4100NEX issues

    OK... I'll admit this is a long shot ... did the neighbor kid steal your remote control? I can't remember where I put mine - maybe yours is getting buttons pushed in the glove box. Edit to add - Carplay was buggy for me too. Most recent updates seemed to have made it stable - at least I haven't had the weird reboots and freezes lately.
  4. Pandora coming to CarPlay

    Pandora app now on the CarPlay menu with ios 9.1... maybe it came with 9.0 and I missed it, but it's there now with improved album art to boot. Now... if we could just re-arrange the apps on the CarPlay menu....
  5. Carplay Album Art Issue

    Album art for Pandora (with the Carplay "now playing" view) is much improved with ios 9.1. The image is bright enough to see easily, and (to my eye) sharper than the images posted on page 3 of this thread from the beta version. Finally. Edit: Upon closer inspection, I see that Pandora is now a CarPlay app on the CarPlay menu. Nice... no more switching from the NEX menu to CarPlay to use it with the other Apps.
  6. Either my memory is faulty or something changed with ios 8.4. I could have sworn that I was able to rearrange the icons, but I couldn't when I tried today.
  7. If you have enough desired apps (7 plus the NEX button), you can move the undesired ones to the second page of CarPlay. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.
  8. Steering wheel control question

    See page 21. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/Manuals/Car/AVIC-8000NEX_OperationManual030714.pdf
  9. Steering wheel control question

    I'm not sure if it same on 8000 model. Check your manual for section on "Changing Order of Source Icons." For the 4100NEX, the process is as follows: 0. Car must have parking brake engaged. 1. Press the Home button to display the Top Menu screen 2. Press the AV button on the lower right side of screen - this will display the available sources - some of which will already be on the lower edge of the screen 3. Press and hold the Camera View icon and drag it to the desired location on the lower edge of the screen. Once completed, to access camera view push the Home button, then the Camera View Icon. The "Source" button on your steering wheel might cycle through the selections to camera view, but that is not optimal on my car, as it turns off whatever I'm listening to (Radio, for example) and goes to the next source (CD). Using the NEX display leaves the radio on and just shows the camera view.
  10. NEX 8100 Camera displat at start-up

    Curious. My 4100nex shows the splash screen, then the warning screen with "OK" button, but then goes to whatever source was active when the car was turned off. I suspect your issue relates to having two cameras. My manual (which is probably same as 8100 for this) has some confusing instructions on how to set up the second camera settings. Look for "setting second camera input" in your manual and see if that helps. What port is your front-view camera plugged into?
  11. With just the lightning cable to usb1, you get CarPlay (with its limited selection of apps including maps, music, siri, and texting (by voice)). My understanding is with AV adapter, you essentially mirror the phone onto the nex, but I have not tried nor seen that. I'm curious if you still get CarPlay with that since, if so, then cost is the only reason not to do it.
  12. Backup camera

    Check the connection for the sensor wire. Since it previously worked, you must have installed it correctly. Maybe it came loose. Do you still have back-up lights when in reverse gear? If not, might be a fuse blown with resulting lack of reverse-signal to the sensor wire.
  13. NEX 8100 Camera displat at start-up

    Camera view should show only when you select that source input and is independent of the back-up camera feature. The back-up camera should come on only when you shift into reverse - this is caused by a signal input from the appropriate wire in your car's wiring harness connecting to the correct wire on the NEX. If your camera is getting 12v power only when the car is in reverse, then it is not wired properly. The 12v feed should come from a switched 12v source - independent of what gear the car is in. That way, the back-up camera comes on automatically when you shift into reverse, and the camera view shows only when you manually select that source.
  14. iOS 8.3 released

    Did "Hey Siri" stop working with the 8.3 update? I could have sworn that it worked before, but my memory could be wrong. I now get no response from Siri when I call out for her.
  15. Pandora coming to CarPlay

    Upon further inspection, I retract my comment. I noticed today the very faint album art on the CarPlay version of Pandora. I can barely see it. Fiddled with picture controls, but not enough to find the right levels yet.