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  1. Heat issues - 8100

    The same exact thing happens on my 4100 NEX when using Android Auto. Phone (Moto Z) gets really hot, voice recognition goes to crap and AA glitches and lags. Im pretty sure the issue is the phone thermally throttling though, not the NEX, because the rest of the sources (iPod, HD Radio, etc) function perfectly fine and the phone still misbehaves after disconnecting from the radio. I think the combination of the battery charging, GPS, and ambient temperature in the summer cause the phone to overheat and lag. Best bet is to keep the phone out of the sun and/or in front of a vent with the A/C on.
  2. You could always install a switch on the ACC power wire.
  3. Firmware update headache

    Are you plugged into USB1? The device won't recognize the update on USB2 or the SD card.
  4. Smartphone Confirm bypass for x000 units

    There is a solution for x100 devices on the AVIC Hacking slack. It's​ somewhat less sophisticated than this but it gets the job done.
  5. Flash update - HOW?!

    Android Auto currently appears to only support streaming music apps like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, etc.. If you want to listen to music over USB I would suggest loading your music onto a USB thumb drive or an iPod where you can make playlists and better sort through your collection. I don't think the pioneer units were designed to read music from your phone directly. There is Bluetooth streaming for that. My current setup is AA with an iPod and it works perfectly.
  6. Flash update - HOW?!

    Make sure the folder â€AVICAVH16" is at the root of your fat32 formatted USB stick plugged into USB1. When you open up the USB drive on your computer you should only see one folder.

    Just upgraded my 4100 from 1.05 to 1.09. The first time I switch to my iPod after turning on the head unit I get tons of popping and static. If I switch to any other input then back to iPod the static is completely gone. Happens on both USB 1 and 2. Tried multiple cables with the same result. I have no idea what would cause it to go away after the input is switched. Any ideas? Never had this issue on 1.05.
  8. Android Auto(CD-AH200) Samsung Galaxy S7

    Just use a normal USB cable for Android Auto

    Firmware Version 1.09 for x100 devices is now available as well.
  10. Replacing the Pioneer Loading screen

    Were you able to get a fullscreen boot animation to work? I tried 480x800 and 800x480 and it's still distorted and laggy at 20fps on my 4100. Good find for the bootlogo in framework-res btw. I had found the same image in jcommonlib-res and changed it but it didn't work.. now I know why lol
  11. I have a 4100NEX and MotoX 2nd Gen on Verizon and ran into similar problems at first. Ended up wiping data for Android Auto, Google Play Services, and Google App and tried at least three different cables. Probably a little overkill but I finally got it working after a frustrating 30 minutes, but now it works flawlessly. Also noticed my phone needs to be unlocked before it connects. I tried setting up the NEX as a "trusted device" but the way Pioneer pairs the device messes it up. Hopefully this gets fixed eventually.