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  1. Did anything ever become of this experiment? I still have a 6000NEX (F960BT), and am curious if it's worth trying to load another device's firmware.
  2. I'm having a great deal of difficulty removing the map warning screen. I keep getting read-only filesystem warnings. What I've noticed is that the content of build.prop on /system actually becomes 0 in size immediately after the operation, even though it says it's read-only. What's going on here? I pretty much piggybacked off the iGo lib fix that was just recently released in this thread. I assume that one works fine. Below is the content of my Copy_Script.sh. If anyone could explain what I'm doing wrong, I'd really appreciate it. #!/system/bin/sh ls -al /system >/mnt/udi
  3. So what option(s) in the BSP do you set to convince the unit to boot from the external SD card (the slot on the front)?
  4. If I have two 6000NEX's, and I purchase an item via the AVICSYNC store, can I sync it with both units? In other words, how does the AVICSYNC store see the customer-- by the individual unit, or by the Android device used in tandem? My guess is the former, since I didn't have to create an account to use it (at least, I haven't bought anything non-free yet). Just a random note, completely unrelated-in-any-way-to-the-AVICSYNC-question-above, the "Development" thread mentions that you can use the same iGo device ID file for multiple devices, simultaneously.
  5. I realized last night that the update process actually changes the content on the USB stick/card in some way. This is of particular concern to those updating multiple units. In the event you are updating multiple units, you will need to restart the process from scratch for each unit. I had quite a scare when I got into what I'll call "an update auto-recovery loop" on my second vehicle. After about an hour, I decided to reformat and recopy the firmware update to my USB stick. Thankfully, it worked.
  6. Simple question that someone can hopefully add to the FAQ: I have a 6000NEX, which is one of the models with a microSD slot on the face. Given the process(es) we have at present, would it be possible to be able to run any mods without having to open the unit to access the internal SD? I saw some comments about being able to run your own ROM from an external card. If not, are there any notable precautions (delicate ribbon cables, etc) to take, or helpful hints to follow when opening the unit; or is it just as intuitive as opening any other device? Thanks. Oh, one other conc
  7. Well that kinda blows. Thanks for the info though, guys.
  8. I've seen the posts about losing "bluetooth audio" when updating from x000 to x100. Does this include losing use of bluetooth speakerphone functions, or just losing functions like bluetooth streaming audio/music (which I never use anyway)?
  9. I just had this happen for the first time this morning. Install was 3 days ago. GPS antenna is in an unused center speaker slot under the center dash. It is relatively far from electrical interference. Turning off/on the car fixed the issue. Also, yesterday morning, the unit suddenly "forgot" the GPS menu settings I had previously configured... settings like "don't warn me when speeding." I can't help but think these two incidents are somewhat related. Anyone experience this too? Incidentally, after pushing the first "OK" warning screen (immediately after starting the car), the w
  10. There is a method for "tricking" the firmware upgrade process, so you can downgrade. Simply open the PEH403B_V08.05_1T.HAT file in a HEX editor (XVI32 is free and easy to use), and change the version number, which spans the decimal addresses 136-140. In this case, you'll be changing "08.05" to "08.30". But that's not all. Since you're dealing with a different model than the firmware dictates, we'll need to break down some additional differences between the AR2 and AR3 files... In the PEH403B_V08.05_1T.HAT file, you'll see the string "NX209" at addresses 2-5 (very beginning of the fi
  11. What about OEM cameras? I have a 2011 Nissan Rogue which came with its backup camera already installed. I'm wondering if it already connects via an RCA plug. I'm hoping the worst case scenario is that I'll have to sever the old plug, and replace it with an RCA plug for the Pioneer.
  12. I need to revive an old thread here, because I just found yet another issue with the iPod connection. First, it was the speaker pin, as I described earlier in this thread. I fixed that. Then the stock CD-IU230V iPod cable started to go bad. I bought the AmazonBasics iPod composite cable, which has proven to be a suitable and well-built replacement for it. Now, the right channel (coincidentally) is cutting out once again. This time, it's the RCA harness (part CDP1091 on Pioneer's parts site). I discovered this after sliding out my head unit, and wiggling the harness wires in different d
  13. I had this happen to me yesterday, and I was flipping out for the same reason. If you hooked your iPod up to the computer just prior to this happening, you should reconnect it to the computer, and PROPERLY EJECT it. This fixed my problem.
  14. Fixed the problem on mine today. Here are the details: http://avic411.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=26621&p=182924#p182924
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