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  1. z11 to z14 upgrade?

    It has been a software upgrade plus new map data every year since the z110 to z120 upgrade. This year is no different.
  2. Like my heading says, I have a 2006 GMC Sierra with the Bose Premium sound system. I have a Z110BT installed, with the software updated with the lastest maps, etc. I have XM radio installed, as well as the traffic tuner. When I first installed the system a few years ago, it was plenty loud. MP3's would play louder than XM, but that was alright. Now, though, I can have the system turned up to the max, and can't hear it with the windows down. Has anyone else experieced this with the Bose system? I took out the head unit and checked all of the wiring. I do have a PAC module hooked up for On Star and the door chimes. Not sure if that module might be the problem. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance!
  3. How do I prevent z130 from checking me in on Facebook

    Yes, if it has been upgraded to the newest software.
  4. How do I prevent z130 from checking me in on Facebook

    When in the Facebook app within Aha Radio, there are two icons at the bottom on the screen. One is for EQ, and the other when pressed will check you in on Facebook. I found this out after seeing my phantom check in's also. Hope this helps!
  5. differences between z120bt and 2011 z130

    You shouldn't expect to see it until around the end of May or start of June. That's when it was released last year.
  6. No Video from iPhone

    Huh, I just noticed I accidentally posted this in the x series. Could someone please move it to the correct category for anyone else who might research it? Thanks!
  7. No Video from iPhone

    Great, that's not what I wanted to hear That's what I suspected, though. Thanks!
  8. No Video from iPhone

    Yes, its bypassed. It was working fine before installing the TVOut app from Cydia. I'm not sure if there is a setting that is still messed up after uninstalling it.
  9. No Video from iPhone

    Okay, so I researched and tried everything I can think of. This all started when I downloaded the TVOut app from Cydia. I was trying to get netflix to work before I saw Jason's video of how to do it. Even with the TVOut app, I had audio but no video. So, I uninstalled the app throught Cydia itself. Now, though, I can't get any video to show up on the screen though my iTunes library. I have a Z110BT with the software upgrade to the 120. I have a iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.2.1. I saw another post that said to go in to settings on my iPhone, and change to widescreen but that didn't work either. I know I'm probably missing something simple here, but I don't know what. I would rather not have to do a restore on my phone and re-jailbreak it if necessary. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  10. Netflix from iphone

  11. Vegas here we come!

    Well, isn't that some BS! Good luck to them. No reason for people to upgrade their units for software you can update on the Z110BT, just to get the traffic. Especially in this economy.
  12. Post CES Feedback/Requests Here

    This one from VBLUE42 is a big one, "Ok I've done some reading about the ND-TMC10 traffic tuner that will be optional for the 930 and it is stated several times that this tuner will be "included" with the Z130. So if this is not a typo, it indicates that it is still an external add on but is included with the unit. If this is the case then this should be the 110/120/920 owners traffic solution once you upgrade to the 130/930 software. Jason, is there anyway you can confirm this with anyone from Pioneer?"
  13. Vegas here we come!

    Well, I hope Jason can shed some more light on this in the next couple of days. Kind of exciting.
  14. Vegas here we come!

    That will be awesome as long as they haven't changed the hardware to have a port not available on the 110BT & 120BT.
  15. Ok, so I have a question. In the Pioneer press release I found this quote, "The AVIC-Z130BT offers Clear Channel‟s Total Traffic Network5 service for free via a Radio Data Service-Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) tuner. With the included RDS-TMC tuner, ND-TMC10, the traffic service provides an overlay of real-time traffic events and conditions on the navigation map. Will this tuner be compatible with the Z110BT? EDIT: Never mind, I just saw Jason's comments in a different thread. Man that sucks we can't get traffic on the 110BT.