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  1. Upgrading X920BT

    Hey Sparky, Can you tell me about the map update? Are the maps similar to the original ones or are they something new and different? Personally I'm not a fan of the original maps/interface, and would be interested in making the update if there were some significant changes. Speaking of,.. would you be up for sharing the files? I could send some $$ your way...
  2. Iritating quirk or setting I'm missing?

    My ipod resumes just fine on it's own. Other than that, I'm not aware of any settings on the ipod or Avic that effect resuming music. On the other topic, when I get out of the car, I try to let the music stop playing and wait for the play indicatior on the ipod turn off before I unplug... but that doesn't appear to effect the problem. So is that unique to me or is that a regular occurence?
  3. So I've tried searching for this problem/anoyance, but havn't had any luck finding exactly what I am experiencing. Here's what I have: Stereo - x920bt Cable - Pioneer CD-IU50V Device - iPod Touch 32gb Phone - Samsung Blackjack II (I know, I need to upgrade) - paired over bluetooth. Shouldn't be a factor. I've been using this setup for close to a year and I seem to have had this frustrating inconsistent proplem for the whole time. It seems like most times I get into the car, turn the car on, and plug my iPod into the cable, the x920 will automatically switch to the ipod source and start playing the first song on the ipod. Now I love the fact that it switches to iPod when it recognizes the device, BUT,.. I hate that (almost) everytime I plug in my iPod I have to listen to the same song. As an example,.. Just before I got into the car I could be listening to ZZTop in my "Rock Favorites" playlist, but when I get in, turn on the car, and plug in the iPod,.. I'm stuck listening to Abba in 'All Music'. Is there a way to fix this? An order of plugging things in, a setting I missed, anything? Thanks.
  4. Switch for my backup camera

    While I applaud your ingenuity, I would agree with the folks above. It sounds like up until now, your camera has only been powered on by the reverse lights or something similar. Most people on here with reverse cameras have powered them by connecting the camera to an ignition or accessory line (anything that supplies power continuously while the key is in the ignition and turned at least to "accessory"). To be fair, the potential downside to wiring it to be always on like most of us do, is decreased camera life, but I don't think it really a factor. I would recommend fixing where your camera gets it's power from to a constant source and scraping your 'fix'.
  5. New Avic-X920BT and Avic-Z120BT User Manuals!!!

    I don't see anything that's changed. What's new about this?
  6. Anyone receive their REBATE for the x920BT?

    Sound the trumpets! My pioneer rebate has arrived! Three cheers for persistence, patience and this forum!
  7. Anyone receive their REBATE for the x920BT?

    Just called the infamous number to check the status as mine has been "n processing" for over two months. The customer service rep appeared to be dumbfounded. "I just don't know why it hasn't been processed sir. There is no reason it should be taking this long." She confirmed my info, "expedited" the issuing of the check and promised that I'd receive it in 14 days. We'll see.
  8. X920 / Z120 rebates - anybody actually receive one?

    According to the rebate tracking site, they received mine a while ago on October 9th. Problem is that it's been stuck on "Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing." for well over a month. I'm considering calling them, but I doubt that will do any good. I'll give them another month then I'll start making waves.
  9. Avic Navigation needs sever improvements

    Yes. I believe when it shows you the list of POI's that you were searching for, there is an icon on the top right of the screen. If you tap that icon, it will cycle through the different options (distance, alphabetical, etc.).
  10. Couple questions about the x920bt

    So I'm playing with my new x920bt and I have a couple questions that I didn't see answered in the forums or in the manual. - Can you use a (non-powered) USB hub with the unit? (I was curious because I was thinking of splitting the usb port to use an external drive and my ipod) - How do you, if it's even possible, get album art to show up on songs from a USB drive? Thanks!
  11. Custom Background Gallery

    As a proud new owner of an Avic-x920bt, I checked out every page of this thread for something I liked. Nothing really caught my eye (except for a couple of the scantily clad women, but I digress...), so I made my own. Thought I'd share. For what it's worth, it's my '08 Toyota 4runner SR5 out on the Oregon coast.
  12. Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for input in picking out a new double-din head unit. I have a 2008 Toyota 4Runner and here is what I am looking for: - GPS - Bluetooth - Automatic Back-up cam - Reasonably quick start-up time* - USB or SD card MP3 capability - Ipod control - Largest screen possible (for price range) - Voice control (Not required, but preferred) - DVD (Not required, but preferred) I don't want to shell out too much (~$500) and am open to buying refurb equipment. I was looking at the U310BT, which is certainly in the price range (*and is instant-on, which I love), but doesn't have the back-up cam. What would be just a couple of notches up from that? I appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!