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  1. There weren't any replies. Probably because no one who has seen your question knows the answer. Did you try searching for the answer? Try http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/39638-avic-mrz99-custom-firmware-testmode/&do=findComment&comment=341665 BTW, I have no knowledge of how to convert Japanese units so I won't be of any help
  2. Yes it can. You just needed to be an AVIC411 member, which you now are.
  3. I had a similar problem = rebooting when listening to radio after restarting the car. I had a different model radio (Z110-BT). The problem went away when I replaced the car's battery. So it is possible you battery is starting to fail even though it can start the car. How old is the battery?
  4. Short answer - No. I have no idea if the MRZ series hardware is compatible with the Z, X and F series. I doubt it. From a little research I see lots of guides on changing the language, but that has nothing to do with maps. You will need to search around this site (and Google) for more info, but I can't help.
  5. No map update on this SD! Just the Shortfuse files. After it is successfully patched you can format the SD and use it for the map update (or use two SDcards). On the map update do not add or modify any files except if you need to replace Cardinfo (which you should not need for your model).
  6. There must be something wrong with your SD. Ideas: What size? Format FAT32. What files are on it? Should be only the files from my unzipped file. The write protection tab should be turned off. Maybe try a different SD. Don't use a large SD (1 - 8 GB work well.
  7. OK, as I said I've no experience with the D series, but it does sound like a problem detecting the parking brake. On the Z series, Settings/NAVI Settings qill show the status of several external inputs - including the parking brake (On or Off). Hopefully your D series also has a similar status display in the Settings. If so it will tell you whether the system thinks the parking brake is set. I'm just guessing here but it is possible your previous Navi was hacked to bypass the parking brake and the replacement isn't. So I'd look for info on how that is done on your unit.
  8. I've no specific knowledge about D series, but it isn't clear from your post whether it ever worked in your car. What else can you tell to help diagnose the problem. I does sound like an installation problem.
  9. Did you get Shortfuse installed? If you've read through this thread you should have all the info you need. There's no guide - just posts from people saying what worked. Note that pages 6 - 8 have a lot of helpful info. An F9310bt is basically the same as an F930bt and does not require a different Cardinfo file. Only early series like F910 or 920 need it to ne compatible with the version that Godzilla posted. That's about all I can tell you since I've never installed this update. But the process is the same as all the previous updates (2013, 2015, 2017). So you might find better
  10. I use notepad on Windows. But any editor that edits and saves text files and doesn't insert formatting data (like Word). Also make sure you save the file name exactly the same without adding a ".txt" extension. You'll need to browse this thread for info on replacing cardinfo. Several people have written detailed instructions. I haven't messed with this stuff for 5 years.
  11. The script attempts to make backup copies of the two original RenewalIFlib.dll files onto the SD before overwriting them. For some reason the copy command failed. Maybe there was no more room on the SD or it was write-protected, or the file already existed on the SD (if you ran the script more than once). Anyway the copy of the original files failed and the hacked versions didn't occur since the script crashed. Regardless, you can edit the script (named ScriptExec) on your PC and remove that 1st and 2nd COPY command. Then rerun it by reinserting it into the head unit. No way I ca
  12. Shortfuse hack : http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83535-map-update-hack-using-shortfuse-method-z110-z140x920-x940/&do=getNewComment Cardinfo needs to be changed only if the model you have is different that what godzilla has posted. I don't use TTS, so I can't help. TTS generally refers to Text To Speech, so it might be useful if you need a different language.
  13. Did you read the thread? See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/85011-new-release-f20bt-f30bt-f40bt-f920bt-f930bt-f940bt-f840bt-etc-2019/&do=findComment&comment=356262 You'll have to actually read to find the installation instructions.
  14. The fact that no one has posted an answer to this in 5 years seems to answer the question. "No".
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