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  1. Hinds: it comes with everything. I'm not sure I understand what you are asking
  2. Camera came with the lines (I don't like them honestly) As far as the screen not showing up, that is your wiring.
  3. I drive for work right now and it kills me when the unit takes over a minute to start up! Is this normal? Just wondering...
  4. Found a bunch on ebay for a lot cheaper than best buy ($100) Wondering which ones are compatible and how much the wires cost in case they don't come with the ebay listing. I would also like to know WHERE to get all the wires needed if anyone knows.
  5. Never had anything stolen from me, even car audio wise, oddly enough. No security measures implemented at the moment. I actually don't have the f700 secured at all so that my dash isn't ruined if someone DOES decide to take it. I've seen people's dashes that had the head units secured with the bolt in the back, and it just causes the thieves to tear MORE of the car apart to get to it than is needed. Having just discovered this section, I am wondering if I even want to keep the nice amount of car audio I have invested...
  6. IF it's anything like the USB cable, you can find it for 1/5 the price. $3 usb composite cables from ebay worked for me. $50 for pioneer? lol yeah right. I also laughed at the guy at the car audio shop for trying to get me to pay $30+ for the 3.5mm cable IPBUS. I made my own out of old USB connectors for a motherboard and it worked ALMOST perfectly. It's amazing how much money these companies try to rip us off every chance they get.
  7. that is complete bullshit how bad has the system failed us if someone can sue you if they hurt themselves for breaking into your house? break into house, fall down stairs = sue you? But if you shoot or kill the guy for trespassing, its ok?
  8. I think the best way is to not have a nice car in the first place, unfortunately. I know my jimmy isn't the nicest, but it has VERY nice factory paint and leather interior... The faceplate idea is GREAT. Seen it on some other ford forums. That + just sitting some printed yahoo maps on the front seat also help. Also, leaving anything in plain sight is a NO-NO. Watch, cell phone, GPS, mp3 player. Anything is bad. If you have a sub/amp/box in the back, then it doesn't matter. And I'm sure thieves will just check to see if the faceplate comes off and if it's a dummy if they
  9. You guys have never heard of ear plugs I take it? Not only that, but the info available in this thread along with others and I'm sure a pair of ear plugs + ear muffs would pretty much make this worthless Probably just going to waste your time and money and end up causing permanent hearing damage to yourself. lock your car. get insurance. get a cheap alarm that lowers the insurance rate. maybe try to get a company that doesn't ask how much the car audio is worth, straight forward so it doesn't raise your prices, etc. What REALLY sucks about the f700bt is that the stupid USB cabl
  10. Holy crap, that is terrible.... I just moved to a small farm town in IL. There was a bunch of reports of robberies but that's because people leave their doors unlocked. Did you have insurance on it? I have full coverage so I'm hoping they would replace all my invested car audio if it ever did get stolen. The good thing though is that they could just pull the unit out since it's not tied down to anything...I guess..
  11. Why would anyone want sub frequencies in the mids or highs??
  12. Is it normal for the EQ on the head unit to effect all of the RCA preouts? Should I use an external crossover?
  13. Just finished installing the rear view camera. About to go for a night drive and take pictures. Will also post some pictures in the day time tomorrow. Anyone with requests can feel free to make them if they were considering buying a rear view camera. This is the $40 one from DP video. http://www.frys.com/product/5818973 DP VIDEO DBC366
  14. I just used a micro sd 8gb class 2 and it played a 800mb .avi movie with no hiccups at all. .mp4 does not play video but there is sound .mkv does not work at all trying bigger files now
  15. You can use your ipod to play movies through the USB and RCA cables. Switch to video mode with the ipod connected. In mp4 format, you should be able to get movies much smaller. Convert them with handbrake. You need .mp4 for ipod anyways. I've also heard about high speed SD cards being able to play movies well. I think 32GB SDHC works with the unit as well. I will try with my 8gb SDHC class 4 15mb/s and let you know how movies work.
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