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  1. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi, Is there a new working version? If yes can somebody please share the flashdisk with avicnet and working Igo Primo 2.4 and Igo Primo NextGen? Would be awesome.
  2. Another question: In case that the 4.0 Firmware Update itself does not install with its LPUE080 folder on an sd card as explained on the pioneer support website, is it ok to just copy over the APL1-3 folders inside the update folder by going into testmode? Device is correct, the update procedure just does not seem to work by itself due to different maps. EDIT: found the update.exe in testmode. You were right, quite disappointing the update, cannot see anything new.
  3. i have installed your mod yesterday and drove around Marbella, really nice and smooth navigation now, thanks! The only thing i do not like are the fonts and the yellow color of them. But in night mode the contrast gets much better then.
  4. So FW 4.0 is just an update for the firmware to improve BT and so on? So can i update the FW to 4.0 and then use your mod? Great
  5. Hi, i own a F700BT with testmode and an earlier 3.0 mod. I have read that there is a 4.0 since summer (which can be downloaded from the pioneer website). Now i am a bit confused. Are there new software features in 4.0 (or are there even new mods already) and is it worth going for it or should i just update to anything like chuck88 or chrome mod?
  6. drive on toll road....

    is there a code for showing a button for activation and deactivation of toll roads?
  7. igo 8.3.4

    Hi, is it possible to use the igo 8.3.4 software on the Avic F700BT series instead of the 8.3.2? Downloaded it from na**total.com. Do i have to rename the igo8.exe to ezrider.exe then?
  8. Newbie question: I have a F700BT with newest firmware. I just downloaded the Teleatlas Europe Q3 2010 fbl map files and premium poi files via a link from another forum. Do i have to use a specific ezrider and license file for that or are the ezrider and license file for the 2009 maps ok?