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  1. Yes, In 2017 you have to modify CARDINFO.CIF my brief update step by step: Boot into TestMode with TESTMODE.KEY Get a copy of \USER\PRG0\APL\RenewallFlib.dll Modify RenewallFlib.dll with hex editor (Notepad++) Offset 000019F0: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A10: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001A3C: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001AD8: 0350A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C1C: 0250A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Offset 00001C24: 0150A0E3 replace with 0050A0E3 Again Boot into TestMode Delete \USER\PRG0\APL\RenewallFlib.dll Copy modified RenewallFlib.dll in \USER\PRG0\APL\ (Now I did the same for the PRG1) Delete \USER\PRG1\APL\RenewallFlib.dll Copy modified RenewallFlib.dll in \USER\PRG1\APL\ Then copy 2017 map into a FAT32 microSD Modify CARDINFO.CIF in the SD with hex editor (OE9R75LQ2MJ2X72EUR with X07EURX27EURX30EUR) Boot with map microSD enter PASSWORDPASSWORD when request Wait 25 minutes
  2. Hi RonS, I have succesfully remove NAG SCREEN on my F922BT, here's a my pre-patched version of Navi.exe for F Series units only Thank you so much! And good luck with Irma!!! Navi_NoNag(F).zip
  3. AND i used this topic to succesfully remove NAG SCREEN on my F922BT http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83542-2017-v70-nag-screen-removal-z-x-and-f-series/&do=findComment&comment=345037 Thanks again to Rons, good luck with Irma
  4. I updated my F9220BT. Thanks for sharing godzilla, RonS and other people who helped. A note @RonS: Despite the presence of a file named \USER\PRG.FLG my active application files are in \USER\PRG0\APL not in \USER\PRG1\APL. At the beginning I tried to change PRG1 only but it did not work, when i used PRG0 it went all right.
  5. The update worked perfectly on a F9220BT. With this easy steps 1) 2015 European Map Update (from Flomsen) 2) Changed VERINFO.DAT http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=03640351922687174507 (From Pionara) 3) Changed CARDINFO.CIF For those who are wanting to run this on other earlier headunits then try this cardinfo file that Travolta supplied: http://avic411.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=15554 Thnx Guys
  6. Hello, My Unit is F9220BT I have done many tests to see the best playable format via SD. These are my current conclusions. I use the free software "MediaCoder" with the following settings: Container: mp4 Video bit rate: 512 Kbps CBR Format: H264 Resolution: 640x360 Frame rate: 24 fps Coder: x264 (Baseline Profile - Level3.0)
  7. FULL SUCCESS ON AVIC-F9220BT on my Italian Ford Mondeo! Firmware (22 minuti) Bluetooth (4 minuti) Il Cardinfo.CIF va modificato a mano come da istruzioni. Thanks to Pug, Pionara and Travolta
  8. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Advance App Mode for iPhone only works with cable. The CD-IU201S is required for AppRadio Mode functionality and also enables audio and video playback from your iPhone® 4S or iPhone® 4 Source:http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Accessories/iPod-and-iPhone-Cables/CD-IU201S
  9. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Reply to me, the Advance App Mode works!
  10. CNSD-310FM EU 2012 update

    Worked like a charm on F92200BT! Thank you so much! Greetings from Italy! Just a question, this update includes the new features such as Advanced App Mod?
  11. CNSD-210FM European SD Card download (2011)

    Many tanks the update works on F9220BT in my Ford Mondeo (Italy). The Bluetooth downgrade from 3.11 to 3.10 has failed 2 times, and i have proceed to direct update 3.22. Success!!! all's good, that ends good Thank you very much