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  1. Some stock hu's have an antenna amplifier built in. VW comes to mind. A relatively inexpensive aftermarket antenna amp should fix you up.
  2. backup camera operation

    Do you have your (orange, I believe) trigger wire hooked to something that either goes to power or ground when the vehicle is put in reverse? And if you do, check your settings. There are three options for your trigger wire.
  3. Appradio 2 update not working

    If you have ICS or above, I would go with the android setup, otherwise, the iphone is the better choice.
  4. I got this off the Pioneer usa website. Updating the firmware of your AppRadio2 (SPH-DA100) will result in the following changes: • An “App Connection Settings†heading will be added to the “System†setting menu. This setting is necessary in order to use AppRadio Mode with an iPhone with Lightning connector. • The [Apps] icon on the Home screen will be changed. So if you already have an "App Connection Settings" on your HU, you're on 8.30. If not, and you have {Caution} in brackets when you activate the backup camera, you're on 8.17. If you have no brackets around Caution, then you're on 8.14.
  5. From some things I've read, this is more specific to Samsung than any other brand. However, 4.4 Kitkat has resolved some of those issues.
  6. I'm confused whether you have a Droid Razr or an iphone. If you have a Droid Razr, you just need an hdmi to micro hdmi cable and some way of keeping it charged. No mhl adapter is needed.
  7. Help with google maps

    You would almost think there would be a search function where one could have found this info.....Oh wait! There is!!!
  8. It sometimes helps to extract the file to your computer first, then load the file onto a flash drive. Just extracting to a flash drive occasionally messes things up.
  9. Search Google for "Nexus 5 and Miracast". I believe this will give you the best choice. Some users have reported some lagging, but generally the consensus is good.
  10. Backup Camera - Appradio 3

    Any electronics store should have surveillance camera cable in various lengths. It consists of male/female rca plugs and male/female 12v plug and makes for a super easy and clean install of your camera, while allowing you to hook up your power to the HU's red switched wire. I think I bought a 25 foot cable for under $20.
  11. Appradio 2 and amplifier problems

    My hu stays on in my truck until I open my door. Could that be the issue?
  12. They also make anti glare screen protectors for them, which might help a lot.
  13. I just looked at the specs of your HU and it only works with iphone. So if you choose, try the Pioneer AVH-x8500BHS instead. It has the advanced appmode necessary for your Note 3 to work. Another good choice is the Appradio 3.
  14. The cable is for audio and video mirroring from your phone to the hu. The bluetooth is for registering touch events as well as hands free calling.