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  1. AVIC AVIC-Z Series AVIC-Z130BT HC SD Card Capacity

    Cool! Nice to know a 64GB card can be used if formatted to FAT32. Windows may not format anything over 32GB to FAT32 by default (using embedded tools); but the tool linked in post #8 can do it (in Windows). http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/32192-avic-avic-z-series-avic-z130bt-hc-sd-card-capacity/&do=findComment&comment=240162
  2. The AVIC Development Mod

    WOW! This is just MARVELOUS! I love it... You have no idea how inspiring it is for me to just read through this thread (I've only gotten through the first 3 pages and I couldn't wait any longer- I had to post immediately) and see all the things you have discovered, learned, figured out, de-coded, etc... Sincerely- it is a delight to learn that this type of development is going on. For me, any "outcome" (ROMs that are developed & shared) will all be icing on the most fabulous layer cake And @ bass_rock: YOU rock!!!! For real- you are the coolest! You are so articulate, well-spoken, organized, resourceful & creative- not to mention patient, generous & brilliant! THANK YOU!
  3. "PAUSE" or "POWER OFF" button question

    ALSO... this seems to be my best (if not only available) option at this point for a remote control: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-CAR-STEREO-REMOTE-CONTROL-for-PIONEER-AVIC-Z1-AVIC-Z2-AVIC-Z3/361102289733?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D38530%26meid%3Dd42c616947184ed789471292cc45b3f2%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D361506981475 Any thoughts? Concerns? Experience with this remote? Personally I'm slightly skeptical because there seem to be a dozen listings for the item pictured- but each one has a unique list of "compatible" devices... I just hope it truly IS that universally compatible It's also a little more than I would expect to pay for such an item (guess I'll keep shopping around). Thank you ALL so much for reading & especially to anyone who posts anything!
  4. "PAUSE" or "POWER OFF" button question

    As I've continued to mull over this topic & research it further- and seek new potential solutions for myself... I have been reminded of another (dys)functional aspect of its programming... (and I think this will help to explain why the "MUTE" button may not be of much help to me) That is: the steering wheel control button which cycles through the media "sources" (within the context of my vehicle/configuration of course) NEVER cycles "back" to 'OFF'/NO-source. (I use the referential term 'back' in reference to the initial state (of the current power cycle) even though it is not always the initial state. For instance, if I turn off the car while a source is 'active' and 'playing', the same source will resume once the unit boots up.) This "auto-resume" behavior, IMHO, should absolutely have a setting to control how it functions. Like: Automatically resume playback/restore media source when starting car? Y/N Even better if this was only applicable after being 'off' for at least several [~5-8] seconds, and not a quick power cycle resulting from starting the engine after having the key in the ACC ON for some time. There has NEVER been a time when I want the music/sound to immediately & automatically resume when I'm getting back in the car... Not once, ever! First of all, it will probably startle me, which will aggravate me. But basically because I won't be ready for music/sound until I've gotten "settled" AND gotten back "on the road" (un-parked the car, gotten back into traffic, etc.). I do not want the music blaring while I'm trying to concentrate on those more delicate tasks. PLUS- it's really EASY to turn it back on in my car... All I have to do is press the "source" button on my steering wheel, whenever I'm ready- and I don't even have to move my hand- it's already in place! This has forced me for form a habit (before I turn off the car) of going through the tedious & somewhat complicated task of: switching to the media control screen (I always have the navigation screen active) and selecting "OFF" as the source. But somehow that usually seems to require me to 'scroll' the sources up or down because "OFF" is out-of-view... however, at least 1 out 4 attempts to scroll the media sources inadvertently results in the undesired activation of another source! (basically because the touch sensor isn't that great). in short: It's a pain in the ASS!!! What I'm saying is: this would NOT be an issue for me if I were able to cycle to "OFF" with that "source" selector button on my steering wheel! I don't understand why it's setup like this, but it does not seem possible for me to change that behavior programmatically. I was also looking into buying some kind of remote with a "PAUSE" button, or a way to select "OFF" as a source- which I could attach to the steering wheel or dash. But finding one that will work with the Z series has not been easy- they've all been discontinued *(or they don't have the button(s) I need!!!)... Am I the only one who doesn't want the music/sound to resume the next time they get in the car?! But, since my complaints & rants seem to be about things beyond my realm of influence/control... I suppose my only real query at this point is: Does anyone know if it is possible to re-program the function of the physical/hardware buttons of the Z series in "Test Mode"? (my knowledge & experience with 'test mode' is extremely limited, but it was enough for me to see that its scope & power are extensive & deep! And that is not the sort of thing I should go "exploring"- I'll probably end up changing something I shouldn't...) Like: change the "mute" function described above by RonS so that it selects "OFF" instead?!
  5. "PAUSE" or "POWER OFF" button question

    THANK YOU! I had a feeling you might be the one to respond I have found your posts/responses to consistently be the most helpful/informative!!! (I see your point- that's why I said 'semi' emergency...) Unfortunately, "MUTE" is not the solution I was looking for, but I'm curious to see whether that has the same effect as the steering wheel mute button (which only turns the volume WAY down), or if it actually truly MUTES the sound... I'm also interested in its behavior through power cycling. If "MUTE" status is retained through power cycling, it could be a viable mitigation
  6. I want to be able to PAUSE or TURN OFF playback of media (CD, DVD, SD-Card- or just turn OFF the radio!) immediately with the press of a (1) button (an actual, physical hardware button, either below the screen or a steering wheel control button)... There does not seem to be any built-in way to do this that I am aware of (with a single (or simultaneous) button press). This is the single most frustrating "lack of feature/control" of the AVIC Z-series- for ME. EVERY head unit I've ever had (whether stock, or aftermarket) has had a physical/hardware POWER button (or knob- turn volume to 0, then 'click' OFF), and nearly all have had a physical PAUSE button applicable to playing media (CD, tape, etc.) I can't fathom how Pioneer's design team decided it was OK for their "flagship" device to be missing BOTH of those buttons!?! Ideally I would like the button on my steering wheel that is set-up to MUTE the audio/sound (although it actually just attenuates the sound instead of fully muting it- regardless of settings! Also VERY frustrating!), to PAUSE playback instead of MUTING (when the source is "pausable"). Does anyone have any thoughts, insight, ideas, hacks, work-arounds, alternate solutions, comments, etc? I am aware that it is possible to pause playback by pressing an on-screen "button" when the display is in the proper mode... However, I almost always keep the display on the Navigation screen... and when I need to PAUSE the playback it tends to be a 'semi' emergency; and it needs to be as immediate/instantaneous as possible. Pressing the button to switch to the media control screen, waiting the 1-3 seconds for that to come up, then find & accurately press the pause button is not acceptable. The main reason that the MUTE function is inadequate is because I need to resume playback from whenever I muted it- and finding that point is quite tedious and frustrating. I just want to be able to press a button and make the sound STOP/PAUSE (and later resume from that point if the source was local media)! Is that really too much to ask from a device with such a price tag?! Apparently: YES, that's too much! I'm wondering if there may be some way to reprogram the control buttons on the steering wheel (SWI-RC)? Or perhaps use "test mode" to reprogram one of the physical buttons- or to 'add' an additional, alternate "control" accessible by "long press" or even pressing two buttons at once...? I really am just guessing/hoping! This system was in the car when I bought it so I've been trying to figure out & learn about it as needed... ANY and ALL responses (whether comments, assistance, guidance, telling me I'm an idiot, whatever...) will be greatly appreciated!!! THANK you so much!
  7. 2016 Maps *WORKING* for X850 / X950 / Z150

    OK, got ya- understood... Thank you so much for the perfect explanation!! (Actually the map is the part I'm most interested in because there are a lot of fairly new roads & neighborhoods in my zone of travel. I guess I'll just be waiting a while longer, or if it bothers me enough and I do well at work over the holidays, I'll just buy it myself...)
  8. 2016 Maps *WORKING* for X850 / X950 / Z150

    Does anyone have any idea- or know for sure- whether this can be modified to work with older Z-series models by swapping the appropriate file(s)? [RonS or pionara?] Thank you SO much!
  9. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude & heartfelt thanks to those who made this possible!!! Particularly to kellinaradway for so generously sharing a copy of the update (although those files are no longer available nor used). Massive thanks to RonS for tirelessly & graciously not only seeking out and posting links to solutions for virtually EVERY issue raised in this thread (AMAZING!!!) but also for continuing to repost answers/solutions (and/or links to them) for those who could not be bothered to read through the entire forum (which is certainly time consuming). RonS is also the one who posted the still working links to the files which make this possible! Also big thanks to MPTonyT for posting patched files...
  10. Update- effect on XM radio subscription

    OK, awesome... Thank you SO much for all the useful & valuable info! I don't think the guy I got it from understands all that or he would have switched the subscription to one of his other units. So I guess as long as the XM tuner is good I'll be fine. Thanks again for all your help!
  11. I have a lifetime subscription to XM- which they don't even sell anymore. I didn't purchase it, but the previous owner of the car- who put in the Z110BT- told me about it. Our conversation was rather short; I don't really understand how that works. Anyway, I definitely need to update the maps- I just wanna make sure I won't lose the XM subscription in the process. Or if there is anything specific I need to do to avoid/prevent that from happening? Thank you so much guys!
  12. NavTeq 2013

    Guess they're a little behind schedule this year...