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Found 77 results

  1. My AVH-X4800BS will not auto connect to my Samsung Galaxy S8. It will every once in a while.. but 98% I have to go into bluetooth setting in the phone and reconnect to the pair device. I have done all firmware updates on both devices.. Anyone else have this issue? On a side note this was also the same way on my Samsiung Note 4 device as well.
  2. NEX4200 Bluetooth NOISY (solution)

    Howdy folks, my NEX4200’s Bluetooth has grown increasingly noisy over the last few weeks after nearly 2 years of using Bluethooth for the majority of listening. Even when all pairings have been deleted when Bluethooth is selected as a source the white noise pushed to the amplifiers is deafening. This occurs, even when in the middle of the country (away from most signal sources), with no other electronics in the car, and with the car turned off (battery only) – with all accessories disabled. This even occurs when turning off the amps and hooking up speakers directly to the head unit. It occurs with different devices when paired and when nothing is paired– and is immediate when the key turns on power. Once the pairing syncs and music begins the horridly loud noise continues. Selecting any source other than Bluethooth and the headunit functions as expected. Does anyone know of an aftermarket Bluethooth module that is compatible with this unit or of a way to fix this most irksome issue? Best
  3. (Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it via searching...). Really hoping someone can help. I have an Avic F80DAB I can successfully connect Android 8 and 9 and Iphone iOS 10-12 devices to it using bluetooth to stream audio to it, but: When I am connected via USB and running Android Auto or Apple Car play, there is no sound from Google Assistant or Siri. E.g. / no sat nav instructions, no beep when I click the microphone symbol etc. The microphone does work (e.g. if I ask Google to navigate somewhere it processes the instruction) and phone calls aren't audible. If I make or receive a call in Android Auto, the other person can hear me, but I can't hear them unless I tap on the screen and change the audio from bluetooth to speaker phone (in which case I hear them through the phone, not the car's speakers. I'm on firmware 1.08 (the latest I think), and have reinstalled it but still I have the problem. I can see there's a menu option to 'update bluetooth software' but can't find anywhere to download any such software (only firmware here: https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/products/avic-f80dab/support) Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to overcome it?
  4. I am re-purposing my Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS head unit into a 2011 Subaru WRX that has steering wheel buttons for stereo control and also Bluetooth buttons for phone on/off hook and voice command. The head unit is Bluetooth capable from the screen for both telephone calls and hands free voice commands. I have installed an AXXESS AWCS-1, and the radio functions from the wheel work fine, but the Bluetooth are ignored. The buttons work though, because I can re-purpose them for other radio functions and they work. I just received an email from AXXESS that the AWCS-1 is not capable of controlling the phone commands on this car, so I guess that would be the problem! I asked this same question of Maestro support for the Maestro SW unit, and they tell me it is supported (except for controlling volume on the phone) for the car and the AVH-X8500BHS head unit is capable. So, my question is, is the Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS head unit actually capable of using the telephone and hands free buttons from the steering wheel? Before I buy this one I wanted to check to see if anyone else was able to make it work.
  5. Hey looking for some help with an issue I have with my avic-x920bt. Last night I updated it to the 2017 software version 7.0 and that part went good I did this using short fuse. Download went good it’s saying it’s verion 7.0 and the map is updated. After the update I tried doing the Bluetooth update I hit ok for the download 3.32 to begin and it starts after 5min or so it says download failed you guys have any solutions to this or can someone send me just the files for the Bluetooth update 3.32?
  6. Bluetooth on 8000 NEX

    My 8000 NEX has a glitch in the phone bluetooth, is there a way to delete the bluetooth software and reinstall it, or do I need to send it in to Pioneer ?
  7. Hi, I have BIG problem with bluetooth in Pioneer AVIC F8430BT. The bluetooth is simply not working. Search do not recognize any device. Bluetooth option is avaliable only after few minutes after unit starts. In Test Mode I have BT open Error or failure. Flashing from bluetooth menu was not possible, while after maps update the new firmware version was uploaded but nothing has change. Is this hardware failure, or are there any other software tools that can help??
  8. CNDV-110MT and BT Issues

    Hi everyone, I recently bought myself a Captiva, with a AVIC D3 module installed, too bad : the nav dvd isnt included offcourse.. Can someone please help me get a working copy of that nav dvd to burn? I think the latest version is CNDV-110MT I'm living in Belgium so I guess WEST EUROPE or CENTRAL EUROPE should be fine? ALSO: I can connect my devices using Bluetooth , but there is no sound.. anyone else had this issue before? I tested multiple different devices (blackberry, recent android phone, iphone, etc ) and they all are able to connect but not to play the sound :s Thanks in advance
  9. Hello all, I just got a AVIC-8200NEX head unit for my 2005 Dodge Magnum RT. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone that I have paired to the head unit. The phone does not automatically connect to the head unit for some reason. I have to manually connect to it by going to the Settings-->Bluetooth-->Connection and then selecting my phone and it connects. There is an option to auto connect and it is set to on. I did not have this issue before with the Uconnect system (which also no longer works in my car) as it would automatically connect to the phone when I turned the car on. Any advice?
  10. Hi forum users, I have the x940bt and I've been using the Bluetooth and my iphone since I go the unit back in 2013. So the Bluetooth registered list is lengthy and I don't have the phones anymore. Is there a way to de-register the not needed connections? My new iphone has been registered but when I saw the list, i have 5 or six other devices listed that I don't even have anymore? I just want to know if there is a way to remove the unwanted devices from the list. I don't see any delete or remove buttons. Thanks,
  11. AVIC F910BT Music Streaming

    Hello, i recently got an AVIC-F910BT and wanted to ask if there is a Mod for Music Streaming over Bluetooth. Didn´t found anything related to this topic...
  12. Just got 8200NEX installed yesterday and updated to latest 1.04 firmware version but the bluetooth is acting up with my iphone 7+. If i go into bluetooth settings and get into connections, I see my phone and clicking that I get into phone screen with contacts and everything intact but when accessing the same screen through the phone icon on the main menu (low right hand side), it takes me blank page with bluetooth icon greyed out both in the main screen (next to phone icon) and in the phone screen. Tried pairing and rebooting, no luck, any advice would be helpful.
  13. It seems as though to hear alerts from my iPhone I have to be set to bluetooth for the AV input. If I have the radio or some other source selected then I dont get any alerts. is there a trick to this?
  14. Just installed my camera and running into a problem. When the car is off (but the key is in position 2) or if the car is running and my Note 3 is not connected, the camera works as expected, i.e. when in reverse or when I tap the button on the main screen. When the phone is connected the to radio, the camera will display a distorted, completely unusable image. So it seems there's a problem with the phone working while the camera is on. I would have thought it might be a grounding issue but the problem happens when the phone is connected via Bluetooth, as opposed to the HDMI connection. Has anyone run into this situation?
  15. Has anyone with an AVH-4000NEX successfully upgraded the Bluetooth version from HW01-SW03.21.30 to HW01-SW03.41.11? There were a couple of posts in this thread that indicate some AVH-4000NEX owners were unable to update the Bluetooth firmware despite following the instructions. My firmware updated from 1.08 to 1.11 without any problems but despite several attempts I've been unable to update the Bluetooth. I used a FAT32 formatted USB drive, reformatted and redownloaded for my second attempt, and my parking brake is bypassed. I think I missed the last firmware update and went straight from 1.08 to 1.11, so I'm curious if I missed a Bluetooth update or if there's something else going on.
  16. I just had a 4000NEX deck installed thinking it was the 4100NEX with Android Auto. I realized my screwup and for now will have to live with it. When I first was playing with the deck and had my Android phone paired, there was a bluetooth menu and I could use other music players (Like PlayerFM) and it would show information on the NEX and allow me to control it through there. Now, no matter how hard I try and what settings I change, I can only get the Pandora integration to work. This is OK, because after I open Pandora I can open PlayerFM and it takes over, but Pandora is still on the screen on the NEX and I have to use my phone to control Player FM. Was I smoking something that made me think the Bluetooth menu was opened up, or what am I doing wrong that won't allow it to open up now?
  17. Hi guys, I have an app radio 2 and an android device with google play music subscription and obviously am aware of the limitations with it. I know there was a previous thread on this before but it didn't have an answer. Is there a way to stream Bluetooth a2dp on this unit somehow? Even if it means using the 30 pin dock connector somehow? My issue is that I can use an fm transmitter but my car doesn't have a cigarette lighter so I am stuck with just USB devices and honestly I'd prefer an easier solution. Can anyone help?
  18. Hi guys. I recently installed my AVH-4100 on my GTI mk6 with the iDatalink MaestroRR module. I did the job myself with the instructions froms Crutchfield and everything went OK. Music audio works fine, Carplay works fine on music and phone with Siri, and AppRadio also works well when I tried it. The problem comes when I try to make calls with the iPhone via Bluetooth (no wires connected, either Carplay or AppRadio). The iPhone seems to pair fine with the AVH4100, since I can see all my contacts and recent calls, but when I dial a number and the call is in progress, no audio comes in or out. I tried to look for this issue everywhere, but cannot find a solution. Anyone dealt with this issue? Any suggestion?
  19. Hello all, My X920BT was/is working fine. The only problem I have at this moment is having gotten a replacement iPhone (old one tanked out) and not being able to connect the new one. Current Bluetooth settings are: Connection (active): Showing old iPhone Bluetooth on/off (active): Showing off All others are grayed out on the first screen including registration. When I click Bluetooth on/off it shows the spinning arrows, but then says connection unsuccessful. When I click on connection, it shows my old iPhone, but I can't do anything on that screen. When I try to connect via my iPhone it says it's not able to connect. I tried resetting it, but it only put the settings back, didn't change bluetooth at all. I tried unplugging my car battery for about 10 minutes, but when I plugged it back in, the thing was still all set up (must have a battery of its own in there). Oh and the firmware button is grayed out as well. Are there any other tricks I can try?
  20. I just purchased a car with an AVIC-F700BT. The radio and nav work, but that's about it. I cannot get it to pair to my iPhone 6 either by searching for devices or pairing from the phone (no device shows). The bluetooth light on the face blinks when the unit boots, but that's it. It looks like the unit has firmware 2.06 installed. I followed the instructions on the Pioneer website to update it to 2.08, but once the SD card is installed and the unit powers on, it just boots normally? It then tries to read the SD card for audio files. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here? I'd like to see if I can get it functional enough to stream BT audio (if it has that capability). If not I'll rip it out and install something newer. Not afraid to root it and install new firmware, but not sure why it isn't recognizing the SD card on power up? I also can't seem to get it to recognize the aux input jack on the front face. Any assistance appreciated--thanks.
  21. Hello. I have a question about the use off Bluetooth on my F710. As more people use the car I have made connections with in total 3 phones (1 iphone, 1 android and 1 windows mobile) They make all 3 the right connection with the F710. Problem is that changing from one phone to another can only be done with use of the phone settings-menu. Is this an settings issue on the F710 or phones. Or is this the way it works? If yes: is it possible to make some kind off shortcut to the connection settings in the phone-menu? The "problem" occurs with all the Mods I tried this far. Any option to make this better is much appreciated. Regards, Har
  22. I have a Avic N4 with the BTB200. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. I can connect to the bluetooth but it will not retain the information when I turn off the vehicle. I need to reconnect every time. My previous phone (HTC Evo) did not suffer this issue. My guess is that the cell phone manufactures are moving away from older bluetooth technology and that is why my AVIC N4 does not keep a connection. Anyone else having this problem with their phone?
  23. I upgraded my X930-BT to version 4 using the "super easy" method outlined here http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35230-2012-uscan-maps-cnsd-310fmuc-upgrade-updated-to-supereasymethod-beta/page-21&do=findComment&comment=259388 The upgrade went smoothly, although the system information screen does not look exactly like the one posted in the article, my unit only displays the version number. I have now noticed that after pairing my Iphone 6 device, the Received Calls icon on the phone screen is greyed out. Has anyone else seen this? As well, the unit and my phone don't seem to be syncing contact info - the dialed calls display only the phone number and not the contact names. Any advice would be appreciated.
  24. I've had my car for almost two years now and this is the first time I've had problems with the D3. Problem: I turned my car on today and the bluetooth options suddenly aren't available anymore. The only button I can push is "radio".. everything else is suddenly grey. What I tried: I've restarted my car, reset the D3 by pushing the reset button on the front of my screen, this didn't fix anything. I even tried resetting it twice. This was installed by the last car owner. I don't know if it was professionally installed or if they did it. All wires are hidden (bluetooth mic is to the left of my head by the sun visor, but only the mic is visible, no hanging wires, and there's a (I'm guessing) signal/transmitter (small black square) on my dash on the passenger side with the wires hidden inside the dash) so I'm assuming professionally installed. I don't know where to look to see if wires came loose? From looking online it looks like the bluetooth is a separately installed piece? Any help/suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! I can upload pictures if anyone needs to see what the screen in showing. Just let me know!
  25. Hello everyone, having an annoying issue with the Bluetooth, hopefully I describe it with enough detail. The Bluetooth firmware is 3.32. Unit is 5.000. When registering a new phone via Bluetooth, it registers and connects just fine. My problem comes in when I turn on the car and the unit tries to connect to my phone. I think the unit "thinks" it is already connected to something, as when i try to connect my phone, i get the "Disconnect current device" message, even though there is nothing connected. Image uploading is failing for some reason. http://i.imgur.com/wvkLlxn.jpg - Disconnect device message. When it finally does connect, I am able to get audio through the speakers from my phone, however it is in a perpetual connecting to phone mode. http://i.imgur.com/CAH7AX3.jpg Tapping on the connect button gives me the error "Please start the connection with the audio device" http://i.imgur.com/PrBlvqn.jpg And it then claims the phone has been disconnected. http://i.imgur.com/z1tWbZM.jpg However it still is connected for phone audio. http://i.imgur.com/Os2fLEI.png Only as a phone, no media. This is really bugging me, I've tried all methods of resetting the unit to factory to no avail. Also I should mention this recently started happening, it worked like a charm with the same firmware about a week ago. I have also tried different phones to eliminate my phone being the problem, same exact thing happens. Ill do anything to fix this, so if more info is needed, I'm happy to post. Thanks!