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2. Why is the dangerously-unsafe hands-free Bluetooth problem with the AVIC-D3 going unaddressed, with Pioneer falsely claiming they complied with all Bluetooth HVP and hands-free profiles? Specifically, we can't use voice dialing because the AVIC doesn't make the phones' voice-dialing prompts (e.g., "Did you say CALL DAVE"?) audible to us. Therefore, we have to fumble with our phones while driving if we want to use them.


In addition to this great question, will the F700 ever be able to control preset radio stations from the steering wheel instead of doing annoying scans? This is very dangerous as well if I wanted to go from 88.5 to 93.9, I should be able to press one button on my wheel as opposed to scanning station by station from my wheel to get it.

(source: http://www.avic411.com/forum/viewtopic. ... t+steering)

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