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Kenwood DNX8120 installed *pics*

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I dont wanna be a troll or anything ,but I know alot of people are caught up in the same spot I was


8120/90bt/JVC/maybe Eclipse


I bought the 8120 for a great deal.


Well I have had this unit for a few days but I allready love it.

You might say love is to stong of a word....your wrong.


When you buy a Double din you usually get subpar EQ, no time alignmet, really no good sound control.


This unit has a 13band EQ control for the front and 13 bands for the rear.

Thats where it starts. You have time alignment, You can choose what size speakers you have . 6/12/24 db crossovers for EACH speaker. You can also choose the level of output from each speaker.


I have had the Pioneer D3, Eclipse 5510 and the Panasonic Strada. This is way beyond those.


The nav is Garmin so its very well laid out. I figured out most of the functions in about 20 min. You can change the voice of the nav. It has text to speech and will say all the names of the streets. The Pioneer,Eclipse, and Panasonic said some names but not all. I live in a very rural town and even those streets are said. The POIs are great.


The price is a bit high but if you want a sweet double din with great nav, its worth it.


If anyone wants a specific shot, feel free to ask


Start up



Nav menu



POI menu



more navi


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Thanks for the shots! I have just installed the DNX8120 in my car over the weekend and have been loving this unit as well.


The graphics may not be as flashy as some of the other units out there but the amount of features far out weighs the competition.


I have a question for you, what is that icon of a car on your navi shot? Is that something you added or is that part of the navi/poi??



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hi, nice install 8)


have you got a pic of the ipod interface, does it display artwork?


i'm in the uk and still undecided on which unit f900bt, clarion or kenwood. Would love to get a combination of all :roll:


thanks for sharing

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didnt look into the color change for the buttons ,but i will look into it


the blue looks nice in the carbut I know looks will vary from car to car


thanks, the car i'm getting has all red illumination and would like it to match up

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