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Wireless remote for the AVIC F?

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the wired remote plug in the back of the unit is for the steering wheel control adapter to plug into, not an IR extender


I would contend that if someone were enterprising enough, they could build a device that converts IR commands into the relevant voltages that the input expects for the different steering wheel button presses. IR Fast Forward command == Voltage 1 that the steering wheel adapter puts out, IR Rew command == Voltage 2 that the steering wheel adapter puts out, etc. Since that remote input is used by Pioneer and Sony, I wouldn't be surprised if someone (PAC or otherwise) may have already built such a device.


Just saying, nothing is that absolute these days. :D

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offroaderf150, I actually bought and installed that "waterproof" wireless remote and have it working. It is composed if a unit that plugs into the wired port on the F90BT and a wireless remote that you can put anywhere, though it is a bit large for the steering wheel.


It is still being listed on eBay regularly http://cgi.ebay.com/PIONEER-wireless-WA ... %26ps%3D63 though it's not cheap but it works like a charm. Volume, track, source, seek and mute all work.

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