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I don't go too crazy. I augmented the OEM RKE in my 09 accord with a hornet 727, a 504D shock sensor(to cover the rear of the car), a 506T glass sensor, and a KP technologies window rollup module(the does windows in both directions stock, don't will only roll down from the remote, this module lets you roll up form the remote too). It was $130 total for the alarm, 2 sensors, and window module. It took me about 3 hours to install it, and worth every penny. I won't say where the brain is, but 2 of those hours of install time was just disassembling the car to hide the brain. I set passive arm and lock, but two "lock" presses from my OEM remote rolls the windows up, and 2 presses of unlock rolls them down :)


Most of the alarms I've seen that BB, CC or even some of the local shops install are simply CRAP. It's not the brand of the alarm that matters, but how it's installed. I'm willing to bet most people with an aftermarket alarm I can reach my hand under the drivers dash, find the brain in within 10 seconds, and trace where the starter cut relay is in another 10. Also setting your alarm too sensitive will desensitize your neighbors. If it's falsing at every car that drives by your neighbors, and even you, will learn to ignore it. If you set it correctly it gets a lot more attention when it does go off. I set warn pretty liberally, but primary is always thoroughly tested and I make damn sure it won't false just because it's raining or some riceboy with a fart cannon exhaust drives by.


I use a false panel from an 02 accord radio to cover my F90, and NEVER leave anything in plain sight that is even the least bit interesting. I also have lojack, but that was more to help with insurance costs that it's functionality.


Sorry, I take security pretty seriously :P

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Alright...here is my 2 cents on this subject. I own car stereo shops in Las Vegas, so take it for what it is. I personally don’t think that any car should be without an alarm system. I don’t care if it’s as simple as install a flashing led in your dash that turns on thru a relay when you turn your ignition off. That will detour the "casual thief" and upon my estimation in about 60% of the vehicle thefts in my area. Now, everything you do from here is a benefit. If you have a 2 way paging alarm that notifies you at the remote (i.e. while you are sleeping) That allows you to "react" to the "theft in process" I am not going to tell you that you should arm yourself with a shotgun and kill your neighbor kids, but if you live in Texas, have at it! :) ANYTHING you do to make your vehicle not "simple" to break in to will help. Start with window tint; you can’t covet what you can’t see! Another great idea is installing "jimmy jammers" or an equivalent metal plate so that they cannot simply "pop" the lock cylinder out and slide the vehicle to unlock (this is a huge problem! The factory "alarm" systems are "disabled" by the key in the driver door unlocking it, or any process that imitates it correctly) If you are in an area that is considered "high theft" don’t leave your car where it will be noticed by someone casually looking for a target! You have to think like a thief to prevent a thief! If you have an "avic411" sticker on your car (or anything that is screaming I have a lot of expensive stuff in here that you want) then you have to understand that your window might get broken because you are essentially "bragging" to a thief! When you take the step of investing in your car (weather it be stereo or accessories, even wheels!) You should add a "rider" or supplement to your insurance policy. All of my show vehicles have an extra 10k in insurance, just in case! The best "add on" for an alarm system is a GPS system. I don’t mean shove a garbage box $100 eBay part under your dash that they will throw in the bushes while they are bypassing your alarm, I mean a high end system that is "hidden" carefully (and battery backed up internally) good spots are back of seats, headliner... At that point, you may lose your car, but help the local authorities in a huge theft ring bust!


One Last quick rant...If you are wondering how they are stealing your vehicle with a transponder key, get a hold of GM before they go bankrupt on Monday and thank them for making the vehicle still start without a transponder key if you force the key cylinder forward! (06 and prior!)

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Never had anything stolen from me, even car audio wise, oddly enough.


No security measures implemented at the moment.


I actually don't have the f700 secured at all so that my dash isn't ruined if someone DOES decide to take it.


I've seen people's dashes that had the head units secured with the bolt in the back, and it just causes the thieves to tear MORE of the car apart to get to it than is needed.


Having just discovered this section, I am wondering if I even want to keep the nice amount of car audio I have invested...

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i have a viper system in my car. nuff said. lol


man i got the viper 5900, i upgrade my alarm when my avic-d3 and my kicker subs and custom sub box got stolen...


so insurance covered it and i bought a f90bt, and last night my viper failed me!! it did not go off and my f90bt is gone!!! and my remote didnt warn me ...lucky i lock the trunk from the inside though... but i test the alarm and it was working fine, got a backup battery too...stupid viper works when it wants too i guess...smh

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