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Security/Theft Resistant Screws?

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Maybe install the headunit and then strip the screws so assholes can't go in there with their normal thug tools? Then if you need to take the headunit out, just dremel in some grooves in the screw-head and take her out with a flathead driver.


LOL. It happens that the idea came to me while I was removing my steering wheel cover. I ended up stripping a torx screw so badly I actually had to do exactly as you describe -- dremel a slot and remove a flat-head driver. I am also researching replacing my alarm siren with one of those ear-shattering personal security devices. Should be enough to deter a thief. I'm actually kind of afraid I might piss the thug off so much he just puts a hole in my AVIC. Better than him getting it though, I guess.

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Screws will not deter a thief from taking your stereo if they really want it. The screws might slow them down but if they really want it they will destroy your dash to get the stereo out. You can always make a cover for your stereo from your stock stereo so thiefs think its still stock.

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Thats funny greyhd. I was thinking the same thing. I have my unit stolen, i replaced it, and I was thinking of taking the plastic off my stock unit, since i dont really need it and can't sell it for much, and applying it to a piece of plexiglass that is same size of the new unit. It would look stock and a little velcrow would secure it. Its like a re-moveable headplate, but only opposite...


Or tint your dark as hell...

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