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working custom apps/nav launcher for u310bt, f310bt, & f320bt


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starting a new thread to try to condense what is needed to get your own 3rd party apps or nav (igo, etc) running in apps-mode



This is a customization to allow you to run your own applications, including custom nav like igo 8.3, while using gps AND retaining some of the AV/Ipod controls/overlays, and basic BT phone features by running your own apps in app-mode.

You will still need to use regular stock mode to edit advanced settings, pair bt phones, sync addr book, etc, since these rely on stock navi.exe app.


applicable systems:


f310bt ?

f320bt (note: you don't need CNSD-130FM. Do NOT attempt to flash f320bt with this winceimg.bin/.cks. If you already have "apps" (AVIC-APPS) folder, skip to step 3. Also, you may need the custom appslib.dll for that one)



things you will need first:

- testmode. look here: #14

- [QI_037_CNSD_130FM] - 2.00101 update (os & app only - no maps included:( ). look here: #1

- (updated) [custom APPS] - attached to this end of this post...

- (updated) patched AppsLib.dll: - (for f320bt, you will need different patched appslib.dll - look here: #107)

- SD card provisioned with AVIC-APPS folder created by using Avic Feeds (or Navgate Feeds for EU) on PC

- some third party apps/nav that you want to run, like igo 8.3, miopocket, tcpmp, etc. find these on your own... (note: primo 1.2 not working on these units [... yet ...])

- ability to follow directions



you take full responsibility for any mods you do to your own gear. your warranty is now voided...lolz.

please read complete post (and hopefully complete thread) to fully understand whats going on and whats needed before beginning..


side note:

sometimes there are two PRG folders, PRG0 and PRG1 on My Flash Disk.

My understanding is that normally the app in PRG0 should be launched, except when a file called My Flash Disk/PRG.FLG exists, in which case the app will load from PRG1.. (or perhaps it's the other way around??) This may be useful information if you are trying to upgrade an existing setup.


if you are already on 2.x software (or are on f320bt) and/or have avic-apps, skip to step 3.


outline of steps:

1. update OS (u310bt/f310bt only)

2. update stock app (u310bt/f310bt only)

3. setup custom apps for app-mode


Make backup:

Put testmode folder on the root of a 2gb or bigger SD. When you reset the device with sd card inserted, it will boot into windows explorer.

Use the testmode to gain basic access to the device. Use windows explorer to make a backup of "My Flash Disk" (app) & "My Flash Disk2" (maps/poi) to your sd card.



Update OS:

(only for u310bt/f310bt)

(if you mess this up, you could brick your device... we dont know how to recover from this if you do)

from QI_037_CNSD_130FM folder:

copy whole update folder to root of sd card

copy or move winceimg.bin & winceimg.cks from update/user/prg/plt to the root of sdcard


insert sd card in device

boot to testmode

launch update/user/prg/apl/aplupdate.exe. select second option. unit will reboot and flash os image

please dont try to update/flash OS more than once.


Update App:

(only for u310bt/f310bt)

boot in to testmode again

remove all contents in "My Flash Disk"

make directories in "My Flash Disk": PRG0 and SYSTEM/RENEWAL/

copy from sd card update/user/prg/apl/:

folders APL and FONTS to My Flash Disk/PRG0

files EL090APL.HTM and EL090APL.VER to My Flash Disk/PRG0

from sd card, copy update/user/VOLUME.DAT to My Flash Disk/

from sd card, copy update/VERINFO.DAT to My Flash Disk/SYSTEM/RENEWAL/


reset device.

you should now be booting into 2.0101 (although maps will still be old).

you can check version: when in version screen, press and hold top-left part of screen... extended version information will come up.

set everything up the way you like it. pair bt phone, address book, etc.

verify everything is working.

note: stock avic-apps (clock, video, etc) are not working for some reason on 310bt's with this CNSD-130FM. Hopefully somebody can find a copy of CNSD-239FM (wink wink).. i dont know why they dont work, but it doesnt really matter, as you can replace these exe's with your own apps like TCPMP for video player, etc, after doing the next hack)


setup custom apps/nav launcher:

on sd card, replace \AVIC-APPS\Applist.dat with one from custom APPS

(this adds new apps to the apps list, see below for more details)

copy the new app folders from custom APPS over to sd card\avic-apps folder.


boot to testmode.

replace My Flash Disk\PRG0\APL\Appslib.dll with patched one from here

(this will bypass signature validation of apps [i.e., enc & pwd files]).



now you should be able to run the apps on main menu (see below customization notes first)


customization notes:


current the custom apps are:

1. igolauncher
- temp "fixes" gps port, and launches igo8 (or other custom app)

see readme.txt - edit igolauncher.mscr to point to your igo install, and dont forget to mod sys.txt for reg changes

2. activesync enabler
- enables activesync via registry and soft-reboots in order for this to take effect. will stay in effect until hard reset/power cycle.

3. tools
- launches Total Commander CE, and gives you basic access to unit

4. generic launcher -
was originally for launching igo, but had some issues with a/v overlays..
. igolauncher attempts to handle this but this launcher.mscr can be modded to do whatever you want to...
you should probably use igolauncher for running igo (or other custom nav...)









Storage Card\AVIC-APPS\Launcher\Launcher.mscr will probably need to be modified to fit your setup. right now it's setup for remapping the com port from 2 to 4 (so stock navi doesnt grab it), and launching igo8 (if you have it in the right place). after exiting igo, the mscr will reset com port mappings and exit/reboot back into stock nav.


note on troubleshooting: please check that your app is working properly from testmode before trying to run it with launcher/mortscript. if it does not run in plain old testmode (with no stock navi junk running), then it will for sure not run under app-mode


known issues:


1. other existing avic-apps (clock, video player, etc) dont really function for some reason (just reboots back into nav mode.) - they dont even work from test mode... no worries. just replace the existing .exe apps in those folders with your own... like tcpmp for video player, etc.


2. there is some wierdness where the av (radio/cd/ipod) overlays interact strangely when it comes to button pushes on the popup overlay. sometimes it seems that it's working ok, then others it seems as if the screen presses are registering underneath on the app (igo) instead.

I believe this is also related that sometimes when i press SRC or other buttons, it registers, but does not display on the screen, or will be delayed displaying until i touch the screen. I'm guessing that there is some kind of contention between the host app (hmimanager) and the guest app (igo) for winow layering, etc.


By running igo (or other nav) from IGOLauncher instead of generic "launcher", this makes igo a direct child process. The overlay issue seems better - keypresses are registered and overlays popup ok when in igo menu, but there are still some delays in displaying a/v menus while maps are drawing/displaying. This may just be something we have to live with for now...


3. when custom app is running, and the unit goes to sleep (i.e., you turn off the vehicle), upon resuming (waking up from car start, etc) the unit will reboot back to regular stock nav mode. Not sure why this does this yet... Still looking to find what is causing this behavior... I suspect it's some internal watchdog or "safety feature" of app mode... (Stock apps dont have this issue...)


4. safety mode (where you cant access all features). multiple users are noticing that safety mode is no longer overridden solely by parking brake pin grounding. It seems that 2.x stock nav is also using GPS speed to turn on safety mode. Seems that you also need to ground the KMODE pin, which is pin #13 labeled "NC" in service manual. Read the thread for more info, and see this diagram (this is looking at back of u310bt):



5. users have been reporting that stock nav with 2.x seems to be slower to update gps position. unknown what is causing this. caveat emptor.


---- pionara


current custom APPS:

zip.gif APPS-beta1.zip (2.46MB)Number of downloads: 25

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i also do get a delay when using igo and i press mode theres a delay. even when using the igo app pressing menu will sometimes delay. Other than that igo works great, very good maps compared to stock maps from pioneer

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i just updated the appslib.dll and removed a potentially unnecessary patch. I dont know if this contributes to any issue (i doubt it).


yeah you can also check out my other post about running stock nav and updated 2011 maps/pois from sdcard too... I'm just not a fan of stock navi interface... At least igo is infinitely customizable...


also found that the primo 1.2 thats available in other places doesnt seem to run (even in testmode), but igo8.3 is fine..

I will have to do some more troubleshooting next week on that...

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Hello Pionara, i followed your steps and I think i bricked my avic F320BT (trying to install a 3rd party navi-igo8).Pls help me if you can. I stucked in updating the os. You said it "launch update/user/prg/apl/aplupdate.exe. select second option. unit will reboot and flash os image". I did so and a blue screen said:" Open OS CKS FILE FAILURE

Please COld Boot and Retry". And retry, reset, nothing works it's stucked in this image. I flashed with this firmware CNSD_130FM firmupdate , and the winceimg file is 16.1 mb. , is bad? cause i'm desperate.Pls can you help me?


Screenshot: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/847/sam1594i.jpg/

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did you you copy both WINCEIMG.BIN and WINCEIMG.CKS to the root of the sd card?

What happened after a power cycle? Do you get the second image?

If so, perhaps the F320BT firmware is slightly different? Did you make a backup of your My Flash Disk before attempting this? Perhaps there is a WINCEIMG.BIN and WINCEIMG.CKS in that backup that you can try..

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I forgot to say that the second screenshot is the first image that appeared (before,it asked me to update , it resetarted and said UPDATING IMAGE...),it takes 2 sec and give me the 2nd screen with that error ("OPEN OS CKS...PLEASE COLD BOOT AND RETRY). I made a full backup of the device ,My flash Disk ,before that and doesn't have any winceimg.bin and winceimg.cks files in the device. I think Pionara, it's a wrong winceimg image, not for my device, and i don't know what to do next.I'm lost...

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according to http://www.pioneer.e...30FM/index.html, f320bt may already have 2.00x firmware. Seems like this would be flash that is already on the device. Sorry to hear that you are having issue with it.


OPEN OS CKS FILE FAILURE... sounds like it could be that the .bin and .cks are not matching, or it cant opent he .cks file. Perhaps try another sd card?

Full power cycle?

Hard reset (hold reset button for 5+ secs)?



i wonder if flashing with f310bt firmware would be worth a try




I can't seem to find any link for current f320bt firmware.. I suspect it's already on 2.000x.


Anybode else with f320bt that can provide their firmwares?


also can you check if the files are same as what md5 hash i have?


ceac1266ef71a794d1ff586c0f2db023 WINCEIMG.BIN

c779518d15d15b38f7748f7ee3bc2d45 WINCEIMG.CKS

Edited by pionara

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i dont think this will work w/ u220. I think f320bt and u220 have newer versions of software, and will only work w/ newest 2011 update: cnsd-230fm


Can you check what your firmware version is?

settings -> service info, then hold top left corner of screen... will pop up with several version numbers...

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Version v1.000x in the F320BT is equivilent to v2.000x in the F130BT therefore the F320BT shouldn't need updating with the CNSD-130FM.

Some newer F320BT already have v2.000x which is the latest 2011 version ( = CNSD-230FM)

See here - http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/25/38/301/CNSD-230FM/index.html


In short don't attempt to update a F320BT with the CNSD-130FM (F/U310BT v2.000x) update.

Just skip to step 3. of Pionara's instructions above if you have a F320BT and use the version of appslib.dll I supplied at post #107 here -


It has the same changes as Pionara's version but based on the appslib.dll from my F320BT.

The added advantage is that the standard apps (Photo Viewer, Visual Clock and Video Player) all work on the F320BT stock v1.000x and v2.000x O/S too.

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pionara...first of all thank you, thank you, thank you!


I was able to update to 2.00101 without any issue last night...everything is running perfectly. I will probably use the hack to update the standard nav maps as that is fine enough for me and I still have to update the appslib.dll file in My Flash Disk. But before I do, I have a few questions....


1. You mention that I'll have to modify the Laucher.mscr but there are no mentions of how to accomplish this...it's probably a simple editor that I need to install, but I've never worked with MSCR files before and thought I'd ask first.


2. I downloaded MIOPOCKET 4.0 and got it to run in Test Mode last night and it "installed" and ran but it is WAY to cumbersome (and slow) to use on a daily basis and since all I really want to add is a media player, it seems like overkill. So I'm looking at TCPMP but I could use some guidance...Is there a preferred version to run on the U310BT and how do I modify the Launcher app to point to it?


3. Are there other apps that I can use? I have an unlimited data plan on my phone and I can tether by bluetooth...is Pandora an option? Internet browser?


4. Is it possible to have multiple launchers to point to different apps? I haven't run the launcher app yet so I don't know if its a menu launcher or a shortcut to igo8 at the moment...


5. Last question...is there a way to activate stereo bluetooth on our devices? I think I read somewhere that it was missing the actual hardware but perhaps not...is there a media player that could do this?


Again, thank you for this!

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It didn't work.I think must find the correct winceimg files for f320bt, but i don't know where...i searched the whole net....


What version of the F320BT O/S were you originally running ? V1.000x or V2.000x ?

If it matches mine I'll see if I can provide you with winceimg files (I'm not with my car at the moment so I can't check until tomorrow).

I'm running this hack fine with no changes to the stock F320BT v1.000x O/S other than a hacked appslib.dll and the COM2 ->4 registry update.


For all you F320BT users - this does work on the stock V1.000x software as it already comes with the additional apps (Virtual Clock etc) functionlity.

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