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AppRadio Extensions 2.0 Beta - Full iPhone control

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Can anyone help me

I'm on IOS6.1

Yesterday I updated appradio from the AppStore to 2.6.1 and straight away as soon as I exit an unsupported app on the radio I get a black screen with audio still playing until I close app radio app on the phone and reopen it.

I've tried rolling back a version of extensions, uninstalling app radio/re-installing, rebooting. No joy :(

Would anyone be able to upload and post a link to the pioneerappradio.ipa to a version or two back like 2.6, 2.5, etc?

I'm distraught

Read up a page or 2 and you should find the instructions to download old versions of App Extensions.

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I know how to install previous builds of extensions and like I've said I've tried old versions of extensions and the result is the same!

I need an old version of the App Store app/IPA "pioneer appradio"

Read your PM.

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Hi, i've installed beta but as its not cracked it keeps prompting for an apple ID when I open it.

Any solution?


That's not the beta you've installed that's just an older version of pioneers app. you should just be able to download the latest version of that from the app store and it should work with the extensions app (from cydia mikes repo). 

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