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AppRadio Extensions 2.0 Beta - Full iPhone control

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So i've been playing around with just modifying some of the files in the appradio native app to see if i can simply add some un-supported apps and try to fool the app thinking that its supported.  I hoped that it would display then normally as a supported app but there is something obvious that i'm missing.  Have you guys tried this yet? In the pic bellow you can see that i got it to accept my unsupported app "Magellan Roadmate" and it has the check showing its installed as well.  But it still does not show up in my list of apps to launch on the screen on the radio.  



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Hi guys- first post here :)


Just to start off, Mike you are an incredible guy, you singlehandedly cause more ar units to sell than all of pioneers sales team! It's amazing how you do it without asking for anything in return. I should buy you a drink- or a hundred.


I have been patiently hoping that an update would be coming to use ios7 with arextensions. I thought it was dead but my heart leaps to see your post today.


Question is how do install the files on GitHub.


I have a 5s in 7. And a appradio 2.


Thanks all

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AppEx for iOS 7 is open source and hosted on github:



It's a complete rewrite so I'm adding a little bit at a time. Don't expect it to work just yet. Right now, it just allows the AppRadio app to run in the background. Next is the mirroring of the iPhone screen and then touch input.


Stay tuned...


Thank you very much Mike!  I personally appreciate that you didn't give up on this.  I was going to jump in and teach myself how to help out but i dont have a mac so thats kind of hard :) 

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attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2014-04-23 at 6.29.28 PM.png


FYI AT@T is clamming sending data to the AppRadio (Pandora, Nav, or just being plugged in) is considered tethering. They are now cracking down on tethering and can add tethering to your current contract if there is continued use.


Really? That's horribly incorrect. The head unit doesn't do any of the work. It's just an external display for the iPhone (literally, in code).

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