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Is this project still active?

was there ever a fix found for the low volume problem when cross updating from x000 to x100. using android auto on my 7000nex with 7100 fw with volume at max, i can hear some faint audio coming from mostly my amp/sub. 

if i could have android auto working over usb then i certainly wouldn't mind loosing the Bluetooth functionality. 

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On 8/11/2015 at 9:02 AM, bass_rock said:

Overview Steps:
1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash
2. Backup your current internal SD Card, or obtain a backup SD Card Image.
3. Navigate to https://jenkins.adamoutler.com/job/Customize%20BSP/build?delay=0sec and select the options you want
4. Remember your build number and download your package.
5. Extract to USB stick
6. Put it into USB Port 1
7. Run Script.
8. If you removed the SD Card password you need to insert a new internal SD Card with a backup image.
9. Done!


Hi there. I am trying to access the Jenkins website so I can create my cfw but it seems to be down. is there an updated link I can use to create the CFW or is there a new process now?



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Jenkins site is down and the original dev doesn't have a Github, I've looked for a while now. Would be nice to have some sort of update. I even tried the Archive.org wayback machine and it won't pull up the page, even with a snapshot of the site from 2019.

Sucks for us, I suppose. The 5200NEX is great with it's only lacking feature being the absence of Android Auto. Trying like hell to figure out how to get custom firmware but it seems like nobody has any idea and these forums are dead.

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J'ai un probleme avec mon Pioneer avic F980BT, depuis quelques semaines maintenant, je n'arrive plus à transferer mes fichiers et cartes sur mon Pioneer.
J'ai cette erreur, Failed to paste.
Quelqu'un sait d'ou cela peut venir ?, Mon Pioneer est patché.



Hello, I have a problem with my Pioneer avic F980BT, for a few weeks now, I can no longer transfer my files and maps to my Pioneer. I got this error, Failed to paste. Someone knows where it can come from?, My Pioneer is patched. Thanks.



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Je viens me répondre  :D

J'ai finalement installé Ubuntu en dualboot sur mon PC et déverrouillé la SD du Pioneer depuis le Pioneer, ensuite la SD reconnu sur Ubuntu m'a permis de mettre les fichiers de mise à jour sans soucis, donc tout est rentré dans l'ordre, juste les HNR qui ne sont pas reconnu donc je les aient supprimé de la SD
Pareil pour les Speedcam, ils ne sont pas autorisé sur Pioneer en France et Suisse, donc bah je laisse ça aussi de coté.


Hello, I just answer myself :D I finally installed Ubuntu in dualboot on my PC and unlocked the Pioneer SD from the Pioneer, then the SD recognized on Ubuntu allowed me to put the update files without worries, so everything was back to normal , just the HNR which are not recognized so I deleted them from the SD Same for Speedcams, they are not authorized on Pioneer in France and Switzerland, so well I leave that aside too.

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12 hours ago, asd255 said:

speedcam for France can be activated

Bonjour, merci pour le lien, peux tu me dire comment activer les radars pour la France ?

Hello, thank you for the link, can you tell me how to activate the speed cameras for France ?

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Can we edit the sys.txt file, and add the [HVA] section to authorize speed cameras in France





Peut-on éditer le fichier sys.txt, et rajouter la section [HVA] pour autoriser les radars en France

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it's good, I added these lines in the sys.txt and everything is ok

voila c'est bon, j'ai rajouté ces lignes dans le sys.txt et tout est ok



hva_countries = ""

_FRA = x, x, x, x, x, x, x
_SUI = x, x, x, x, x, x, x

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