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2015 European Map Update for Pioneer AVIC-F30BT, F930BT, F9310BT, F40BT, F940BT, F840BT, F8430BT

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Works like a charm, thank you so much!!!!


One question though. It says that after upgrading you have to reinstall your language so i burned the voices folder on to a CD(RW) it said that it was an invalid CD.

The Dutch voice seemed to be working anyway so I haven't tried anything further. But should I reinstall the TTL and if so Which folder should i burn to the CD?

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Hi all,


I can confirm this works on the F930BT.


As per above, the process I followed was:


1. Run 'supertestmode' from a freshly formatted (FAT32) SD card.

2. Copy RenewallFlib.dll from USER\PRG0\APL to SD root.

3. Remove SD card from AVIC and edit RenewallFlib.dll as per monsterF9's guidance on a PC.

4. Insert SD card with edited RenewallFlib.dll back into AVIC.

5. Delete RenewallFLib.dll from USER\PRG0\APL on AVIC.

6. Paste edited RenewallFlib.dll from SD card into USER\PRG0\APL.

7. Remove SD card format it and copy Update, FIRMWARE and (modded) CARDINFO.cif onto it.

8. Insert SD card into AVIC and turn on ignition. Follow onscree instructions where you'll be prompted to enter a password. Enter PASSWORDPASSWORD

9. Sit back and wait for 25 minutes whilst the unit updates.


If anyone needs a hand with this, please ping me. I'm by no means an expert but after some reading, understand what's needed and how to achieve it.


Thanks to Flomsem for the SD contents and monsterF9 for putting in the work to crack the content


I have also a F930BT but I get confused by instruction step no. 7: "modded cardinfo.cif" - is the cardinfo in zip file from Flomsen working for the 930BT or do I need another one and if - where do I get it from?


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For the f930bt is very simpel. Download the 2015 map from flomsen put the the maps firmware map update and cardinfo on the root from the sd card


You only need another cardinfo when you have a pioneer system older then the f30bt/f930bt system


Confirmed - the update on F930BT went smoothly - only challenge I had was with the copy&paste function when being in supertestmode to exchange the lib file - thank you all for your contributions!

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Can I update my Avic F20BT with F5.0?

Yes you can , i updat my AVIC F20BT :D


1. dowload "2015_European_Map_Updat_for_Pioneer" and copy both folder FIRMWAREUPDATE and file CARDINFO.cif on the root of the SD card.


2. replace CARDINFO.cif  with this one : http://s000.tinyuplo...814939960980540 (Here the modded CARD.INFO file, 2015 edition for F20/ F920 / F9210 / F9220)


3. replace VERINFO.DAT by this one http://s000.tinyuplo...351922687174507, (located on UPDATE folder)


4. Insert SD card into AVIC and turn on ignition. Follow on screen instructions, no password need. 


5. Sit back and wait for 25 minutes.

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 Hallo sory for my english,then'ks  Flomsen for this update...

 Meny times i wait this update?ang now this take :mrgreen:,I am doing this job a long time ago for my first avic F900 after 930,30 and now F50

I have next questions,will it be possible update my F50 for this map 2015

 Previously, I was able to introduce the cards 2013 even before the official update,but now is not so simple,map is displayed but the search is not working properly and eventually crashes error,impossible to get directions...

    If you have good ideas I will be very grateful :mrgreen:

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