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  2. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I’m having the same issue. It works at the light and back off once the light turns green smh
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  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    Do you have a valid lyc file for 2017Q3? A file with a name like: Pioneer_LMG_for_North_America_SKU_2004688_2017_Q3.lyc ? It is easy to find maps, but there is never a lyc file and we need it for Pioneer unit...
  5. Hello RonS, I have been reading your posts and I was wondering if you can help me out. I have a pioneer avic-f930bt currently on firmware version 3.0 and possibly 2011/2012 Australia maps. I am hoping to update it to the latest firmware and maps. Would you by chance have Australia maps available that I could install with firmware v7.0 on my unit? It would be great if you could help me or point me in the right direction. Just FYI... This is my first pioneer unit and I am a total novice in this. Look forward to hearing from you on my request soon. Cheers! Gangs
  6. Hi guys. Looking for the VSS wire on a 2001 Suburban. Kind of old now, but just putting in a much needed upgrade. Anyone still have data on this old beauty? Thanks!
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  8. Carbridge and AppRadio Apps

    Now that CarBridge is out, allowing most apps to run on CarPlay head units, has anyone had any luck getting AppRadio apps to run under CarBride?
  9. 4000Nex Stuck in Boot Loop

    All regards to me tonight, I will write a detailed instruction on how to restore your device from any state.
  10. System restart due to tuner error

    Did you find a fix. Just updated mine and now it's doing it.
  11. It worked on my F40BT! The first few times it failed though, because it apparently copied the modified RenewalIflib file to the main folders of both APG0 and APG1. Is there any way to know which version of the maps are installed? I can see that I've now got firmware version 07.0000, but can't find anything about the maps.
  12. Forgot password

    Need to reset my password on my 5100nex system
  13. Hi, Did you fix it? I'm in the same boat.
  14. X940BT bricked

    Did anyone figure out how to fix this issue?
  15. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    I have the same problem, even though I installed the MicroBypass. And the AVIC hold the screen to disable does not work here. Any Help would be appreciated.
  16. Hello Everyone, I just installed an AVIC-F930BT on my Mitsubishi. The firmware on the head unit is 3.0, but the maps seems to be really old. I guess they are 2013/14 maps. I am looking to update them to the latest Australia maps, preferably 2017/2018 if available. Anyone has any idea where I can find them? I don't even know which maps are currently installed on the unit, but I guess they must be IGO maps. I contacted Pioneer Australia and they said the last released maps they have for the F930BT are the 2015 ones. So need some help here. I am a total newbie to this system, so any and all help is most welcome.
  17. I have a SPH-Da100 app radio 2 with out of the box firmware ( its been installed in a car that was sitting ) I've been trying to update the firmware so the headunit will be usable with iPhone 5 and up but I keep running into the issue were it tells me "the version up file can't be read please save only one version up file to USB" I started off with v8.30 then I tried v8.17 somehow I was able to find v8.15 but all these firmware versions give me the same error message is there a firmware before v8.15 and if so does anybody have the firmware file ?
  18. It should, but I don't have one. Running this won't hurt - so go ahead.
  19. Although I can't read the message, I've never seen that screen. I have two thoughts. It is possible that commando's navi.exe file did not patch all the calls to "nag" screen instances. You could manually copy my patched navi.exe to both prg0 and prg1. Sometimes weird things happen after a firmware update. You can do a hard reset by disconnecting the battery for ~30 seconds. If neither of those fix it, I've got no ideas.
  20. in fact. I haven't gotten the ipod to play yet since the map update. I can go to the source input on the hu, but it's basically blank except for the forward / play / reverse buttons.
  21. Same connector and an ipod classic.
  22. Backups and Images

    a copy of the SD card is already in our database, Avic F70DAB and F77DAB are similar to the difference between them in the firmware is not present But still we are grateful for your activity
  23. I have the same hardware (Z110) and i use a wired iTouch with the 30pin connector. I have never seen a nag screen using my iTouch. Are you using the iPod app (source) or are you using App Mode?
  24. Backups and Images

    good thing this thread !!! i have the avic f77 image. how can i do to upload it in this folder ?
  25. my headunit history... Hardware Z110BT FW / map updated to 120, then 130 I also had the nag screen removal. Never saw it again. I updated to the 2017 maps today. Works fine. Performed the manual delete/copy/paste to perform the nag screen removal. Still saw the nag screen. I think I replaced the file in the wrong folder. Completely missed the part saying "if the file is not present...." Performed the script that commando provided. The nag screen no longer appears while booting or when going to the nav screen, but I still see it when I browse to my ipod (via Pioneer ipod cable), just the first time. Luckily i only appears once, until I shut it off and turn it back on again. Was this expected on this version of the nag screen removal?
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