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  1. 8500 nex questions need advice

    My S9+ will not do wireless AA. Wired works like a champ.
  2. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    No problem. I try to help where I can as others do for us.
  3. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    This .zip file has the modified Navi.exe with the OK nag removal and is ONLY for the 2015 update. The zip also includes testmode.key. Download the Zip here
  4. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Download the file pack for the newer ones, Click on this link LINK and download the old CARDINFO.cif file and replace the one in the original download with the one from the second download and you will be good to go. Just worked for a Z110 I bought on the cheap.
  5. Just had a similar issue but i never got the Pioneer screen. Turns out it was my back lights for the screen.
  6. Cannot connect Aha or Pandora over bluetooth

    Also I have found that if you are not using Pandora One (paid version) it will kick you out of App mode due to ads. I have experienced this with customers /friends radios.
  7. History location

    I'm replacing my Z110 for a Z130 (addition of HD Radio) and im wondering if anyone know where the history information for the navigation is. I have looked through the File Management section of testmode but did not find anything that jumped out at me as that. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Resistance values

    Volume Up: 16K Ohms Volume Down: 24K Ohms Mute: 3.5K Ohms Track Up: 8K Ohms Track Down: 11.25K Ohms Source: 1.2K Ohms Band: 62.75K Ohms The following buttons show this value between the sleeve and tip as well as the ring and the tip. Preset Up: 8K Ohms Preset Down: 11.25K Ohms Phone Menu: 2.10K Ohms Answer: 4.21K Ohms Hang up: 4.92K Ohms Voice: 42.4K Ohms
  9. Also in the AV menu ensure that the mute is set for Guide and Tel and it is set to all or 10/20 if that's what you prefer.
  10. z11 to z14 upgrade?

  11. Clarion preset on the TR7-Pro works like a champ.
  12. I just sent one of my salesman out with two TR7-PRO's to test on a AVH-8400 tonight. He is going to let me know what works tomorrow morning. TR7 - Alpine = 4 second delay, on for one second, off for one second, back on until green wire looses +12V.
  13. It says right in the document that the older ones in the black case won't. I didn't realize I was stating anything different. I was simply stating that the TR7 and the TR-7 are the same module. I mean physically the same hardware and harness. Always was always have been. Yes, OLD, OLD OLD ones may come with software that doesn't have the bonus features on it. I doubt anyone would come across one of those today though. A little background on me: Electrical Engineering Degree MECP Cert. Been with AAMP/PAC for 6+ years If anyone knows about the parts.... It's me. I apologize that some of my guys won't openly help you illegally bypass safety features on a radio that we have no experience with. I know I have personally talked to a few people recently regarding this bypass and let them know that the bypass they are explaining to me sounds like the Clarion bypass and sent them the Clarion Tech Brief. Some of the people I have talked to couldn't even tell me what the radio needs to see to have it be bypassed. If someone could tell me EXACTLY what the radio needs to see I could set it up for them or even write a file for the TR-7PRO Tech brief with the bonus features has been updated (I changed TR-7 to TR7). I hope that will cure any confusion Absolutely no attitude, I was just trying to let you know I wasn't just another schmo on the forum.
  14. Weird.... Go to their website http://www.pac-audio.com/productDetails.aspx?ProductId=717&CategoryID=31 Click on tech docs and click on the instructions..... It has the TR-7 instructions. coincidence? I think not. Yes, some of the very first revisions on the module didn't support the bonus features. Anything you buy or come across now will have it regardless of whether or not it has the - in the part number. Especially since that document has a date of 4-08-08. I mean I only work for PAC.... What would I know?
  15. The TR7 and the TR-7 are the same module. Yes the housing have changed a bit but they are still and always have been the same module. Here is how to set it up with version 17. This is for a clarion radio so the timing may need to be changed. Clarion-Jensenl-Dual-Marine-Mode_ver2.pdf