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  1. Defeating the boot time for "short" stops..Ideas?

    Well if you want to speed it up, maybe some of this will help:: Registry:: Boot Sequence Registry::Overclock the processor Can someone who has installed the firmware update, host a copy of the new registry. I'd like to compare the two.
  2. Defeating the boot time for "short" stops..Ideas?

    I emailed Pioneer two weeks ago about a standby, or hibernate mode.... No response Sux cuz this is the only thing (besides the nav boxes) stopping me from buying the f700. I really don't want to buy the JVC 7000.
  3. divX

    Hey man, DivX doesn't work from a DVD, or CD. It only works from a USB stick, or SD card. I'm pretty sure
  4. Defeating the boot time for "short" stops..Ideas?

    It must have a way from distinguishing between the constant v12+ line and the remote v12 line. When the remote line comes on, the unit powers on, even though it's already receiving power from the constant. So my guess is the battery power and the external power from the settings (within the reg) refer to these two power sources (constant, and remote). And have nothing to do with a physical internal battery (like a cell phone). It's worth a try right? Anyone willing to test this? Hmm this is interesting, maybe this is important too? Maybe we need to set the "DisableGwesPowerOff" to 0
  5. Defeating the boot time for "short" stops..Ideas?

    Found this in the registry. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power] "SupportPowerButtonRelease"=dword:00000000 "SystemPriority256"=dword:000000f9 "SystemIdleTimerResetEvent"="PowerManager/SystemIdleTimerReset" "ExtPowerOff"=dword:00000000 "BattPowerOff"=dword:000000b4 "DisableGwesPowerOff"=dword:00000001 Now we need to know which of the two regs BattPowerOff, or ExtPowerOff is the one that will put it into suspend when the car is turned off, but the unit is still receiving power through the constant power line. So if someone edits this reg to read something like "BattPowerOff"=dword:000????? (equivalent of 24hrs) Test it. Then try "ExtPowerOff"=dword:000????? (equivalent of 24hrs) and see if either of those lets the unit go down into standby when the car is turned off. Maybe someone can try this? Considering I don't have one, but am just looking at this reg from the other thread where a guy posted it
  6. Make the unit faster

    I don't own one of these, but would like to help in any way I can. Someone who's willing, try downloading this program http://ceregeditor.mdsoft.pl/ceregedit_setup.exe and install it on a SD card. Run it on your Pioneer to access the CE registry. From here it should look similar to an XP registry. IF you understand Windows XP registry then this should be an awesome tool, to removing the crap loaded on the system. Which should improve boot time Who uses MSN Direct anyways right?
  7. Make the unit faster

    Does Windows CE boot like a slim XP? I mean, does it use a registry? If it does, can't someone just regedit and pull out all the unnecessary boot information that they won't use? If it doesn't use a registry (similar to win98), there must be some sort of boot.ini, or startup .ini file that someone could post up here, and we could figure out what everything is on it. I understand that the boottime is limited by the cpu, and frontside bus, but at the same time, you can get windows to boot much faster by just optimizing the boot information. Dang I wish I owned one of these so I could play around with it.
  8. playing around in "test mode"

    unrequited - You were able to backup your f900 you said to your SD. How does this backup compare with the update package? Or is the update one a single compiled file? If you can compare your backed up original f900 to the updated maybe we can determine what some of the files on it do.
  9. Update Released!! For REAL!!

    Hmm, I guess we'll just deal with the boot time.
  10. Sounds to me like more than just Dodgeboy is being lazy... HiFive anyone?
  11. Kenwood units comparison?

    Crutchfield doesn't give much help between the 7120 and the 8120. All it says is built-in bluetooth. I was reading around and someone was saying the 7120 doesn't support the new generation ipod video's? Is this correct? Are they talking about the ipod touch, or ipod classic? If anyone has a 7120 and can watch video's from their ipod classic that would be good to know.
  12. Got my F700BT installed

    Hey Mike, You mentioned that movies looked awesome on your 700. Are you able to play DivX? It doesn't say on the Pioneer site that the 700 supports DivX, so I'm assuming you're playing movies through your ipod?
  13. Got my F700BT installed

    Dang, that sounds like crap. I hope they fix this, because I was seriously considering getting a 700bt
  14. F series at Best Buy?

    Man I want to kick you in the nuts.

    Or will DivX loaded on an SD? or on a USB drive work too? Really interested to know