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  1. My new 3.0 impressions

    Yes, your list is a bit short but right on. How about the following: - unit switches to NAV when a call is placed or received - bluetooth sometimes takes 30-45 seconds to disconnect fromthe phone after a call - iphones dont work for shit even though they were released a year prior to the AVIC - GPS goes ape shit when an iPhone is connected. Nothing like "GPS signal lost" as you drive down the freeway! - contacts suck as and are way too limited for people with 250+ contacts - bluethooth can't switch between different phones unless you manual disable one of the two phones first - bluetooth volume is crap as is sound quality. People on the other end of a call say it sounds like i'm in a fish bowl - why can't a brand new unit get more than two lines of data from XM/Sirius/FM? Its an absolute joke that this unit is more handicaped than an OEM unit from Toyotoa my list can go on and have a feeling I will sell my unit once my $60.00 upgrade (word used lightly right now) arrives and is installed. Too bad because this unit had so much hype and no punch.
  2. Sms alerts

    Never has worked from what I can tell.
  3. Buy now! 60 Dollar price on mapupdate w/3.0

    That's not a bug. Oh, excuse me. Technically, you're correct. It's working as designed. It's just a PISS POOR DESIGN. It's a FLAW. Get over yourself and your unnecessary technical squabbling. my iPhone pauses the audio when linked via Bluetooth but does not when another phone is linked and the iPhone is connected so it pretty much is poor design.
  4. Remove Navi Warning

    Actually posts like this is why good people go away....
  5. F90bt w/ Factory Bose & Aftermarket Sub + Amp Question

    As a general rule of thumb a 10" sub sounds tighter than a 12". Two 10's will give much more sound than a single 12" and given the right sub (10"), will provide plenty of boom
  6. Official 2.0 Firmware Opinion/Results Thread

    Being a day one purchaser, this update brings the unit to what my original expectations were. The overall usability is improved and it is very nice to have the contacts transfer without major issues. GPS - MUCH better without the blue boxes Bluetooth - seems worse on my iPhone 3g as people are having a much harder time hearing me. I wish they would fix it so the unit changes to GPS mode while on the phone and make the box transparent so you can see the entire GPS screen (i hate how it covers the ETA so you can't tell the person on the phone when you will be there). Unit itself - MUCH better boot times, button response, etc. Things I would like to see on future updates: 1. Improve the ipod screen so it isn't so plan (very old looking for such a new unit. 2. Fix the Sirus interface so you can get all the data and doesn't look so freaking old 3. Get real traffic updates. 9.5 times out of 10 the traffic information is incorrect. I normally have to use google maps on my iphone to get real traffic data 4. Better over the air radio interface, dress it up already and give me song information like any newer radio can handle. Again, this brings the unit to what I had expected from the unit on day one. Hopefully this isn't the last update we get as there is much more work to do to make this the best unit on the market.
  7. MSN - is it worth it?

    I honestly would say no as the traffic is never correct. I typically look at Google Maps on my iPhone to see the real traffic conditions. Case in point, 9.5 times out of 10 I can be sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and the AVIC will show all green on the freeway where google maps shows red.
  8. Question about F Series

    I have noticed the image on the AVIC411 website shows the button flush to the unit. Am I missing something or is that not on the F90?
  9. A few more things since I have had some good time to work with the unit. 1. While watching a movie on the SD the system will switch to NAV during an incoming telephone call. 2. Bluetooth doesn't mute the audio when a telephone call is established about 25 percent of the time. 3. Ipod is constantly failing on the VR Catalog. Disconnecting works maybe half the time. Update 1.0 was good, just need to finish the product! Since I have been messing with DIVX files and such this week it is clear the head unit does not have the horsepower to switch between very many things. Sometimes it takes a few minutes unit I can switch back to the SD once it switches to NAV (from an incoming phone call).
  10. How does Sirius appear on the screen?

    The Sirius interace is the most disappointing part of the F-Series IMHO. It is like having a brand new 2009 radio with a 1st generation sirius tuner.
  11. More problems: 1. 8GB SD card is causing freezes and reboots during extended viewing of video (DIVX file). Three times it has froze and rebooted watching three different movies for longer than 30 minutes. 2. Bluetooth has ended two phone calls in the past 24 hrs. I do 1-2 hrs a day of phonecalls while driving each day.
  12. Still Broken 1. GPS switches from 3D to 2D while in route. 2. GPS loses location and goes into constant "recalculating route" until the map button is pressed 3. Can't remove the horrible gas station PIO's 4. 2D map is unusable (always North) 5. Still lose iPod connectivity through out the day for no reason 6. Sirius forgets to scroll (needs a complete re-write of this interface IMHO) 7. GPS, while in route, constantly is giving directions. For example you are two miles from an offramp. You get the 2 mile warning, 1 mile warning, 400 yard warning, take exit, stay right, stay right. Makes it impossible to listen to a song or the radio. FIXED 1. BLUE TOOTH IS USABLE! HUGE IMPROVEMENT 2. Blue tooth works! Not going to be fixed so we just need to drop it 1. Boot time - we just need to deal with the hardware choices made by Pioneer
  13. AVIC-T10

    I wonder why they are displaying a unit that appears to be based on the current F series yet the NAV looks better than what we have today......
  14. AVIC-T10

    I wish we could get those PIO icons! http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/news_ga ... 10_018.jpg The ones on my 90BT are so old fashioned.
  15. F series Blue Tooth questions

    Bluetooth is almost unuseable at this point as all I get are complaints or static or tons of backround noise. My cheap Jabra bluetooth works better with me driving down the freeway at 80 with the windows down than the F90 at a stop with the windows up. Blackberry 8830 is the phone.