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  1. eak

    v4.0 Firmware

    I went looking and can't find 4.0 firmware for any of the F series radios. Where can I find it? EAK
  2. eak

    3.01 Upgrade

    Howdy! Im at 3.003. How do you get from 3.003 to 3.01 on a 90BT? Ive been asking but haven't gotten any responses. Can you go directly from 3.003 to 3.02? Thanks!
  3. eak

    3.01 Upgrade

    Hi Raymond! This thread was started by F90BT owners and I (also being an F90BT owner) would like to know if 3.01 (and 3.02) can be loaded on the F90BT? Thanks! EAK
  4. Does anyone know if you can download this ZIP file and load it on a US F90BT? I am running 3.003 Thanks!
  5. I really am trying to use search. Search finds noting with "3.01". Is there a 3.01 Install HOWTO with the firmware download somewhere? I also keep seeing both "3.01" and 3.1" and apparently 3.02 just came out, so my assumption is that everyone talking about "3.1" really means "3.01"? Could someone please confirm? Thank you!
  6. I purchased on 11/30/2009. I got the same email at 5:43PM this afternoon. They keep your money for 2 weeks, send you a darn form letter telling you it will take 3-5 days to process an electronic refund. Noone should EVER purchase from 6ave.com. Black list them. Dear Eric The item that you recently ordered from 6ave.com has been oversold and is no longer available. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you'd like to order a similar item or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 1-877-684-2831. ... This canc
  7. Lets consider an analogy. You take your car to a dealership, whether under warranty or not, and they install something to repair known issues with your vehicle, due to a published recall or repair notice. You leave the dealership happy and things appear fine for 2 weeks. One day you are on your way to work and your car fails, specifically due to their installation, exhibiting a failure mode that has never occured before their installation but obviously related to it. My car came with a warranty that paid to tow me to the dealer. I was given a loaner while they determined the issue and the
  8. I have done a format install of 3.0 following the published howto. Worked like a chammp. Now to update to 3.01 and reload the hacks.
  9. Mine is doing the same thing running 2.0006 firmware. Pioneer has confirmed at three levels of their support that "this is a known glitch". They gave me two options. Send it in for repair or replace the unit.
  10. I have an F900BT. I have to say I haven't been very happy with it since I purchased it. It is slow, it has lots of little quirks and problems but at least it has worked. Last night I changed the F'in MAP COLOR and now the thing won't stop rebooting. It never did this before I loaded the 2.0006 firmware. I have tried all the standard options for reset, eject-reset. I have 2, 4 and 8GB SD cards and I have created a test mode on each. The unit will not boot into test mode. I tried re-loading the 2.006 firmware, but it won't even boot into its load screen either. I finally gave up and thought
  11. I know there are some incredibly intelligent people on here and Im sure most of them will consider this relatively simplistic, but... This is an awesome set of mods but I sure do miss the "all in one" that had steps consisting of: 1) download the file 2) extract it to an SD card 3) boot off the SD card 4) copy everything from the SD dir A to destination dir A 5) copy everything from the SD dir B to destination dir B 6) reboot Why does everything have to be so darn difficult? I mean, REALLY?
  12. Should be on the bottom of the Destination screen (Menu / Destination, bottom right corner)
  13. I just went to Cruchfiled, and they are out of stock. Will UPDATE: I just ordered from 6ave.com and got the update for only $51 no shipping or taxes. Crutchfield now is selling for $119.00 I just purchased form 6ave.com for $60.00 no shipping or taxes.
  14. eak

    peace out.

    You need to go through and check/set ALL settings, not just Navi. And I mean actually change, then change back every value on every screen.
  15. eak

    peace out.

    I would try re-pairing your phone. If it fails, try re-pairing a different phone.
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