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  1. Nothing in that post says not to follow the instructions (run Shortfuse). It was about whether the user needed to replace Cardinfo, and not modifying any other files on the SD. Shortfuse does not modify the installation SD, it modifies files on the headunit before installing the map update.
  2. If you are asking if you need to install all the intervening updates first, no you don't. You will need to run the ShortFuse hack.
  3. Nothing wrong with the link. You must be a registered user. Since you now are registered, try again.
  4. I'm assuming you have the camera power wire connected to the vehicle's back-up light(s). That is why the split-screen goes black when driving. If you want to be able you view the camera while driving, you need to find a different power source. I ran a wire along with the video cable to the headunit and tapped into the red power wire. So the camera has power whenever the radio is on. But there seems to be another problem with either the backup sensor wiring or the setup. What happens when you shift into reverse? Do you get any different display or does it stay on the current m
  5. RonS

    Password lost

    Security Password Removal Script for Z110/120/130/140, x920/930/940
  6. Nothing is wrong with the link. You have to be a registered member to access that file. Since you just joined, you can now download it. Note: this seems to be a new requirement since only recently have people been complaining.
  7. I don't know enough about your car or the F840-BT to say whether that CAN-BUS test applies to your situation. Some cars use CAN-BUS to communicate between various components. You would need lots of technical info about your car to know if your parking brake has a CAN-BUS interface. Judging by that last picture, it doesn't seem to be connected via CAN-BUS. There might be more info in the F840-BT installation manual. Most cars just have a simple switch as part of the parking brake lever/pedal. The headunit just has a parking brake wire in the harness that is supposed to be connected to that swit
  8. Take a look at this: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/90633-unabte-to-enter-the-password-or-modify-any-setting-on-a-f840bt/&do=findComment&comment=357725
  9. Yeah, I'm starting to think this isn't a case of it being hard-locked due to 3 failed password attempts. In that case I'd expect it to prevent usage at all, while providing some sort of info on the screen at boot time. I see that Navi Settings is grayed-out, so it can't be used to check (via Connection Status) if the Parking Brake is being detected as "On". However in TestMode, # 22. External Connection Test shows its status. From the maintenance manual:
  10. I saw your other post after I replied to this. I don't know anything about the F840BT. But I know that the Z-110BT also has that lock "feature". From the Service Manual: There's nothing in the service manual on how to recover from this. So you may have to send it to Pioneer to fix. However, if it was me, I'd try manually going into testmode and seeing if there is any file in the USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY directory. However, it is possible that you might not be able to do anything interactively if the hard keys are also locked. To get into Testmode, download SuperTestMode.ZIP and unzi
  11. Assuming you posted the screen shots in chronological order: The first time it failed on the REMOVE command, which deletes the file USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY\PASSWORD.DAT after copying it to the SD. The only way I can see that happening is if the file didn't exist. Then you say you deleted the line that COPY line that copies the file to SD? Then, second pic shows the error on the COPY command. Maybe the file no longer exists, since the file never existed. So, why where you running the script?
  12. Assuming it is correctly installed, set the parking brake. Many menu items and settings will not work if the parking brake is not detected.
  13. Yes, same headunit (Z110-BT) and same car (2010 Porsche 987C) that caused me to join. The car is now just for joy-rides so I don't care much whether the maps get updated. Last update for these units was 2017.
  14. From the installation manual (do you have one? You should find one online)
  15. download SuperTestmode.zip and unzip it. Put the testmode.key file on a SD, put that in the head unit and it should boot to testmode. If it doesn't, restart your headunit.
  16. Don't beat yourself up. If you hadn't opened an account to post, you'd never have figured it out.
  17. Looks like this unit runs the same firmware as the F40BT, F930BT and F940BT. So yes, it should work.
  18. I wasn't rude, I said "Please". But you wrote 6 posts asking for help for the same problem (I deleted one that was in the wrong forum). That's spamming.
  19. New units do not come with a security password set. So you really are not doing the new owner a favor. In fact, he will probably be cursing you once he needs it and doesn't remember it. So unless you are selling it to your ex-wife, I'd say don't do it.
  20. 1. It should be permanent or until a new password is set 2. I don't know, I've never done it. It's in the user manual. If you don't have one search for one and download a copy. But I can not think of a good reason to ever set one. A year from now if your battery dies, are you going to remember it? It isn't a theft deterrent. A thief will still smash your window and destroy your dashboard removing the radio. He won't know it has a password. But if he searches online he'll find the instructions here to remove it.
  21. @Nicko29 Please stop spamming all over this web site. All you need to do is post once asking for help in the correct sub-forum. The people who can help will see it. You are just annoying everyone posting everywhere.
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