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  1. If you are referring to the "Quick Access" menu option for Day/Night Display, all it does is let you toggle between Day or Automatic. It works as described in the user manual. Automatic requires the Illumination wire to be connected. There is no Night mode setting Also there is no hack to change the way it works. It isn't worth the time it would take a skilled hacker to figure out how - just for you. The solution is to correctly install the unit in your car. It is very easy to install the head-unit correctly. It may be possible to find that unconnected wire by looking under the dashboard
  2. The Night Mode setting only has two options Automatic (dark background and dim when your lights are on) Day (always bright with light background) First Go to Settings / Map Settings / Day Night Display then make sure you have selected Automatic mode. Otherwise it will always be in Day mode. Now turn on your lights. If it still is always in Day mode, your Illumination wire is not properly connected. You can also test if it is connected by going to Settings / Navi Settings / Connection Status. The Illumination status should say "On" when the car's lights are on, and "Off"
  3. I am not sure what you are trying to say. This thread has all the help you should need. You should ask a specific question if you don't understand something about the process.
  4. Sorry, what device is asking for a pass code? The phone or the head unit? It doesn't sound like this has anything to do with anti-theft security. Sounds like you are being asked for your Bluetooth password/pin. If pairing from your phone, it would be asking for the code on the AVIC (default is 1111). It is in the BT headunit's settings and is user configurable. But you'd need to get into BT settings. Are you also locked-out of other functionality? For example, can you enter a destination address in Nav? If not, the problem is your parking brake not connected correctly. You can also t
  5. The download works fine. You must be a member to download any files hosted by avic411. Since you've now joined, try again.
  6. Why install this extremely old version. The last US/Can release was 2017. While that is still kind of old, it is 4 yrs newer that 2013. The updates are not incremental, you only need to install the most recent. To address your question, I'd suggest doing a factory reset by disconnecting the battery for about 30 seconds. It should prompt you for language when you restart the unit. If English is not one of those choices, you'd better learn Spanish But do install 2017. Look at the 2017 upgrade thread. Install the Shortfuse hack to disable the upgrade's password check. Then install the
  7. Not enough info to provide much advice. What is the map firmware version? What is the bluetooth firmware version? What phone do you have? Have you tried initiating BT pairing on the Z920BT? (in the BT menu) You would need to make your phone discoverable. Also, some phones have trouble with the last Pioneer BT firmware (IIRC V3.32). Downgrading to 3.24 might fix it. V3.24
  8. A couple ideas. It sounds like you are initiating the pairing from the iPhone. I usually do it from the headunit. I don't have an iPhone but I assume you can (in the phone's BT settings) make the phone discoverable. Then go to the headunit BT settings and search for the iPhone. You'll probably need to enter the headunit's pin on the phone. That code is visible in the AVIC BT settings. Next thing to try when having pairing problems is to do a cold boot of the AVIC by disconnecting the car battery for around 30 seconds. Worth a shot. This often fixes problems after an AVIC firmware up
  9. As pionara stated, that is a symptom of the parking brake not being detected as engaged. Either it isn't set, or it isn't wired correctly. Did it ever work? Who installed it? Is it a new-to-you vehicle? To be clear, the OP's problem has nothing to do with Bluetooth. The headunit will not allow the user into some of the menu screens while driving so it forces the driver to engage the parking brake first. Another symptom is that you can not enter a destination into the Nav. It only shows your current location on the map. So the headunit must detect that the parking brake is set. Ther
  10. As stated in the first post, the best method is here: Here! Installing Condi's Hackmode is dangerous and should not be done except by an expert.
  11. You can't just go by the file extension (avi, mpg. etc). That just indicates that it contains video and the actual compression type and resolution is indicated in the header record. I remember there were discussions here or in the X or Z series forums on settings for video codecs. They also mention PC programs to recompress and convert resolutions. Here is an example of one of those threads. I just searched for codec. Best video codec presets for F series
  12. Yes on 1&2. I'm in US so I can't help with 3&4. We don't need additional TTS and no speedcam support.
  13. Nothing in that post says not to follow the instructions (run Shortfuse). It was about whether the user needed to replace Cardinfo, and not modifying any other files on the SD. Shortfuse does not modify the installation SD, it modifies files on the headunit before installing the map update.
  14. If you are asking if you need to install all the intervening updates first, no you don't. You will need to run the ShortFuse hack.
  15. Nothing wrong with the link. You must be a registered user. Since you now are registered, try again.
  16. I'm assuming you have the camera power wire connected to the vehicle's back-up light(s). That is why the split-screen goes black when driving. If you want to be able you view the camera while driving, you need to find a different power source. I ran a wire along with the video cable to the headunit and tapped into the red power wire. So the camera has power whenever the radio is on. But there seems to be another problem with either the backup sensor wiring or the setup. What happens when you shift into reverse? Do you get any different display or does it stay on the current m
  17. RonS

    Password lost

    Security Password Removal Script for Z110/120/130/140, x920/930/940
  18. Nothing is wrong with the link. You have to be a registered member to access that file. Since you just joined, you can now download it. Note: this seems to be a new requirement since only recently have people been complaining.
  19. I don't know enough about your car or the F840-BT to say whether that CAN-BUS test applies to your situation. Some cars use CAN-BUS to communicate between various components. You would need lots of technical info about your car to know if your parking brake has a CAN-BUS interface. Judging by that last picture, it doesn't seem to be connected via CAN-BUS. There might be more info in the F840-BT installation manual. Most cars just have a simple switch as part of the parking brake lever/pedal. The headunit just has a parking brake wire in the harness that is supposed to be connected to that swit
  20. Take a look at this: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/90633-unabte-to-enter-the-password-or-modify-any-setting-on-a-f840bt/&do=findComment&comment=357725
  21. Yeah, I'm starting to think this isn't a case of it being hard-locked due to 3 failed password attempts. In that case I'd expect it to prevent usage at all, while providing some sort of info on the screen at boot time. I see that Navi Settings is grayed-out, so it can't be used to check (via Connection Status) if the Parking Brake is being detected as "On". However in TestMode, # 22. External Connection Test shows its status. From the maintenance manual:
  22. I saw your other post after I replied to this. I don't know anything about the F840BT. But I know that the Z-110BT also has that lock "feature". From the Service Manual: There's nothing in the service manual on how to recover from this. So you may have to send it to Pioneer to fix. However, if it was me, I'd try manually going into testmode and seeing if there is any file in the USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY directory. However, it is possible that you might not be able to do anything interactively if the hard keys are also locked. To get into Testmode, download SuperTestMode.ZIP and unzi
  23. Assuming you posted the screen shots in chronological order: The first time it failed on the REMOVE command, which deletes the file USER\SYSTEM\SECURITY\PASSWORD.DAT after copying it to the SD. The only way I can see that happening is if the file didn't exist. Then you say you deleted the line that COPY line that copies the file to SD? Then, second pic shows the error on the COPY command. Maybe the file no longer exists, since the file never existed. So, why where you running the script?
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