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  1. Does this upgrade change the functionality in anyway? For example, my two pet peeves are that scrolling music is very difficult and not to be attempted while driving (I prefer the up/down arrow buttons in other functions such as POI or destination history), and tuning the radio is also frustrating because the area to touch to increment/decrement the tuning frequency is very small - again, not to be attempted while driving. It would be nice if they made some improvements in these areas.
  2. MPH reading on Avic-X950BH

    I wish my X940BT had the speed limit on the screen sometimes too. But sometimes I'm glad my wife doesn't know the speed limit!
  3. x940bt remote control options

    Sorry, I misunderstood your question. The 'remote' is a factory steering wheel.
  4. Input Needed on New Headunit

    The X940 is a double din so it would fit your VW. I only have stupid phones so I don't have first hand knowledge about Android integration, but I understand that that was one of the enhancements when they went from the X930 to the X940. From the Operation Manual: The device must have Android OS 2.2+ The device supports Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) Compatibility with all Android devices is not guaranteed. For details about compatibility see Pioneer's website. You can register and use devices that feature the following profiles: HFP A2DP There are instructions on elsewhere in this forum that explain how to bypass the handbrake lockout. Browse this forum. You'll find lots of good information about what people like and dislike about theirs. Good luck!
  5. x940bt remote control options

    The Metra Axess ASWC steering wheel control is an aftermarket one. I got mine from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Metra-ASWC-Universal-Steering-Interface/dp/B0039H2W66/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361501561&sr=8-1&keywords=Metra+Axess+ASWC+universal+steering+wheel+control+interface). It should fit most cars.
  6. x940bt remote control options

    Hi Warren_G, I used the Metra Axess ASWC universal steering wheel control interface in my Mercedes C230. It works fine and apparently has a lot of configuration options (I don't know because I had somebody else install it. Good luck!
  7. x940bt Nav

    I haven't seen your issue, at least to the extent you have. It usually gets me within a house but the problem I have is it doesn't say which side of the street my destination is on. For me that's an annoyance but not terrible.
  8. New to the forum, need advice

    Seems I remember seeing on this board that Pioneer offers an update that basically turns your 930 into a 940.
  9. X940BT Can't Change Splash Screen

    Does it not show the file name or the picture when you select the file name? Nervosa also has a good suggestion.
  10. NAV forever wandering on Map!!! X940

    This guy seems to have had the same problem. He describes how he fixed it. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35817-x940-navigation-help/
  11. Avic 940BT & Audiovox Camera Problem

    Are you sure the camera works. I've seen them directly connected to a monitor. You might try that. Good luck!
  12. From the Home screen, touch Settings, touch Map Settings, touch View Mode, touch 3D View. I believe the thumbnail you attached is from the Z140BH (I thought I saw that picture in the manual but I can't find it now) but in case it's not, I think you would then have to set the map scale to 0.25 miles.
  13. z140 vs. x940

    Sorry, I can't compare the x940 with the Z140 as I've never seen a z140, but looking on Amazon, it looks like an x940 with voice control and other extras built in. I have an x940 and I like it just fine. I don't have a smart phone so there are several features I'm not using. The biggest rap on the x940 is the nav (I expect the x940 and the Z140 have the same nav). There are some who really don't like it. I like mine pretty well. There are some things I prefer about Garmins but there are other things I like about the x940 so for me, it's pretty much a wash. Another thing I hear about the x940 is that the interface doesn't make sense (I'm assuming the x940 and z140 have similar interfaces), but the only think I don't like is that bluetooth is not accessible from the music/radio screen. I've heard others say the motorized retractable screen is something waiting to break. If voice control is important to you, the x940 won't help you. If you use satellite radio, it might be better to have that built in (though you can add it to an x940). Just my $0.02 and worth every penny you paid for it! Good luck!
  14. is the x940 better than the z-140??

    I believe one of the features of the Z series is voice controls... That's pretty sexy. I was tempted but I didn't think it was worth the extra money. I'm not sure the other differences are worth that much more for me. As it is I use the nav, radio, microSD for music, and bluetooth. As it is, I'm leaving a lot on the table as far as unused features are concerned. I didn't exhaustively compare the features between the two series, but I didn't see that much difference - other than voice controls. If that's important, the Z is what you want.
  15. My GPS antenna is mounted on the center of the dash. On my car, there is a steel "mesh" vent that the magnet works fine on. Obviously you can see it (the antenna is black and the dash is gray) but I don't consider it obtrusive at all. Occasionally, it takes a few minutes to get all the satellites it needs, but it locks on within a mile from when I drive off. I considered the bypass but so far I'm not sorry I haven't done it. Without the bypass, you can't change display settings, type in anything (nav address or phone number), etc. without setting the parking brake. You can, however, choose a location (POI or previously entered location) or a phone number from your contact list when you are driving. It's pretty small inconvenience to me. I don't have a lot of experience with units like this but I'm not as disappointed as some people seem to be. Some like to complain about the nav - I'm happy with it. IMHO, overall, it's pretty much on par with a Garmin. Some things are better; some not as good. I don't find the interface to be as bad as some say. The only thing I am disappointed about is that I can't call out from the screen where you play music or radio. You have to go to the map or the home screen. A minor annoyance for me. Other than that, the interface makes sense to me. Maybe some are better... I'd bet some are worse.