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  1. my 4500 suffers the same thing in the exact same areas I drive by each time. It is simply electrical interference, could be power lines in that area, cell towers, etc. etc. it got so bad for me, I turned the wifi off and only use Car Play by direct connection now
  2. it happened after one of Apple's recent updates, I never used to have a problem with my wireless connection dropping out, they have chosen to ignore the issue.
  3. it is not clipping, it is loss of wireless signal, I experience the same on my 4400, 4500, and a non-pioneer wireless carplay system, it is electrical interference, power lines or something like that likely. plug up the phone and use carplay wired, you will see it never drops......
  4. won't work, you need to have the autolink app installed to use the dongle, and there is no way to do that on a nex..........
  5. sounds like you answered your question, the Kenwood from what you're saying has built in navigation, the 4400 does not.........
  6. because it still uses the phones location services and gps. it's my understanding the gps antenna works with the phone's gps to strengthen the signal. is there a reason you don't want to use the location services??
  7. I'd be skeptical at best that it actually works any sort of consistency
  8. AA is super sensitive to the cable you use, try a new cable, a name brand quality cable
  9. I wasn't being snarky at all with my initial reply, you just didn't hear what you wanted to hear, I do not get what you aren't understanding here, there is no setting for start up volume, the volume will be what it was when you shut the vehicle off........PERIOD! in ALL media sources, not just Car Play. and I'll reiterate what I said in my first reply, be like the rest of us, and turn the volume down before shutting your vehicle off........................
  10. lol ok, news flash, if you leave the volume on 25 while listening to the radio, guess what happens? you guessed it........it will be at 25 when restarted, and guess what? same for any media source you may choose, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CAR PLAY! was that helpful?
  11. it's not an "Apple issue" it is a Pioneer issue, or lack of a feature, you don't want to be startled at turn on, turn the music down before exiting the car.........
  12. if you didn't get what you ordered, send it back, Amazon is great with returns
  13. I did yes, but I had no such issues before updating. I tried Apple maps today and it worked normally too, so all three navigation apps work for me, sorry you're having issues, maybe reset the unit.........
  14. which maps are you using? I honestly have not used Apple maps since getting the 4400, I've only used Waze
  15. works perfectly for me wireless, haven't used it wired, is your gps antenna plugged up?
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