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  1. It is extremely frustrating the speed things are moving here...
  2. Donations were made and the amount covers the price. It is either a scam or a serious problem.
  3. Hi! If I have an F940, can I install these maps instead of the EU ones? Thanks!
  4. Flawless updated the F940! Thanks and keep up the good working!
  5. Confirmed update on F940BT. Didn't affect the existing TTS on device (Romanian in my case). (Issue?) Cannot switch to night scheme from short menu or settings. Only Day or Automatic options.
  6. The link is not working. Can you please check on that? And of course, be so kind to send me the password as well? Thank you, Sandu
  7. I can confirm everything went OK on F940. Download the files in the first post, replace VERINFO.DAT, copy on SD, insert, wait to update. It took about 18 minutes. Everything OK. I didn't back-up the files as I haven't find a way to. Risked too much.. but is OK. When will be the 2014? Looking forward....
  8. Primo for AVIC F series!

    Hello, After reading and reading, I'm getting more and more confused. Please help: for an F930, what is the recommended method to replace the stock navigation program with Primo? Please advice and if possible, re-post some mirrors as all the links look dead. Thank you in advance, Sandu
  9. Hello members, I'm thinking to buy an Pioneer Avic F910BT. There's one thing that I don't understand: if I'm using Avicnet and running iGo Primo or iGo8, I can listen to the radio or mp3 in parallel? When the voice guiding activates it mutes the radio/cd/mp3? If not, is there a model suitable to this behaviour? Thanks in advance, Sandu