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  1. Hi, I just installed a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX. Since the backup camera didn't come on when I put the car in reverse, I did some changes in settings. However, now when I start the car all I see is a black screen when in drive and park or the reverse camera when in reverse. This is brutal. How can I get back to the main menu and fix this issue? I tried pressing and holding each button and also pressing on the screen but nothing worked so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. I have the c2550-NEX. I have to touch the guidelines icon each time I put the car in reverse. Is there a way to make the guidelines on by default as soon as I put the car in reverse? FYI: I am using the Pioneer's guidelines, not the camera's guidelines.
  3. I have the above camera system for my 2007 ford F150, when I put my truck in reverse the picture has lines in it like there is some sort of interference, the picture goes off and on again continually it's a really wonkey picture! Can someone tell me what to do to fix this problem?
  4. Ok so I just finished installing an AVIC6400NEX head unit. Configured Apple CarPlay and all the bells and whistles. So to my surprise when trying to take a picture with my phone of the install, I put my phone in camera mode and the music (from the CD) stopped. Hit the home button and that was it, all functions were off. I could not select the CD as input with the camera of my phone on. Got out of the camera mode and bang, the music and all functions are back. Anyone knows what this is all about ? thanks !
  5. I've got a weird backup camera issue with my 8200. Everything was professionally installed, and generally works well, but my backup camera only works intermittently. When I put the vehicle into reverse, the head unit will change to the reverse camera view, but about 50% of the time, it'll be a blank screen, and 50% of the time it'll be the camera feed. Sometimes while I'm backing up, the screen will either switch from the feed to a blank screen, or from a blank screen back to the feed. Other times, it'll stay blank the entire time I'm backing up, or show the feed the entire
  6. My AVIC D3 unit has been installed in my 2006 Kia Sorento. When i either shift into reverse, I get a screen that says the image may be reversed instead of getting any video from the camera. I checked connections to the back of the D3. There appears to be good. Power, ground and video connections all seem good. How can i test to see of the camera is blown? I suspect this is the problem. But i test another camera and i get same problem. Would like to know for sure before i go ahead and order a new one. Thanks.
  7. Hello, New to the forum. Couldn't find any info on here about my problem. I installed a new AVH-X3800BHS last night along with a reverse camera. The camera receives power from the reverse light, and I ran a wire from the reverse light to the head unit (connected to the purple /white wire). It works great when I put the car in reverse, the camera turns on and goes off after the car goes into a different gear. Problem: When driving down the road, the reverse camera screen pops up and is black. I exit out of it and a few seconds later it comes back. Sometimes it takes a few minutes
  8. Hello all - first post. Recently my backup camera began acting strangely. The symptom is that the camera will come on when I enter reverse, but when I shift to drive the camera stays on. This worked for almost a year perfectly before this new symptom. Also, tell tale signs that something has changed - This seemed (keyword) to occur when Android Auto required an very recent update on the phone side. I know the two aren't technically connected, but it is coincidental. BTW - all this happened in the last 30 days or so. The screen on the backup camera used to be just the view of the came
  9. I have an 8000 NEX. I just installed 1.11 with seemingly no issues. I then installed a front camera on my truck. I have set the AV input to Camera, but the AV input does not show up on the source list, so I can't select it to use it. I know the camera is functioning, because I can select it in the Picture Adjustments menu, and I can see the image it is producing. I don't know if the problem was there with the old firmware. But youtube has a couple videos showing how to set it up that were made a year or so ago. And it worked then. I'm wondering if they broke or deleted the feature
  10. I am finally going to switch out my old Z3 (I think thats the model) to the 8200. Thinking I will add a backup camera too. Any suggestions? I have a Ford Excursion and use it for towing a lot. It would be cool if the camera could show the trailer hitch too! Ideas? Thoughts?
  11. Just installed a 8200 and it is stuck in camera mode, I am uploading a YouTube video right now and will link in the comments, I have tried everything any suggestions sint be frowned upon. Thank you.
  12. Okay so i am Brand new to this forum, and it has been incredibly helpful so far. But finally i am stumped. I got my reverse camera in the other day and installed it exactly how i am suppose to. Oh by the way, i have an AVIC-Z130BT The hot wire is run to a constant 12V The ground wire is Grounded properly The video cable is run to the rearview camera plug (the brown one) And then there is a wire that turns to a hot 12V when the truck is in reverse, well this wire is run to the back of the unit to the reverse gear signal input. Butttt it won't work? I have checked EVERYTHING with a m
  13. How do you set up the rear view camera? I have the 8000. I purchased this camera off Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AU4F74K/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Red wire is getting 12V DC (checked with multimeter) Black wire is grounded (has continuity to black wire on radio) Yellow video jack is plugged into camera input on radio, but I'm not getting any video. Tried two different RCA cables (both 75 ohms) The unit switches to the camera when in reverse but all black display. I tried ground and positive for camera polarity, neither worked. Any ide
  14. Hello, I have an issue with an install Im not sure If im missing something. I have the AVH-X2700BS unit my main concern is with the reverse camera. The reverse camera comes with just a black and red wire so I wired the red into the Purple/White Reverse wire and the black in with the radio's ground. With the camera setting on "BATT". Now my main problem is that when initially turn on the unit and put the car in reverse it will go to camera mode, but when the car is put back in drive the camera view does not go away. it will just go to black, since the camera itself is no longer receiv
  15. hello everyone, wanted to pick your brains on which rear view back up camera you consider best for the nex-8000..I am looking at the pioneer nb6 but wanted input on other models that work better.. thanks
  16. Hi, I have some problems with the rearview camera on my F930BT. When I turn on the key and I move the gear lever to reverse I have image from the camera. When I start the engine there is no more image from the camera. What can be the problem? I am using a rear view camera bought from eBay...
  17. I just had my 8000 NEX installed yesterday into my 2011 BMW 335d. When the car is off, selecting reverse turns the camera on exactly as has happened in all of the AVIC units that I installed into my 2010 Jetta TDI Cup Edition. Once the vehicle has started, it will engage the camera the first time I put it in reverse, but never again until I shut the whole car down and turn it on while in ACC mode. The voltage is just under 12v when the vehicle is off (and the camera activates as it should), but when the car is on, the voltage goes to 12.6v and the head unit seems to pretend that the trigger do
  18. Any suggestion on Camera position and hookup for 2nd camera... is the front a waste of time because of debree, sandbalasting lens, etc. Also, if you cut the wire to the parking brake to install the Microbypass, what happens to your dash indicator light for the brake? Your replys are appreciated, Dan P.S.: my car is a 2003 Infinity g35
  19. I was wondering if anyone has any experience running ARU reloaded on a samsung device (note4 ported xnote rom) to a avic8000nex..? Everything was running peachy till i started the install of my front and rear cameras. To begin i had installed rear camera via factory reverse wire and then started reading in forum to hook up via reverse lights. So i dug into my harness found that one lil green/brown wire and wired it up. All was running A++ till I tried to figure out front camera and eventually i got it going thanks to an individual on this forum but when I shut truck off and cycled ignition ba
  20. Hello all, Having trouble with the backup cam. When shifting to reverse, the screen switches to the backup screen fine...then the darn Caution image may be reversed pops up and blacks out the camera. Annoying. Cant figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi, After hours of trawling the web and no further forward, I though I'd try here How to you enable the speed cameras to display on the screen? I've downloaded a file and put it on my Micro SD card, confirmed the installation of 'blackspot' files but cannot see anything showing POI's for Speed Camera I'm in the UK if that helps anyone? Thanks folks! Damo
  22. Guys, Just bought an 08 350z Enthusiast (non Bose) and doing my first mod. My first project is a Head unit replacement and i've chosen the Pioneer avic-x850bt. I have attempted to install the $20 ebay cam found that some of the other guys have put in. http://www.ebay.com/itm/250872048016...84.m1439.l2649 I have successfully tapped into the Reverse wire and ground and run the video cable up through the center console. I believe there is a problem with the HU recognizing the camera and here are a few things that I've done to try get it to work: -Run a separate RCA cable to verify it isn
  23. Hello people! I just registered due to a problem with my Avic F900BT. Generally pleased with the unit and havent had any major problems with it. Until i decided to install a rear-view camera. I got a simple wired camera and had it installed. Seemed to work for a day, but then it wouldnt switch to the camera view when i put it in reverse. Turns out the reverse gear valve/switch of the car had issues. So i changed it. Now what happens is that the unit always stays with the black screen with the notice about rear view images could be reversed. It works when i go to reverse, but i c
  24. Hello people! I just registered due to a problem with my Avic F900BT. Generally pleased with the unit and havent had any major problems with it. Until i decided to install a rear-view camera. I got a simple wired camera and had it installed. Seemed to work for a day, but then it wouldnt switch to the camera view when i put it in reverse. Turns out the reverse gear valve/switch of the car had issues. So i changed it. Now what happens is that the unit always stays with the black screen with the notice about rear view images could be reversed. It works when i go to reverse, but i c
  25. Hi, I found a reverse camera lying around in my house that wasn't being used so I decided to try and hook it up to my d3. The camera was made to be hooked up to a small monitor that it came with, which I don't want to use obviously. The only issue is that the camera has a red wire for power, black for ground then a 3.5mm headphone jack which was supposed to be used to connect the camera to the monitor in the corresponding 3.5mm jack. The d3 reverse camera input jack is an rca plug. I'm just wondering if it would work to just get a 3.5mm to rca adapter and hook that up or if I'd have to do any
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