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Found 23 results

  1. Just installed my camera and running into a problem. When the car is off (but the key is in position 2) or if the car is running and my Note 3 is not connected, the camera works as expected, i.e. when in reverse or when I tap the button on the main screen. When the phone is connected the to radio, the camera will display a distorted, completely unusable image. So it seems there's a problem with the phone working while the camera is on. I would have thought it might be a grounding issue but the problem happens when the phone is connected via Bluetooth, as opposed to the HDMI connection. Has anyone run into this situation?
  2. People. Today we try to recycle and bargain (the economy is crazy). I'd like to buy a AppRadio 2 or 3, insteado of waiting for the new 5 generation, on buying a 4. The main differences between those units are: - App3 can change wallpaper; - App3 can mainstream music through bluetooth. Is that it? Just that? And also: - Can I use a App3 firmware, and turn the a App2 headunit, into a App3? (the "hardware" on the App2 has the required specs for so?) Thanks for anyone that can help. Best regards.
  3. I had this problem about a year and a half ago. I have an AppRadio 2, with a Galaxy S5, and AppRadio 2 was on firmware version 8.17 and decided to update it to 8.30, since my phone stopped connecting a week or two ago. When I did this about a year and a half ago, the radio basically just looks for an iPhone to connect to and there no longer is an option to connect to an iPods. It just doesn't connect no matter what you do. I downgraded from 8.30 to 8.15, and even down to 8.11 but always had problems connecting it after that. Best Buy gave me a new radio and I just stayed on 8.15. For some reason I decided to to do it again. Does anyone know of a way to get your radio to see an ipod classic 160, after updating to 8.30 or even after downgrading? I'm about to purchase an AppRadio 4 and was hoping to give this to a friend. WORKING... Thanks I appreciate any help with this issue.
  4. Anyone have one juke with sphda100? Which wheel control interface use? Because I have some problem, the phone call open/closed non fuction and I want to buy one new interface....
  5. I'm reaching out to you guys in hopes that you can assist me with an issue that happened out of nowhere with my AppRadio 2 unit in the past month. One morning when going out to my car I noticed little spots on the bottom right of the radio screen as seen in the picture below. They're in a place that never really gets used as there's not "bottons" there to press. Also, They don't leach down to the edge of the screen and when I press on them they don't seem to flex, nor is the screen itself "loose". It's very odd, it looks like some sort of gel between the glass and the screen itself (maybe UV gel?) Anyone ever have this issue? Any tips or instructions someone can point me to that might help me repair it? Attached is a picture that shows the issue.
  6. Hi I have just installed my app radio 2 SPH-DA100 but the iPhone is not being picked up, just a greyed out iPod, apps and pandora icon. I bought an iPhone with 'No service' just to leave in the glovebox and have everything is connected/installed, app radio, car media player. Its iOS 7.0.4 and the head unit is the latest version. Charging the phone is fine. Anyone know what could be causing this? Would try a reset on the head unit but it is always greyed out! Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wondering if anyone tried the beta's of iOS 7 on an iPhone 4s and if they then tried it with their appradio? Would love to know the result before i update to iOS 7 in the next week or two.
  8. Recently decided to finally take the plunge and update the Bose head unit in my 99 Camaro (1.5DIN to DoubleDin) and I'm wondering if anybody here can offer some info about the Appradio units. What I am basically after is: - The ability to play mp3's (that I hope to be able to transfer and store on the Appradio unit). - Utilize Google Maps as my navigation software on the Appradio screen even if my phone is not connected/available. - Connect a ODBII Bluetooth Adapter to the unit and utilize Torque. - Connect a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx to the Appradio and be able to Send/Receive calls hands free. - Use Dragon Speaking App (Siri Clone) to make calls and send text messages hands free (when my phone is connected). - Use custom background screens to match my car/mood/theme when I want. - Animated backgrounds would be cool but not required. I have already decided to give one of the Appradio's a try but don't know if there is a reason to spend the extra cash (about $70) to get Appradio 3 over Appradio 2. Don't have an iPhone but may in the future. Don't think I need cd/dvd so that saves me about $100. Now, I'm sure there are plenty of other features with either of the units but as long as my basic list is covered then everything else would simply be a bonus. I apologize if these are silly questions but I just discovered Appradio while researching and I'm excited to get one ordered and give it a try. Just don't want to make an expensive mistake so any opinions or insight would be greatly appreciated from anybody willing to take the time to share it. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I cant find any information on this. Can someone clarify for me please? I have recently switched from using an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S3 but I am not getting any integration with my app radio. When I read the install guide, I see mention of an HDMI cable...but the appradio app connects via bluetooth also...Im utterly confused. What do I need to get the appradio working again? Can I get away with only using a bluetooth connection or do I need to rip out my app radio and put in a new cable (what is it that I need to put in)? Thanks for any help. SG
  10. Hi all. Got a bit of a weird issue with my AppRadio2. Using this with a 4s, and everything has been fine until now! Unit powers on this morning, and I hear lots of beeping. It had whacked itself up to full volume, almost as if the physical volume keys were stuck. Sadly, they're not. Although I can't confirm if they're responsive, all physical buttons on the unit are now not working. The touchscreen still works, but unless I want to touch Radio and blow my speakers then that's pretty pointless. I've also noticed a "TEST" in the top right hand corner. This was not here before these issues began, and should be viewable in the picture attached to the bottom. I've tried the following: - Different phones - Power cycling the device - Removing and reseating all fuses - Software factory reset - Upgrading to 8.17 firmware (don't want to lose my iPhone4 functionality by going to 8.3!) Still, the issue persists, and is making the device unuseable. Pioneer support have shrugged their shoulders and fobbed me off with "out of warranty". The only thing I can think of is the recent hot spell we've had in the UK has fried something inside the unit! Anyone's ideas would be much appreciated! Many thanks, Rob
  11. New here from the Northern Virginia/ D. C. area and thought I'd post my install:
  12. ok here's my issue, i installed the appradio 2 and everything seemingly works fine except i needed to install the microbypass to allow mirroring to my iphone 5 (which is really restricted) and allow me to use it when i please. So i get the 2013 pioneer microbypass and i install it just as the instructions say i should and my iphone is being mirrored just fine except now on my dash the brake light has turned on. So my question is: Should my brake light be on? or have i done something wrong ? The e-brake isn't engaged, it's completely disengaged and i have unplugged the battery for some time and the light is still on. Please any help with this would be great.
  13. Im wondering if windows 8 will work on appradio 2, it would be awesome if you can. I would have a small form factor pc or even a laptop running all my media. No need for keybaord or mouse as windows 8 is fully touch compatable. Anyone know if this can work?
  14. Hi, I have recently noticed that there is noise when i connect my iPod and it is a constant noise and does not increase or decrease when I change the volume and when I diconnect the ipod, the noise will go away! Does anyone have a similar experience? (I use KTP445U to amplify the signal a little bit.)
  15. Hello to all, new Appradio 2 owner here that finally took the plunge due to the BestBuy sale last week. I. Also recently upgraded to the iPhone 5 and ordered the adapter from Pioneer for it. I'm running IOS 6.1 and do have the newest AppEx beta installed, 8.30 installed on the radio also (bypassed parking brake too!). Here are a few things I've experienced so far and wanted to see if anyone else with similar specs have experienced. 1) CarMediaPlayer - I have a ton of albums/songs on my phone (almost 3400 songs) and when accessing the albums or artist there is a noticeable lag while scrolling through them.... Has anyone else noticed a similar situation? Just slightly irritating when you are used to the iPod app on the phone. 2) Pandora - While it is working for some reason when I reconnect the phone to the radio it is instantly opening it and playing without me even having to choose anything. Could this maybe be due to the app still running in the background on the phone when I connect it? 3) Radio reception - I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger and while my stock radio picked up stations fine the Appradio is horrible. They tried 2 different adapters, one non-powered and the current powered and doesn't seem to make a difference. Even with the radio set to seek even low strength signals it will just scan and scan and eventually come back with some bunk stations that are nothing more then static. Anyone else have issues with the radio like this?? Any replies will be much appreciated and looking forward to future AppEx updates that will truly make this radio worth having! Chris
  16. Ok, So early this evening, Pioneer Electronics announced the long anticipated update was here! Ready for download, instructions and all. Allowing full use of the iPhone 5, with this update and a 120 dollar cable. Luckily, I have the iPhone 4S, right? No. I completed the two stage update, looking forward to hopefully some bug fixes. I plug my phone is and, nothing. the phone made its chime to say it was loading. But no beep or reaction from the AppRadio. So I unplug it, and try the bluetooth. After a few unsuccessful tries, it finally worked. So I have one connection. But as i was trying the phone functionality, I found that when i click on my contact list, or last/missed calls. The lists show up for two seconds, and then disappear. I try the phone connection again, phone chimes for charging, and nothing from the radio. In the settings menu there is a new option. AppRadio connections. When you click here, it opens a page telling you to disconnect your device, turn its bluetooth off. and then to download their new app! CarMediaPlayer. I did this, and tried again. No luck. No connectivity. The bluetooth connection takes a long time to connect now. Why oh why did I update so soon. Pioneer really must have their heads waaay up their asses. If they don't fix this very quickly, i am stuck with an AM/FM radio.
  17. I installed my new appradio 2 this weekend and connected it to my iPod 4th gen with iOS6. I put the GPS antenna on the dash and in the middle close to the windshield. The navigation is so slow, it refreshes the location every 3 seconds or so and sometime it jumps to some random locations (not too far but no accurate at all though). Checked the location services and everytime was on. Checked the GPS signal in the unit and it is receiving 9 satellite signals (the orange satellites are 9 and no yellow)…. Does anyone have the same experience with this unit in terms of GPS with iPod?
  18. Has anyone tried AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) with Sony Xperia ion LTE with HDMI. I am ruinning 4.0.4 ICS and the phone is ROOTED. Thanks
  19. Hi Guys Pioneer released a new Firmware update a few days ago. Now i´m woundering if i should update my appradio 2. I can´t seem to find a list of what is included in the update. Anyone find something like that or did the update ? If so would be awsome if someone could share his thoughts on the update. Thx in advance Goofy
  20. Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is a possibility to change the background of the Main Screen ? I managed to change it on the App´s Homescreen but not the Main Screen. I guess that is because the Main background picture comes direktly from the radio and not the iPhone. I was thinking if it´s possible to maybe change it through the USB Port wich is used for Firmware updates. Anyone got any ideas ??? Thx Guys Goofy
  21. Extra Mile is showing up as a recommended app in the AppRadio program. I haven't tried it out. Apparently it's not available to me in Canada.
  22. So I installed the appradio two and so far works great just a couple bug but i cant get my apps to run because i dont have the parking break wire in but problem is i tried soundman bypass with the relay and it wont work because it ask me to hit ok and it wont let me. I tried the swith and i hit the ok button and then it shows me a black blank screen. Has someone else had this problem and how did you fix it??
  23. Hey all, Last week I purchased and install the new Pioneer Appradio 2. I will start by saying I have very high hopes for this unit but at this time it is horrible. I'm hoping other owners will confirm that i'm not the only one that has these problems. Car: 2011 SUBARU WRX Phone: Droid Raxr iphone 4s Issues: 1. Screen will go black from time to time. Usually while listening to pandora and driving. Just goes black, music still plays. If I hit the volume the volume will display in the top left of the screen. This happens randomly and often. 2. Music constantly stops playing from time to time for a second or 2 when navigating the UI. Example: Listening to Pandora, switch from hope screen to pandora the music stops for about 2 seconds, then resumes. This doesn't always happen but I'd say 50% or the time it does. 3. When using the iphone 4s most apps do not display on the screen when I try and use them. They display on the phone but the screen of the appradio stays black. Annoyances 1. Always need to access the phone to do almost anything. (always asks for permission) 2. Constant safety pop ups. (over and over again) More to be added to this list, Please let me and the rest of this forum know if you are experiencing any problems. I already have a email into Pioneer. Here is a video with some commentary, I'm not good at doing reviews or videos but this should give some idea of the problems I'm having and my frustration.