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Found 51 results

  1. Noise when hitting buttons 4660nex

    Car on or car off, when hitting a button on the touchscreen, like volume up and down, or selecting anything, I get a thud from my subwoofer, not real loud. Tried different ground points on for the headunit, I don't get alternator whine or anything. Gains on my amps are excessively low as I have way more power than i need 3000wrms for a 1200wrms sub, and 150wrmsx4 for my mids and tweets. It is a minor annoyance, I but was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar with the nex units.
  2. I am having issues with my 4400NEX (latest firmware) and CarPlay via WIFI. Wifi CarPlay works flawlessly with my iphone X on v13.3.1. If it doesn't connect automatically, I can go to the Top Menu Screen select the phone icon and my iPhone X is listed. I can then select my iphone and it connects via wifi. No issues. Now I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max on v13.3.1, I have connected it to the 4400NEX via usb, bluetooth and wifi and it works perfectly the 1st time. The problem is when I turn the truck off and start the truck up again the 4400NEX wifi doesn't connect to my iPhone. So I go to the top menu and when I select the phone icon all I see is my old iPhone X listed. My new iphone is not listed. If I go to my iphone 11 Pro Max settings select general > CarPlay > AVH-4400NEX > the CarPlay is on. But if I turn it off and on again the 4400NEX sees it and connects. I can plug my iPhone 11 Pro Max in by usb and it works flawlessly. But if I wanted it plugged in I wouldn't have replaced my 4200NEX with the 4400NEX. I've completely reset the radio, the phone, deleted everything from bluetooth on both the radio and phone and nothing seems to work. I can also find no way to get my old iphone deleted from the CarPlay wifi. I've deleted it from bluetooth no issues. But its still in the CarPlay wifi menu. I was hoping maybe someone on here had a similar issues and could help. Thank you for your time.
  3. 8200nex Cant access oem setting

    I cant access the oem setting after trying to debug mode password DEVELOPDBG ON does not work anymore. I tried the set on feature and OEM setting are still grey out. I installed a mini bypass and it's still grey out. So the reason I need the oem setting is because everytime I press one of the buttons from the bottom the display goes off, sometimes it goes crazy and display goes on/off/on, or I loose the screen touch feature. I think this happen because I clean the screen with a microfiber cloth while it was on. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. 7100NEX F70DAB SD Card Image

    Hi Does anyone have a link to 7100NEX Internal SD image? I think this is the US version of the AVIC F70DAB in the UK. Many thanks
  5. Password removal on NEX5100

    Can anyone help removing password from F970bt/5100nex? It started asking for password after update. It is out of warranty. Please help?
  6. I force installed 1.11 version update on F970bt/NEX5100 though testmode_a and since then it has started asking for password. It wont boot into testmode or any developer mode anymore. Have tried different USBs. Even removed the head unit and accessed the internal card but since i couldnt read it, i made a new SD card with F970DAB image file on the Backup forum, It was stuck on boot loop. Please help anyone!
  7. I recently installed a new 8500NEX and had no problems setting up the WiFi connection for both my and my wife’s iPhones. Last week, my phone died and was replaced with a new one. After performing the restore, the 8500 network credentials were still in the phone, but it wouldn’t connect to the HU. It has a check mark next to the 8500 in the network list, so it seems as if it’s connected, but it’s not. I figured it was because of the different MAC address of the new phone so I had it “forget” the network, reset the 8500 password and RE-joined the 8500. Still won’t connect (as far as CarPlay is concerned). I opened the device list in the 8500 and told it to search for new devices and it doesn’t find the new phone no matter what I do. Any suggestions short of a of a factory reset?
  8. 8200 Loses GPS

    I have had an 8200 NEX for several months now and am generally happy with it. I'd be much happier if my Sirius signal never dropped out, but that's not a Pioneer issue. Anyway, every once in a while, maybe every couple weeks or so, the 8200 navigation software will not be able to pick up my current GPS location. The top of the screen simply reads "Looking for GPS signal" while the dots next to it continue to cycle back and forth and the map shows my last GPS fix. In the System Information, the GPS antenna shows as being connected ("OK"), but no satellites are detected. Any time I've had this issue, it does not correct itself during the car ride. About half of the time, it might start working 3-4 car rides later. The other half of the time, I've had to disconnect power to the 8200, let it sit for a couple minutes, then reconnect the power. (I recently was able to simply pull the fuse for the radio rather than pulling the entire unit out of the dash as I had done previously.) Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?
  9. Avic 7200nex black screen.

    Hello I was curious if anyone else has experienced the issue of their headunit booting the pioneer logo and then going black. I'm able to hit the reset button but it still does the same thing.
  10. Hi, I just installed a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX. Since the backup camera didn't come on when I put the car in reverse, I did some changes in settings. However, now when I start the car all I see is a black screen when in drive and park or the reverse camera when in reverse. This is brutal. How can I get back to the main menu and fix this issue? I tried pressing and holding each button and also pressing on the screen but nothing worked so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Does anyone have a backup download for the AVH-4000NEX For the sd card? I have the software error screen...
  12. 5201NEX Help please;

    Can you guys/gals please provide me with the steps and data I need to get into my 5201NEX & delete / figure out my password. My avic-5201NEX is NOT running the latest version of firmware. & the back story for all you forum lovuhhhs! I bought my avic -5201NEX a few months back, as I know Some of you have read this a million times.... I locked myself out of my 5201 when I unplugged my battery & was prompted for the password to get back in that I have tried to guess for hours (which I don’t understand I use a series of password for everything and none of them work so i must have been in a strange mood I guess that day lol) anyways what I am hoping and asking is simple for an experienced user on this forum, I have only been on it recently in the hopes of being able to access my headunit again without having to send it back to fricken pioneer and wait 4-6 weeks for it to come back. Anyways that’s it long story short, I’m going to continue searching and piecing together the data I can but I would TRUELY appreciate someone taking a couple mins to link the files needed , or even just write the steps and tell me what files to look for , Thank you again in advance look foward to speaking with you
  13. New Android Auto Wallpaper issues

    Is it just me and my deck or is the new AA wallpaper terrible? It looks all blotchy and not smooth at all. It must be the 4200's display. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix in the settings???
  14. I have loaded up my hard drive with music, movies, and audio books. Aside from the horrible way that it reads and lists files and folders, it works ok. Meaning i can scroll through them, hit the button for audio/video and it "works" Problem is that I get no video on the head end unit. (Yes I have Bypassed it and DVD's work perfect while driving) Funny thing is when playing a movie (AVI format) the sound works great and it plays on the rear screens both on the Mirror and USB1 or USB2 setting for the rear. It does not play video on the head end......... Any suggestions? All i get is the background on the main screen. It also does the same thing when the back screens are off by the way, sound only no video on the screen. Made for a great trip for the kids, sucked for me and my wife....... thanks

    Hey guys I've got a lil question I was driving the other day and it was a pretty bumpy road, when suddleny my volume started cutting out with each bump, it would go low then come back loud and so on. Eventually it just stayed like that and I could not adjust the volume, I would press the buttons and nothing would happen up or down... but some times lightly "slapping" the dash would get it to come back for a second... so I took it out to make sure all the connections were ok and they seemed fine. So the only thing I could think of was to do a reset of the settings. It worked and the volume controls work again, however I did not take the car for a drive and see if it would happen again, I am just concerned that there is a more serious internal issue. Anyone have the same experience or ideas on why it could be? Should I be concerened? I tried calling pioneer but unfortunately they're closed on the weekend Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!!
  16. Hi, I will get my 8200 this weekend and thought, it would be a good idea to have a backup of the internal SD card. Is this possible with the DEV MOD ? I thought, I saw some script here for the x200 series, but I am no more able to find it. Thanks in advance for your answer !!
  17. Hi, I have the 7200NEX and when you select MAPS it says iGO loading and then it closes. Everything else with the unit is working well. How can I fix this issue? Where is the SD card located? Are there any step by step instructions? Thank you for the help! - Matthew
  18. Backups and Images

    I wanted to start a thread of backup files for our stock units and any modified images. If this forum has helped you at all, contribute with your backups as a big thank you! State full Make/Model of your NEX unit, which firmware version installed at the time of backup, and which files are being uploaded. Here's my submission: Pioneer AVIC 6100NEX, firmware version 1.5 NOR Flash and BSP backup: http://bit.ly/2cLq29d Internal SD card backup: http://bit.ly/2k5Y6fz *Update* Working on getting a new set of files up, these might be corrupt. Standby... *Update 2* New files uploaded, enjoy!
  19. AVIC NEX 5000 Restore?

    So I just bought the NEX 5000 pioneer from a trusted local pawn and I was crazy excited to put it in but it seems to have a password lock. Pioneer is not open yet here in my time zone but it seems to be an 80 dollar fix? I'm going to see if they can tell me if its stolen but the pawn shop lady told me I could return if it can't be fixed. Anyway to get it into like a system restore mode? I've heard test mode works as well but only ones I see are for other models. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. AVN 4100NEX Microphone Issues

    Hello everyone. Just had a 4100NEX installed. All was working well with the microphone. Only 2 days later, the microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure, but it seems to have happened when I updated my phone to iOS 8.4. But that wouldn't explain why the microphone doesn't work with the bluetooth Pioneer features, right? Do these microphones go out so easily? Or is there maybe a setting or something that controls the microphone? In my Jetta, the route for tucking the mic cable is hellacious and I'd hate to do it again. Thank you all for your help.
  21. I know this has been asked, but I have yet to find a clear answer. On the NEX series, there are two screens, the 'splash screen' for 1-2 seconds followed by a 'loading screen' for 3-5 seconds. Pioneer touts the ability to change the splash screen...but who cares when it's barely visible and immediately changes to their own loading screen. I previously owned an F90BT and was able to actually replace that loading screen, which was considered the splash screen. Anyway, has any figured out a way to actually replace both the splash screen and loading screen with an image? It was easy on the F90 as you could get into the windows environment. Hopefully I'm not missing something obvious. Thanks in advance for the replies!
  22. Hi Gurus of all things NEX I recently brought my wife a 5100NEX for her 2011 Nissan Altima (BIG IM SORRY PRESENT). Anyhow, I have an iPhone 6, and when I plugged in my 6 to her deck to make sure everything was working good, I had 0 problems. So after I showed her the car, and the radio she plugged in her 5s and we took off for a trip down to wine country. Well, about 10 minutes into the drive, the 5100 stopped responding in Car Play mode. The CD still worked, the Radio still worked, bluetooth with the 5s was flawless, but we couldn't get CarPlay to work... I have no idea what's going on and I can't find anything on any support forums that lists the 5s as having issues with CarPlay. It's running iOS 8.3 however I haven't done the firmware update to the NEX yet.. (as a side note, we unplugged her 5s and plugged in my 6 and carplay worked perfectly) It maybe worth noting that In my Ford Fusion I have the 7100NEX and her phone acts goofy in my car as well. I haven't tried to plug in someone else's 5s yet too see if it's just her phone... If anyone has heard anything related to this issue please let me know... I'm going to do the firmware updates today to both of the decks to see if that that fixes the issue. Thanks in advance for all your help guys & gals. Respectfully, Bryan Garcia
  23. NEX Series rear AUX input

    I know that the 3.5mm jack in the rear is really an AV minijack; however, has anyone here ever used a standard audio mini-jack in the rear and use the AUX source as an audio-only AUX-in? The part that Pioneer recommends in the owner's manual for the AVIC NEX units (CD-RM10) doesn't even seem to be even sold by Pioneer anymore.
  24. HDMI w/Chromecast

    I currently have the 8100NEX. I wanted to know if anyone has tried to streaming Chromecast via the HDMI port and using one of the USB ports?
  25. Missing features from the NEX

    Hello Everybody, Two weeks ago I bought the European equivalent of the NEX-6000, the AVIC-F960DAB. The HU is really good, sound quality is great and love all the features it has in theory. In practice not all of the features are implemented as good as it should have been. I've written to Pioneer about these issues and thought I should share the experience with you guys. Maybe if more of us open a complaint on Pioneer Support we can get these things sorted out. This is what I have written them: Hi, I bought the Pioneer AVIC-F960DAB a couple of days ago, and installed it in my VW Crafter People Carrier Van (This is the same car as the Mercedes Sprinter). The unit is linked to a monitor in the passenger area via the AV out port. The problems that I am having are as follows: 1.) There is no remote control app for Android/iPhone that my passengers could use to remotely control the HU. This is a major disadvantage as the passengers in the back should be able to play/pause, adjust the volume, change the movie they are watching on the monitor without distracting me from driving. 2.) The HU does not show the subtitles for DivX movies. I've tried different file types (srt, sub, txt) and also mkv file with integrated subtitles. Nothing works. This is another major disadvantage for the passengers. My previous HU, an 8 years old JVC KW-AVX800, had no such problems. 3.) Trying to somehow bypass the limitations raised by problem 1.) and 2.) I linked up a Chromecast (HDMI dongle) to the HDMI IN port on the HU. With this I can stream movies with subtitles from a mobile phone to the HU wirelessly, thus fixing the no remote and subtitle problems, but another problem arises: - The HDMI IN video isn't mirrored on the passenger monitor linked to the AV Out port. I've tried different configurations and formats for the video settings, nothing helps. 4.) Make an option in the HU settings to dim the illumination after a specific time, or link it to the GPS skin changing time. Since in a lot of EU countries it is mandatory to drive with the lights on even during the day I can't really use the dim function linked to the lights switch. Manually dimming every evening isn't really high end solution... 5.) AVICSync app for mobile is now almost a year past it's release deadline. Please release at lease a limited/BETA version of it. 6.) The Folder sort order in File view mode is random. Alphabetical sorting of the folders would be much better. Paying 800 Euros for a high-end unit from a high-end brand hopefully entitles me to a high end customer support as well. All these problems could be fixed via a firmware update. Pioneer, please address these issues!! Best regards, Daniel