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Diaftia's Hybrid mods V3.6 - UPDATED: 04/19/11 - Now with auto installer.

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I have this mod installed with the 4.001 firmware and the voice guidance works so far....haven't tested it a lot though and it appears that the freeway signs aren't showing up (I'm talking the green freeway signs, not the interstate labels they are present)....I'll test somemore to confirm this


Update: I am seeing freeway signs, but not in as many locations as before.  What I am missing completely is the speed/redlight cams that I had before 4.001.  I have also changed from TA maps to NavTeq because I couldn't find any TA maps later than 2010.  Curious, could the change of maps affect the cams??

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I have a two issues with this...


First no speedcamara's in Europe? I live in holland but i dont get warned at all. And YES i have them active and warnings on and nonmuted etc etc.


And how can i put 2012 Maps on it? Because if i put the maps in the map folder and delete the old ones. the unit won't boot anymore?!



I only use the .fbl files and the POI's and ofcourse the newest speedcam files .txt and .spdu file from gpsunderground

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Let me say that i am brand new to the avid f700 and brand new to these forums. I started off with a bricked f700 and with much searching for files as well as information on these forums what i have ended up with is an f700 running 4.01 firmware with this mod on top and it works flawlessly so far. I know its been years since this thread started but your work is still helping people.

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Hi after running Primo 2.4 in Test mode, Navi and System settings grayed out, cannot input address.  (F900BT EU)

How can I Reset to factory, I Have My Flash Disk backup, but it does not help.

I Also Deleted USER folder hoping to get factory settings, does not help...


What are the bare minimum of files in the root folder?

Is This the right way to go: Avic Problem Solver Files\my flashdisk back up\2.0 f700 backup

Do i Need to do WinCe update if I Manually copy this? AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_CNSD100FM_VER_3021000.zip


What WinCE version is needed for this mod?

I am not fond of flashing SYStem ROM if if it is not the last option...





grga001 at gmail


---- integrate version: 2.009000 ---- 

7z.dll  - 

CustomFontLib.dll  - 

GdiPlus2.dll  - 

V2dModel.dll  - 

AplCommonLib.dll  - 

AplLib.dll  - 

Av.exe  - 

CommonLib.dll  - 

iPod.dll  - 

iPodCP.dll  - 

MainMenu.exe  - 

Navi.exe  - 

NBaseLib.dll  - 

NDeviceLib.dll  - 

NEventBaseLib.dll  - 

NEventWatcher.exe  - 

NPCommonLib.dll  - 

NPLib.dll  - 

NStandardLib.dll  - 

NSystemInfoLib.dll  - 

Shell.exe  - 

SystemSetting.exe  - 

Tel.exe  - 

uComInitComm.exe  - 

Update.exe  - 

Usb_Info.dll  - 

Video.exe  - 

archer_api.dll  - 

CallHistoryLib.dll  - 

FirmwareUpdate.dll  - 

HFD_Assistant_Lib.dll  - 

iconv.dll  - 

InterActiveAPI.dll  - 

parrot.dll  - 

PhonebookDB.dll  - 

sqlite3.dll  - 

PictureCodecWin32.dll  - 

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Also meant to ask, is this based on any particular navigation or is it stll the iGO but modifying someway ?


Or is it different version, I think I saw Nav n Go somewhere.

Anyone compared this to the nav software on the avicnet, what is the primo like ?


Tempted to try but a wondering how many flash attempts you have on the device !

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