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AVIC-MRZ99 Custom Firmware / Testmode

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On 25/8/2021 at 2:19, hydyrov said:

¡Oye! primero quiero agradecer@dzo por el tremendo aporte, así como@javed akhtar apoyo continuo. Ustedes son leyendas. Si olvidaste a alguien, entonces lo siento.
En segundo lugar, traduje esta publicación al traductor de Google, por lo que si hay algún error, hágalo bien.
Gracias a todos, he traducido MRZ09 / MRZ99 / MRZ77 / MRZ90 al ruso, MRZ02 al inglés. También quería contribuir con mi tesoro a este caso y creé una copia de seguridad para todos los modelos anteriores y adjunté el enlace a continuación. Próximamente habrá más modelos MRZ y también se agregarán. Un amigo ordenó varias piezas. MRZ y me pidió que los tradujera ya que trabajo en photoshop (cree que soy programador). Pero gracias a las instrucciones detalladas, DZO, así como al consejo de Javedakhtar, las traduje.

Copias de seguridad:

1) ZLM 02

2) ZLM 09

3) ZLM 77

4) ZLM 90

5) ZLM 99



my mrz02 stays on the black screen it has no letters or anything. I have put files of another and nothing at all

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On 4/25/2020 at 10:36 PM, ArtemKomsa said:

Hello everybody!
I have a Nissan Leaf 2015 S
With radio AVIC-EVZ05 (NOT MRZ)
I can’t delete, copy files in Explorer without the correct TESTMODE file
Please, if someone has them
Please send them to me along with the translation files

Also, I could not find the translation files in the radio itself
Maybe they can not be seen without a test mode file
I do not know

  Reveal hidden contents



I have the English language file but no way of loading it to the deck...my deck doesnt have the copy and paste function...it is also identical to yours

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On 11/30/2020 at 1:12 PM, Milesh said:

Any luck with AVIC EVZ05? 



I have the English language file but no way of loading it to the deck...my deck doesnt have the copy and paste function...it is also identical to yours..i wish someone would help us make a self installing program

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I tried to slip the testmode.key file, but it didnot work!I generated a file using py script, but not successfully !
climbed into ida and what do I see! text must be in UTF-16LE encoding!!!

My Model AVIC-RW802, AVICRZ09 Folder , PS140PLT.PRG extract> testmode.exe 

.data:00173008                 text "UTF-16LE", "TECHNICAL"
.data:00173008                 .datab.b 2, 0

and model !!!NX168!

mtext:000149F4                 mov.l   #aNx168, r7     ; "NX168"
.text:000149F6                 bt      loc_14A0A
.text:000149F8                 mov     r8, r3
.text:000149FA                 add     r10, r3
.text:000149FC                 mov.l   #aTechnical_0, r6 ; "TECHNICAL"

Gone try to make a file :))))))))

write a little later

file did not fit :( 

looking at the procedure for decrypting testmode.key file, and it does not match any of the generator scripts posted here

Model 2018 year and there everything else

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I disassembled two testmod.key (MRZ and RZ models) files in the IDA.В 
And I looked at the procedures for decrypting the testmod.key file.В 
And they are almost identical with the exception of one transition, which is not clear what that nonsense.В 
Procedures almost one to one and the file does not work!

I'm trying to slip the testmod.exe file from MRZ to the RZ series into the firmwareВ 

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