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2015 European Map Update for Pioneer AVIC-F30BT, F930BT, F9310BT, F40BT, F940BT, F840BT, F8430BT

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if USER\PRG.FLG file exists you have to patch USER\PRG1\APL\Navi.exe.


Hex edit navi.exe 6.0 @ offset BEC64 0500000A -> 0000A0E1



Worked like a charm.


you guys are awesome!


If I understand correctly, with this hex edit you can remove the warning (drive safely etc.) screen after starting the car?

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hello all, I updated my f940bt somehow with the 2013 files. Now I want to do the same with the 2015, but I am completely lost. I do have a the password for the (Flomsen)zip file , but that already seems to give some errors. It does unpack something though.

But then I go to the instructions.. And I see testmode. No clue how to run that. Can someone give a more extensive manual how to do this? Also the files that need to be changed; iuf these are suppose to be in the zipfile, its not there.

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