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WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

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A post I made back here 

about the unit booting into this display, had gone away until I updated to iOS 14.3 now it boots to this screen every time!?  Anyone else having this?


Update:  So the update is, if I hit OK on the warning at the start the unit will show wiif-audio for a sec, and switch to CarPlay GUI, but if I leave the warning to time out, then it will stay in wifi-audio section.  This only started happening around the iOS 14.3 update, so I suspect its a bit of a incompatibility with what 14.3 wants and the Pioneer is doing on a timed out screen/(maybe just timing)


Update:  I only tried it once, but it looks like if I start the car with the phone plugged into USB, then even if I wait for the warning screen to timeout, it goes directly into CarPlay.  So the issue seems to be related to either/(or inclusive) iOS 14.3, wireless CarPlay, Pioneer Warning screen.  This makes me think their might be a setting in iOS I'm missing but I have tried changing a LOT of stuff so far to no avail, 

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On 6/16/2020 at 5:47 AM, Dizle said:

Thanks I’ll give them a call! 

How’s your wireless CarPlay? My phone needs to be quite close to the pioneer or else it cuts out. I practically have to set it on the dash above the radio to get a solid signal for CarPlay, I’ll mention it to pioneer as well. 

I have a iPhone 12 two feet away from the HU and music with CarPlay skips for a brief half second every 5 minutes or so. (No skip issue with the radio feed)

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Just now, bonee said:

a source has to be playing for the input to turn on. I use my S20 ultra USB-C to HDMI

I was trying to play through Netflix and Hulu on my iPhone, but it just wouldn't play. Maybe I'll try something a fire stick or something.

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