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How to fix for AVH-W4400NEX boot loop

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On 10/16/2022 at 7:59 AM, Lamb said:

I fixed my boot loop issue yesterday in about 30 minutes.  I ordered a preloaded SD card from eBay with the NEX AVHW4500 software on it.  

I was not able to lower the front screen using the eject button (as I had no access to the settings functions due to the boot loop error), so i pried the front screen off with a plastic stereo removal tool, then I manually pushed/forced the motorized tray that holds the front screen down so I could get access to where the internal SD card is installed. 

I then used Datsun's idea of creating an access slot underneath the external SD card reader to get to the broken internal SD card.  I used his pictures as a guide of where to make the slot. 

Few tips:  I first used blue painters tape to tape up the AUX cable hole and the external SD slot, as well as underneath the motorized tray so I could catch any little plastic shavings and make sure they did not end up inside the unit. 

I used a 1/16 drill bit to carefully and slowly drill holes through the plastic where the internal slot is.  Then I heated up a razor blade with a lighter, and used that to carefully melt/cut out the slot.  

Popped the old broken card out, inserted the new one from eBay and the unit powered and booted right up.  The only thing you have to do is set up your unit (and reconnect to your devices) as if it were brand new.  So make sure to write down or take screen shots of your iPhone settings prior. 

Hope this helps. 

Can you give any more details on how to remove the front? Were you able to leave the unit in the car?

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On 10/22/2022 at 10:36 AM, DarinG said:

Can you give any more details on how to remove the front? Were you able to leave the unit in the car?


I bought this car stereo removal kit:


I used one of the plastic pry tools to carefully wedge under the center of the screen and "pop" it out.  If you are slow and careful you won't cause any damage to the screen or the plastic frame around it.  I watched a guy on Youtube do it, and that gave me the idea.  Should take under 1 minute. 

Once the screen was off, I manually pushed the metal panel that the screen connects to down.  There is another video on Youtube showing how to do this with pliers and some force, but I didn't need to use pliers.  I just applied pressure and pushed from the top down and out to mimic the way the motor would do it had the unit been functioning properly.

I did not have to remove the entire unit from the dash at all.  All you need is to access the panel behind the screen and the screen holder, drill or cut out a slot to access the internal SD card, replace the card, click the screen back on, and start it up.  You can then press the Eject button in the lower right corner of the unit and the screen should move back up to normal position.

Hope this helps. 

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Just want to share this is super, super helpful and continues to be a fix for the boot loop on the AVH-W4400NEX.  Dead battery seemed to create the boot loop and this all worked like a charm.  took about an hour to do all these steps for me (newbie).

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Thanks, I got my AVH-Z9100DAB back alive with the AVIC.img, however now I’m not able to access FM and DAB audio sources. Any suggestions for that issue, is there a better matching image somewhere or what can I do?


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On 2/4/2021 at 11:52 AM, HondaR said:

Hi guys

Had this problem today, and thankfully this forum exists so manage to rummage through the pages and then put a fix together.  Thought I'd save future people some hassle and just put in one thread (I dont take credit for the IMG, it was found in the IMG thread but here goes)

This will repair the boot loop loading screen.

First off, you'll need a replacement SD card, the one I used was still stuck in the headunit as I used to use it for firmware updates and had a few tracks on.  The image file is just over 8gig but I used a 64gb one because it was what I had.  I'm sure a 16gb would work fine.  This was formatted to ex-fat.

Here is a link for the IMG file download (credit to Jamesl75 who posted it on the other thread)


Once you've downloaded that file, unrar it and save it on your desktop.

Next download win32 disk image https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/

Open win32 diskimage, open the img file from your desktop then select the SD card drive... lets it do its thing for 4-5 minutes.  Note the finished SD card was unreadable on my laptop... at first I thought this was a problem, but turns it it worked perfectly fine.

Next involves the stripping down of your headunit to get to the memory card.  I used this youtube video below.  Did everything except disconnect the last ribbon connecting the metal face backing to the unit... managed to angle the black plastic backing to give me just enough space to get the old card out and the new one in.


Then fit back into your car and it should work!! It did for me, and literally took me all of 20 minutes of get done and enjoy your working headunit again


Worked like a charm!

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On 11/29/2021 at 3:52 PM, Datsun said:

I have the W4500 that started going wacky in September, first it started in the boot loop, then it started working again, well somewhat working. Anyhow I ended up here looking for an answer, watched a few videos and ended up ordering the car from Russia on October 3rd. I took the front off the unit and cut out the slot with a 3/8 drill and a file for when the sd card shows up I am ready to switch it out. Haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I should have ordered the card from Pioneer but I called them and asked if the software came with the sd card for $100, they told me no. So I called a supplier of theirs, I think it was “PacParts”, same price. I asked them if the software came with the card and they said yes. So since the unit functions good enough for now I’ll wait to see if the Russian card shows up for a little while longer. 

I just stopped in to post that this thread saved my radio too! At first, I thought my USB cable to my Android phone was going bad as the radio started to drop my Android Auto connection frequently. Then a couple of weeks later, it started glitching out bad and after a few minutes I got the Software Error message. Found this post and it saved me!

I too followed Datsuns post on page 2 and cut a slot with a dremel. I used this Youtube video from Mannix C to remove the faceplate and pull down the mechanism to expose where I needed to cut. The issue I struggled with most was removing the face of the radio. I had forgotten about the slider button underneath, as shown here in my photo:


You have to reach in with a plastic pry bar and slide that lever to the right and then the face will pop free. 

And here's my slot cut with the Dremel. Not as pretty as Datsun's but did the job! Picture shows the OEM SD card after pulling it out.

I downloaded the firmware from this thread and used my Windows 10 computer and flashed it onto a 32GB card I had laying around using Belena Etcher, which I had also already installed from flashing other software onto SD cards (Home Assistant). It all worked great and the radio booted right up.  I then did a Factory Reset through the menu to make sure it was all cleaned up.

I struggled at first to get Android Auto wireless to setup and just gave up. But then I just plugged in my USB to my phone and it just popped up automatically. Then the next time as soon as I started my truck, Android Auto wireless just plain worked!

So I'm all back to the way I was. Thanks!





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I used this image on my AVIC-5100NEX and it seemed OK. I then upgraded, actually downgraded, to the Pioneer 1.11 which seem to be the only firmware upgrade for this unit.  Everything seems to work fine.

Thanks for the help!

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On 5/5/2022 at 7:20 PM, MN_RSTi said:

I created an account on this site just to say thank you to all contributors in this thread.  I was surprised to find out how common this issue is and just how simple the solution turned out to be.  Got my W4400 back up and running!


Thanks again - cheers!



I second that. Thank you!

FYI...I just used the back side of a butter knife to get the faceplate off. I have the body tools, but they were too tight on the dash kit for my odyssey.

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I also have an issue with my w4400nex. I followed the guide here and got a new SD card flashed and installed. It seems to work well (it boots), but once its booted it will not play music the radio tuner does not detect any stations. 

I can see that its playing music via bluetooth but hear no sound. I can hear menu clicks and google assistant works, but music will not play. 

Img file used: https://mega.nz/file/SdJCgKCJ#13zrFlogMCWNohCvuFsDFcC1uniHgufVZJxZlQPHUag

Any suggestions?

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This thread has a ton of helpful info in it.  I tried this fix and it seemed to work OK when I re-installed the HU.  However, I didn't test out pairing or android auto with it.  Something seems to be wrong with the FW image.  But I don't know what that could be.  Here are my symptoms:

  • Unit starts up fine and will play radio and displays reverse camera.
  • I can pair my pixel 7 pro to the unit via bluetooth and it shows a successful pairing.
  • I can play Pandora by itself from the HU via bluetooth as long as Pandora is started up on the phone.
  • I get the option to start Android Auto, however it never connects.
  • All features used to work perfectly before the boot loop started.

Is there a way of ripping the image from the old SD card and writing that to a new one?  Is there a 1.01 FW version that I can install so that I can install the official 1.02 FW from Pioneer?

I've tried deleting my phone from the BT connection and re-pairing it several times.  None of those times worked with Android Auto.  They do pair with the unit.  But the smart phone features don't really work.

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Thank you to everyone contributing to this page. I thought I'd share my experience. Like Kyleboedeker on page 1 my android auto wouldn't work after I changed my sd card. I wasn't convinced v1.02 was the issue though as mine was working with v1.02 before. I have a galaxy s21 with android 13. Something was preventing android auto from working though. So I downloaded v1.00 from kyle put in in my pioneer and i had the same problem. Android auto still wouldn't work. I didn't have the v1.01 upgrade that kyle has so i just went to pioneers website and got the v1.02 upgrade. I upgraded the radio with pioneers file and now everything is working the way its supposed to and i have the latest firmware v1.02 so for people looking for a fix i hope this helps you. 

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