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  1. MRR should work without problems MRR requires a device id, this number is associated with the radio model and is stored in the NOR memory. so when you flash MRR you must specify the model and device id.
  2. hold the mute button to return to the main screen in the camera settings change the Reverse Gear Setting
  3. if you have disconnected the DVD cable then check it the radio does not turn on if it does not detect the DVD
  4. How much for sd card? Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX to AVIC upgrade. I'm currently on version 1.02 on 4400. I want the weblink, parking grids and navigation. 

  5. Information on toll roads is included in the basic delivery in the navigation settings there is an item that prohibits planning a route on toll roads. speedcam in the HERE version is not available for all European countries In some European countries it is forbidden to use speedcam alert. speedcam for France and Sweden is disabled in the iGo navigation software. iGO files need to be modified HERE speedcam files exist Andorra.spc Austria.spc Azerbaijan.spc Belarus.spc Belgium.spc BosniaHrz.spc Bulgaria.spc Croatia.spc Cyprus.spc CzechRep.spc Denmark.spc Estoni
  6. nobody knows the password for the Debug menu file modification required for this there is nothing useful
  7. you were not sold a stock firmware so you have navigation problems the seller should know how to solve the problem
  8. the seller should fix your problem
  9. there are several more Debug menus no password is required to access 1 - app test 2 - debug 1 3 - debug 2 app test menu also works on x200 here are screenshots of my article in Russian from 4pda forum
  10. libNPSysCtrlHandler.so - this is the main library there are many interesting things But checking the password for Debug Menu in the library libdebugmodeproxy_jni.so
  11. nobody knows the password to access the Debug Menu it is encrypted the only way is to patch one of the system libraries.
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