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  1. So I've noticed my Galaxy S7 sometimes auto-launches the Android Auto app when I start my car. Other times it doesn't for some reason. But the app just lauches on my phone and doesn't relay anything to my NEX4200. Yes, I know it should be plugged in. But two questions: 1) Why does it auto launch sometimes and not others? 2) Why would anyone want it to launch on their phone, but not show on the screen? Why would I want my device limited to what Android Auto can do without any of the benefits?!?!
  2. As was said, simply applying 12V to both the red and yellow wires does not make it 24V. The yellow wire uses constant 12V to remember all your settings and the red wire uses a switched 12V to know when to power on/off. It's hard for me to follow your post. But without the head unit installed, meter the 12V constant and 12V switched wires in your radio cavity. If either doesn't have power, the head unit will not power on and you have a blown fuse somewhere.
  3. So the firmware has or hasn't been released? I can't find it on their website. Looking for my X3500BHS and iPhone 5. I already have their interface module and the Apple VGA adapter. Any help? EDIT: Just found this on their Facebook posted May 16th
  4. That's pretty much deadon. The 10 second delay (or sometimes more) is normal for these units. And the iPod is completely turning off (not just pausing). So when it gets power again, the iPod begins it's boot-up, then eventually resumes audio. The 920Bt thinks you just plugged the iPod in and switches to it automatically. Does it on just about all the Pioneer's currently out there (Even the cheap single-dins).
  5. Make sure the VSS wire (pink wire) is connected properly. Also, how many satellites are you generally locked onto? EDIT: While viewing other threads to answer, I stumbled onto this one a couple pages back. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35749-avic-f920bt-navi-problem/ So there you go.
  6. Soldering the wires directly to the speaker terminals would obviously yield the most trustworthy connection.... but be a PITA if you ever decide to uninstall them/sell them. If you're going to do this, use a leaded rosin-core solder with a real thin diameter so it starts flowing at a relatively low temp. Using a lead-free thick solder is going to force you to use quite a bit more heat to get the solder flowing. All that heat will probably start damaging the speaker terminal (melting the rivet used to hold it on, melting the cardboard material it's all attached to, etc)
  7. If you already have the Metra harness for your Maxima, then all wire connections should be color to color. The wiring info you posted for your Maxima is irrelevant. The parking brake wire is meant to be run to the parking brake obviously.... but if you're looking to bypass the video safety feature, you'll have to research the sequence of events it looks for in order to allow video. Sometimes simply grounding the wire is all it takes and other times it requires a ground/unground/ground sequence every time (impossible if you've just got them wired together). And do not connect the reverse wire t
  8. Just had to say thank you for this thread! My F90BT would just go to a black screen after showing the Pioneer splash screen. After screwing around with the formatMBR/SDMLC sticky in the troubleshooting forum all morning, I decided to give this thread a go. Worked perfectly! Simple and effective. I reloaded WinCE with the two files included in the torrent on the first page (make sure you select upgrade from SD (format)). Then once loaded up into WinCE, I opened up "device" using the shortcut on the desktop and navigated to the SD card and copied all the files over just as described in the first
  9. After fighting with my F90BT all morning, trying everything in this thread, I found what worked for me. The SDMLC in this torrent/thread would not load for me. Either it would error out with "error code 2" or the hourglass would just spin forever and ever. After poking around at the hundreds of threads of other people in similar situations: this thread---> http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/27807-fx31-complete-firmware-image/ worked for me. Just downloaded the torrent, dumped everything onto one SD card all at the same time, reloaded WinCE using the files in that torrent, then copi
  10. The reset button is on the face of the D3. Right next to the eject button.
  11. Worked like a champ. For anyone having, really any, trouble with your D3.... DO THIS DOWNGRADE! I was previously having trouble searching through the POI database. The D3 would lock up all the time. Then it got a little worse. Then a little worse. Then I couldn't really use the navigation at all, just look at the map. Then the "insert proper disc" message kept popping up and would not show the map even. Did this reset and now EVERYTHING works like new.
  12. Moving the mute wire doesn't mean the hack is complete. First, ensure the mute wire is moved to the proper location AND the pin is actually making connection. People often bend the locking tab on the pin when removing. Second, the mute wire and parking brake wire should tied to the ground wire. Again, ensure all 3 of those wire's pins are making connection and are probably grounded. Try removing the headunit from the car but do not disconnect it. Turn the car on and get to a menu where certain buttons are grayed out. Wiggle the harness (or those wires specifically) and watch the grayed out but
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