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  1. Me I would get the 8200. Easy to use and have rear camera lines. 8500 they removed it. But they added it back in 8600. But I still like the 8200 interface. 8500 and 8600 have wireless AA/Carplay. But rather have it plug in. But wireless is just convenient. And wireless video mirroring from the phone.
  2. 8200 is good 8500 has newer interface
  3. Check speaker output setting over BT. Make sure it's on all speakers
  4. We get the map updates faster than Naviextra
  5. Where did you get the card from? I would ask them.
  6. bonee

    4400 nex issue

    try pressing the reset button. lower right corner
  7. bonee

    4400 nex issue

    Radio is stuck in CD reject mode.
  8. I belive you have to edit the apk to bypass the pasword
  9. I just have free time during the day to look on the site.
  10. What feature are you looking for in debug
  11. What was done to the radio when it got a result screen. Was the radio taken apart??
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